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A tribute to Brewmaster Monks

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    • By Staff
      The Baine Blodhoof questline added in Patch 10.0.7 ends with a new cutscene that we preview in our latest post.
      Baine went to Ohn'ahran Plains to seek out some missing friends. The in-game cutscene shows how it all ended up. This post contains story spoilers. Video courtesy of LeystTV.
    • By Starym
      We have a smaller batch of hotfixes today with some class fixes in both PvE and PvP and more.
      March 21 (Source)
      Druid Guardian Fixed an error causing Layered Mane and Reinvigoration to revert to previous values. Enemies and NPCs
      Fixed an issue that could cause Mad-Eye Carrey to retain his Captain’s Duty buff, even after his crew was killed. Player versus Player
      Warlock Demonology Demonfire damage from Demonic Tyrant is now increased by 25% in PvP Combat (was 75%).
    • By Staff
      Patch 10.0.7 brings us two new heritage armor sets and quests, and the latter come with their own cutscenes! We have Thrall and Matthias Shaw doing the honors, with both cutscenes being about either old traditions or events, so let's take a look, curtesy of LeystTV! 
    • By Staff
      Blizzard have reduced the effectiveness of Primordial Stones in PvP.
      Primordial Stones (Source)
      In PTR testing, we heard feedback on this, and the Primordial Stones were adjusted specifically for PvP.
      All bonus damage, healing, absorb, and stat enhancements from Primordial Stones are reduced by 75% in PvP Combat. Thank you very much!
    • By Staff
      Blizzard have posted the current known issues list for patch 10.0.7, including an empty spellbook when logging in.
      Known Issues (Source)
      Dragonflight patch 10.0.7 is now live. Please read on for a list of known issues that we’re working on, and further information about this update.
      10.0.7 KNOWN ISSUES
      Updated March 21
      Auction House
      Viewing an item tooltip may change the sorting order. Classes
      Some players may see an empty Spellbook when logging in for the first time on their character. This issue can be resolved by changing to a different specialization (and changing back, if desired). Paladin Players who swap to Retribution Paladin from another specialization may have 2 points incorrectly allotted to Blessing of Freedom in the Class tree. This can be resolved by right-clicking the talent to remove the extra point. Gameplay
      Worgen and Goblin player-characters can leave their starting zones via Warlock or party summons. When completing the Blackrock Depths Pet Battle Dungeon, no options are given from Tasha Riley to gain the title “Minion of Mayhem”. Recruit-a-Friend
      Recruits are not removed if they do not add gametime within 7 days of Recruit-a-Friend acceptance.
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