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HFC Trinket For A Warrior

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Upon hearing of the nerf to the Empty Drinking Horn, is the BiS trinket list on icy veins still current? or will Unending hunger > Empty Drinking Horn on most occasions now

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I have the same doubt as the OP


as EDH got a nice 50% dmg nerf and so did Chorus, will UH be the way to go with Worldbreaker's resolve?

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Sorry for the super late answer... just getting in the habit to get back on IV after a crazy summer...


For most intents and purposes, EDH is always best for Fury, despite the nerf. For fights where targets live long enough, you want to couple it with the class trinket, otherwise Cleave or UH depending on the situation.


For Arms, UH and class trinkets are pretty much BiS in all situations, with EDH being extremenly underwhelming.

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