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wow Looking Back: Legion vs. Previous Expansions

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In the wake of today's reveal of World of Warcraft: Legion, we look back at the features and content of the previous expansions to provide some backdrop and framework for the ongoing discussions players and fans are having regarding what to expect from the upcoming expansion.


Legion will be the sixth expansion to World of Warcraft, a game that will have over 11 years of history before this next expansion releases. Each expansion has had different thematic core content and feature focuses, and a review of what each expansion added to the game can help us understand what we now know - and what we still don't! - about Legion.




The Burning Crusade


WoW's first expansion, The Burning Crusade, highlighted the following:

  • Two new races: Blood Elves and Draenei
  • Flying Mounts
  • The addition of the Arena system and Honor system changes
  • New profession: Jewelcrafting




Wrath of the Lich King


In Wrath of the Lich King, the major features were:

  • New class: Death Knight
  • New profession: Inscription
  • Dual talent specialization system
  • Heirloom items






Cataclysm saw a return to a shattered Azeroth, along with new content:

  • New races: Worgen and Goblins
  • Reforging introduced
  • New secondary profession: Archaeology
  • New race/class combinations





Mists of Pandaria


With Mists of Pandaria, the new continent of Pandaria emerged and brought us:

  • New class: Monk
  • New race: Pandaren
  • Stat changes and talent system revamp ("Talents 2.0")
  • Scenarios
  • Challenge Modes
  • Pet Battles




Warlords of Draenor


That leads us to the present expansion, Warlords of Draenor:

  • Character boost
  • Updated player character models
  • Garrisons
  • Account-wide mounts, toy box, and heirlooms






So, what DO we know about Legion?

  • New class: Demon Hunter
  • New item level: Artifacts
  • Honor system revamp ("Version 3"), with PvP-specific talents
  • Improved transmogrification system

All of that leaves us with a few important questions we hope to see answered soon about Legion:

  1. No mention of any changes to the stat system in Legion. Is Blizzard satisfied with the current stat system?
  2. Stat squish. We've been through this in Warlords, and numbers are already reaching into the millions again - will Legion do it again?
  3. What is happening to Legendary items in light of the addition of Artifacts? Will Legion simply not have Legendaries?
  4. No mention of professions today. What does Legion have in store for the profession system?
  5. Flying - with the about-face in Warlords, what will we see for flying in Legion?
  6. Are further improvements to account-wide features coming in Legion?
  7. Will Legion have Challenge Modes?
  8. Has the Scenario system been abandoned after its introduction in Mists and subsequent lack of additional content in Warlords?
  9. What is happening to our Garrisons in Legion? Will they still be usable?
  10. Are any class changes - new spells, talent tiers, rebalancing, etc. - coming in Legion?

Thoughts on these - or other - things you want to know about Legion? Let us know in the comments. Also, be sure to tune in to the follow-up live stream on Sunday for even more Legion information!

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Questions i have regarding expansion,

 - What will the new level cap be, 105/110?

 - Will there be a new "hero" class like the dk? ie. will the Demon hunter be able to start from level 90/80 etc?

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To answer your question(s), Setlex, The new level cap will be 110, as stated by the feature video (Adventure to level 110).

From what I know, Demon Hunters will begin at level 100, but I'm not entirely sure.

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Thanks, I was going to say "ignore that last" because i actually found the video haha. (being in australia sucks sometimes)

but yeah, it does say the demon hunter is a hero class, so i would assume they start at 100 (we are going to have SO many demon hunters - lol)

and yeah the video also confirms the 110 level cap.

I am curious to know about the "artifact" weapons, and what that means to legendaries. i'm still lobbying for bliz to implement a Legendary upgrade system (similar to that of the heirlooms) where a legendary players spent months farming (cloak, weapons etc) can then be upgraded to a current respectable iLvL. I would love to wield my shadowmourne again.

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From the hints they have given previously you could assume flying with be "a la Pathfinder" achievement but available from launch I assume.


I hope thats what it is anyway.


Really hope they revamp professions.  They suffered greatly in WoD in my opinion.

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From the hints they have given previously you could assume flying with be "a la Pathfinder" achievement but available from launch I assume.


I hope thats what it is anyway.


Really hope they revamp professions.  They suffered greatly in WoD in my opinion.


I would tend to agree, but it's a lot of these 'nuts and bolts' types of items that I think people need the answers to in order to assuage whatever concerns they might have about the upcoming expansion.


Personally, the content/concept look really thrilling - I'm just hopeful we'll see a lot more details, and soon!

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Few things I look forward too now are:

With the demon hunter as a class what will happen to the demo locks?

When I first saw the artifacts I thaught they would be used as transmogs untill I saw the "artifact talent tree" but my second question is then will there even drop weapons in this expsansion? because I saw the frost DKs would get 2 1handers but the enhanc shammiess only get 1 doomhammer. will there be weapons this expansion or not ??

Will the weapon chance with you when you respec or activate your off-spec??

And last what will happen too Jaina?

regarding my last question got some stuff too speculate with you guys and girls.

I think she goes from bad too worse aka joining the LegIon. Cus if I am not mistaken the Island where she is from is also somewhere around that place (Kul Tirias I believe) where is killed her own father with Thrall and Rexxar (WC3 frozen throne bonus objective) I am sure Gul'dan visted that place. 


So here is some stuff too think about will really look forward too this expsanion even if this one is maby the last one?????? or is it smile.png

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I am very amped up on this expansion. Blizzard is making each class unique with the artifact weapons and Class Orders/Halls.
I was rolling on the floor laughing  when they showed the Druid artifact smile.png


Demon hunter should be starting between level 85-100, seeing as Death Knights started at level 55 when the level cap was 80 (WotlK). I'm not bothered with the clash between Demon Hunter and Demonology Warlocks. (See Chapter 11 of the Lord of the Clans Book)

Eye Beam . . . seriously? Was expecting something like a linear fell blast or explosion like Demonology Warlock to be used instead.

They can mostly replicate Illidan from Heroes of the Storm.


Few questions I have:

The PvP Talent system looks to be what Lore suggested a while back, finally happy to see it implemented. What is going to happen to the Human and undead CC-break racial if the first pvp talent unlocked is the CC-break trinket. Also what about the actual items themselves? 


From what I hear, you get your artifacts at the beginning of the expansion, will no weapons upgrades be dropped? or will they drop Artifact Power instead?


Sneak preview Level 110 Talents?


Flying questions already mentioned . . .


I'm kinda annoyed that the Lore Legendary weapons (Ashbringer. Doomhammer and Frostmourne (shards)) gets handed to specific classes, but the other classes gets newly introduced weapons. An Spear for Hunters? Sounds like Troll Headhunters from War3.

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Few things I look forward too now are:

With the demon hunter as a class what will happen to the demo locks?


I really respect their design choice of giving the demon hunter only 2 specs. Fits pretty well into the overall picture. Like a mage(ranged) gone rogue and becoming a warlock, the demonhunter seems like a rogue(melee) going even further than rogue ;)

I don´t believe they will retcon anything about demo locks or change that much. Demon hunter and demo locks are pretty much 2 sides of the same coin.


because I saw the frost DKs would get 2 1handers but the enhanc shammiess only get 1 doomhammer. will there be weapons this expansion or not ??


I believe, it was said that enhancement shamans would dualwield doomhammer, 1 real version and one mirrored spectral version so you only need one artifact weapon.

BTW:Anyone else that feels reminded by frostmourne getting reused for 2 frost death knight blades to Eddard Stark´s sword Ice from asoiaf? 

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@Grimscreamo Celestalon  Ion/Watcher mentioned that Doomhammer would also come with 'a ball of pure energy' for your off hand.


edit: wrong dev credited.

Edited by edladd

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I still feel meta will be gone as a demo lock, I kinda get the feeling they will go more of a BM kinda route now with warlock, with focusing much more on strengthing your demon minion, and giving you a skill like kill command that BM hunters now got.

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BTW:Anyone else that feels reminded by frostmourne getting reused for 2 frost death knight blades to Eddard Stark´s sword Ice from asoiaf? 


Can't believe someone else also saw this smile.png

Making lots of references between WoW and other medias.



More questions:

Will Blizzard be revamping racials?

Increase characters per realm cap to 12 (from 11) since new class.

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