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715 Holy Pally - Very Low Parses (~40-45k hps)

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Hey All,


Hoping to get some feedback on my logs below.  I'm well geared, experienced, and overall a good player, however my numbers just aren't where i expect them to be in comparison with other holy pally's i've run with.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Logs of most recent Heroic Iskar - Archie clear:



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What I can see immediately from looking at your armory is the fact that you don't have the correct trinket set-up. For maximum efficiency you want to get your class trinket as well as the Demonic Phylactery. Once you get that combo of trinkets, you can also look to drop your spirit down to around 1.2k as the mana cost reduction of the DP allows you to instead focus on more Crit / Haste / Mastery. By the looks of your logs, your healing from Holy Light and Eternal Flame is extremely low and as these are two of your three main heals, you'll need to make sure you're fully utilizing Holy Shock, Holy Light, and Eternal Flame. This, however, is prone to getting better once you get your class trinket, as that increases the healing done by your Flash of Light or Holy Light by 88% for 6 seconds after casting Holy Shock. Your Beacon of Light healing seems fine which means you're probably keeping a high up-time on your 4 set bonus. If that is the case, then you definitely want to make sure to use Eternal Flame (3 Holy Power) more frequently as it ticks a lot with that amount of Haste (4-set 4 stacks + your Haste prior to those extra 8%). Once you get the class trinket you can also cut down on Flash of Light usage and instead rely more on preemptive healing as opposed to "panicky" healing where you spam Flash of Light to get people back to full HP. 


Overall I think that once you get the gear you're meant to have, you will probably quickly start seeing the results you're wishing for, as some gear (especially trinkets) sadly mean so incredibly much in this game, that not having them cripples you to unbelievable lengths. 


For reference, here is my Holy Paladin:


Random Logs:


I have re-rolled to a Hunter now though, so my gear has been falling off a bit lately, but we do have another Holy Paladin in there who can you also look at to see some of the up-times of EF as well as the low amount of usage of Flash of Light compared to Holy Shock + Holy Light combo. 


I hope this helps!

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You also have to take into consideration talent switching. I'm nowhere near the best Holy Pally but I excel at some fights due to switching out some talents. For the main part I take Selfless healer. Especially for fights like Iron Reaver/Council/Tyrant/Fel Lord/Archimonde. Taking Selfless healer allows me to skip using Demonic Phylactery. Taking sefless healer is easier on mana, you don't need that much haste due to not using eternal flame and it creates the flash of light haste buff. I just use judgment/holy shock/flash of light on repeat while throwing in Holy prism on Cd or timed aoe damage and Word of glory or Light of Dawn when capped at 5 or 3 and I top charts. I heal 120+ on Tyrant Velhari alone and ranked in the top 1000 on a couple of fights. My parses could be better and some fights I'm lackluster in but for the most part I do pretty well.





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Just gotta say that trinkets are definitely a fight dependent thing. Don't be going around thinking two trinkets are best for all fights. Picking up the leech trinket for heavy aoe fights over the class trinket is a decent plan. Personally, I don't run the Phylactery, cuz I never run out of mana, and don't have spirit on a few spirit slots already. I personally don't think that trinket is good for paladins, since 15-20% of our casts actually dont use mana to begin with.


Quick math shows that it's the equivalent of 775 spirit (heroic trinket) on fights where you're casting consistently. It's really solid, basically 327 int 327 haste 775 spirit on heroic. I personally run the kilrogg trinket most of the time, because combining it with wings does basically make me a godsend every 1.5minutes. I can also split them up and have a large healing buff for 50% uptime. (30s wings 15s trinket, 90s CD on each)


Basically, use what youre comfortable with and what works with your raid. The Phylactery is by far better for those who aren't good at managing CDs/Mana to heal and be the clutch healer on your team, but other trinkets -can- fit into your setup. I also find the leech trinket to be underrated, as it does about 20% healing in my experience.

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