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New Patch?

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So I tried logging in today. Yesterday 2/5/13, they did maintenance, and i think there was a small patch download, as i have found out to be 5.1.0a . unfortunately I am on a college wifi which blocks all blizzard downloads, so i have to use a patch mirror. Can anyone find a working one for me, and tell me how to use it? I found one on wowpedia for the small patch and downloaded the zip, but i am clueless after that. I tried dragging the zip into the application itself but what should be the loading screen, just says initializing and doesnt continue further.

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you have to extract the zip file... but im not sure where too! try to look it up or fiddle around.

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When you download the zip file and extract it you will generally see an executable file that you can use to update the client. Windows has a built in zip file extraction and viewing so it should be no problem to do this. . . if you want you can look up 7zip and use that program as it is free and opensource.

Your college is likely blocking all p2p ports so you may still be able to download by opening the WoW launcher then clicking on "options" and then "downloader preferences" and finally uncheck the box that says "enable peer to peer transfer" Save the changes by clicking ok and then close the launcher and open it back up again. Hopefully the HTTP download will function through the client and you can still patch but this will be a bit slower on very large patches as you will only be able to use a limited amount of bandwidth to download the patch.

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