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How do you actually get primal ancients?

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So i heard about primal ancients, and i m kinda desperate to get it. Why? It can make my Demon Hunter even powerful then he is now (I deal about 35m damage) So how do you get them? I know how though. Get in a GR 70 and do it Solo, but how do you do it actually? How much do you need to farm this for? A week? A month? A YEAR? The point is, i want primal ancients, and have NO IDEA how to farm them :// so... i need a bit of help for farming :))

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The first time you complete a GR70 solo, you will get one Ancient Primal for your class.

After that, any legendary item dropped can be a Primal Ancient. 1 in every 10 Legendaries is Ancient, and 1 in every 10 Ancients is primal, supposedly, though those numbers don't really seem born out by my experience. 

The best way to farm Primals? Farm the highest GR level you can most consistently, easily farm in 2-3 minutes, pick up all legendaries from the boss.  Any way you get as many legendaries as possible.

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You already know how to unlock primal drops. Getting the primals to drop is not something you can force to happen, outside of just getting more loot to drop as frewuently as possible. You can just farm GR 85+ as the number of legendaries caps out around gr 85. The faster you can run rhem, the faster you get the loot. Another way is to do bounties and use the bounty mats to reforge items to attempt getting primals. Running bounties is time consuming, but allows you to nartow the RNG to just the single item you are reforging.

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On 9/27/2020 at 1:50 PM, 13lack said:

Can you just keep creating character and beat gr 70 till u find good primals?

You will only get a guaranteed Primal upon clearing GR70 once per instance (that is, once for hardcore non-seasonal, once for softcore non-seasonal, once for hardcore per season, and once for softcore per season).


Creating new characters won't help you get more faster.

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