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Shaman Tier 15 (T15) Set Bonuses

No replies to this topic Started by Damien, Feb 15 2013 12:48 PM shaman tier 15 bonus
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Posted 15 February 2013 - 12:48 PM

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T15 Elemental 2P Bonus - Your Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, and Lava Beam hits have a 10% chance to cause a Lightning Strike at the target's location, dealing 35,000 Nature damage divided among all non-crowd controlled targets within 10 yards. T15 Elemental 4P Bonus - The cooldown of your Ascendance is reduced by 1 sec each time you cast Lava Burst. T15 Enhancement 2P Bonus - Your Stormstrike also grants you 2 additional charges of Maelstrom Weapon. T15 Enhancement 4P Bonus - The cooldown of your Feral Spirits is reduced by 8 sec each time Windfury Weapon is triggered. T15 Restoration 2P Bonus - Your Healing Stream Totem now heals an additional target for 25% of its normal amount. T15 Restoration 4P Bonus - Your Ancestral Awakening now has a 50% chance to trigger on non-critical heals.

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