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heroes HotS: Everything You Need to Know About Heroes Rising

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Heroes Rising, a crowdfunded tournament, has come to an end. We bring you all the necessary information that are relevant, including ban/pick rates, team stats and more!


Congratulations to Heroes Rising Winners Bob Ross Fan Club! They have been collecting resources to make it to the tournament and won it! A well deserved win! Bob Ross Fan Club has beaten Cloud9 3:2 in the final showdown.


Useful Information about Heroes Rising

Visual Representation


You can congratulate the Heroes Rising winners in this thread on reddt.

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    • By Stan
      The recap features highlights of the latest Balance Q/A from reddit. Balance Designers have been answering your questions.
      Hero-related News

      Anub'arak is a great tank who can counter mages and there are no changes planned for him right now. Arthas

      Arthas has some talents in the works that are internally tested that might help him. Azmodan

      There are plans to allow Azmodan to walk with basic movement speed while casting his laser. Dehaka

      The team wants to change the "D" overwrite. The infamous Level 1 agility talent is on the radar. Diablo

      Diablo being able to activate his "D" was tested, but lead to weird behavior (players not resurrecting, because of losing power from stacks), so it wasn't implemented. Falstad

      Hinterland Blast will be revisited in the future to make it a more desirable pick. Greymane

      Drastic changes are coming to "Marked for the Kill" to make it an opening skillshot. Damage reduction in Worgen Form is considered. Li-Ming

      She will get some buffs to compensate for the "Calamity" nerf if needed. Lunara

      A change for Skybound to reveal Stealth is planned. Medivh

      The team is satisfied how Medivh turned out, but they don't want to design Heroes that are useless to most of the audience. Murky

      He's being tested internally and we should expect a rework in the next 2 or 3 months. Nova

      No Nova changes are planned for now. Raynor

      The team is happy with Raynor's simplicity and don't want to change him, but at some point in the future they'd like to update his talent tree. Tassadar

      There are plans to rework "Archon" to its former glory. Thrall

      They're satisfied with Thrall's current spot, but he lacks talent diversity that will be looked into in the middle of next year. Uther

      The rework is on the radar (around March). He will be reworked to fit the "tanky support fantasy". Valla

      She's fine now, both her "Q" and "W" builds are doing fine. If the "Q" build isn't doing well, they consider buffing it or nerfing the "W" build. Miscellaneous
      The mount speed nerf is doing well, but it made globals more popular, which is why they are changing their effectiveness. The team doesn't want to spend time redesigning Heroes that are fine for 99% of the player base, but aren't picked in Competitive. There are no current plans to rework existing Heroes to be "multiclass". There are discussions to expand the Hero role system, but far more important things to do for now.  The team is not a fan of hard counters, e.g. Murky vs Tracer. Health Globe talents are being looked into. The team wants to make them more interesting. One idea is split quest rewards, Part for gathering 20 globes and the rest for gathering 40. Patches released two weeks after a Hero release are the best and they want to continue this trend. Four-lane maps are hard to balance, but they want to make a brawl with one for testing. Three talent picks per Tier are best for Heroes in terms of win rate and it allows to focus on more powerful options. (Source)
    • By Stan
      Ballistix claimed the title of Fall Champions and the $300,000 grand prize at BlizzCon. Blizzard is adding their mount to the game with the next patch.
      Blizzard Entertainment
      Twelve of the world’s top Heroes of the Storm teams clashed at the Fall Championship at BlizzCon last month, but after days of frenzied competition, it was Ballistix who rose victorious to claim the title of Fall Champions and the $300,000 USD grand prize. In honor of their achievement, we’re adding the 2016 Fall Champion’s Mount to the in-game shop with our next patch!

      Celebrate Ballistix as our freshly crowned World Champions by picking up the Fall Champion’s Mount, which has been emblazoned with the Ballistix team logo. When you purchase the 2016 Fall Champion’s Mount, you’ll also be directly supporting Ballistix, as a portion of each sale will be shared with the team. If you’d like to add the 2016 Fall Champion’s Mount to your collection, it will be available for purchase until February 28, 2017.
      Join us once more in congratulating the members of Ballistix for their epic accomplishment this season:

      Jeong Ha "Jeongha" Lee, Jin Su "NacHoJin" Park, Do Joon "Noblesse" Chae, Seung-Chul "sCsC" Kim, Seung Won "Swoy" Kim.
      In case you missed the thrilling Fall Championship Grand Finals, you can watch Ballistix and Fnatic square off in an action-packed best-of-five series on the official Heroes of the Storm YouTube channel. Additionally, be sure to head to for a complete event recap.
    • By Stan
      Brawl with the Blues returns with a special edition on Thursday, December 15. Join Trisklyr and some prominent community members to explore some of the upcoming changes.
      The Ragnaros patch will go live on December 13. After the stream comes to an end, Alan Dabiri and Travis McGeathy will join them in a 30-minute Q/A.
      Blizzard Entertainment
      Join us next week, as we tip toe around the flames of our newest hero – Ragnaros! Help us explore some of the upcoming changes to the game alongside some prominent Heroes of the Storm community members. Just head over to on Thursday, December 15 at 11:00 a.m. PST to catch a few matches played live on stream, and stick around until the end for a chance to join in on the fun!  
      Joining us for this Brawl:
      The community members listed above will be joining our very own Trikslyr in-game to battle it out on the ladder. During the matches, Spyrian will be on hand to collect your questions from Twitter and the Twitch chat, then field them to the players to get their answers live on the air.
      As always, we love playing a few Custom Games with viewers, and this time we’ll be mixing in some Heroes Brawl. So jump in the in-game chat lobby “BRAWL” to be eligible to participate in the matches. Be sure to comment below if there are any cool combinations you’d like us to try with Varian.
      After the show, we're in for a treat as newly announced Game Director, Alan Dabiri, and new Lead Game Designer, Travis McGeathy, will join us for a 30 minute Q&A to discuss their new roles. Feel free to join us on stream and ask questions about Heroes of the Storm and more. It'll be a blast.
      We look forward to seeing you there!
    • By Stan
      The Winter Veil celebration starts soon in the Nexus and it's full of rewards!
      The event is up from December 14 - January 4. A new special event quest will be up and participating in 25 games (excluding brawls) during the event rewards a special snowflake mount and a treasure goblin mount. You will also gain experience faster thanks to the +25% XP Bonus. Blizzard will be introducing a frosty new brawl as we approach Winter Veil. Two Winter Veil bundles are available for the duration of the event.
      Blizzard Entertainment
      We’re swiftly approaching the end to another year, but the holiday season is just beginning in the Nexus. Join us from December 14–January 4 for a Winter Veil event that brings a virtual stocking-full of gifts to heroes all over the globe!
      Finishing 25 games (excluding the Heroes Brawl game mode) will grant you a Special Snowflake portrait as well as permanent access to the Festive Treasure Goblin Mount! 
      You’ll also earn 25% bonus XP following each game during the Winter Veil event! 
      Winter Veil 2016 Bundle:
      Special Snowflake Mount Lunara Winter Veil Lunara Skin Nazeebo Gingerdread Nazeebo Skin Winter Veil Classic Bundle:
      Stitches Greatfather Winter Stitches Skin Sylvanas Sugar Plum Sylvanas Skin Jaina Winter Veil Jaina Skin Rehgar Great-father Winter Rehgar Skin Reign-Deer Mount As we get closer to the feast of Winter Veil we will also be introducing a frosty new Brawl to the Nexus. Stay tuned for more details, and have a happy Winter Veil!
    • By Stan
      Sales for the week of December 12 have been announced. They will go live with the Ragnaros patch release and Ranked Season 3.
      Two Winter Veil bundles are coming and the Lil'Ragnaros bundle. All will be available until January 4. The Druid of Flame Malfurion bundle is removed and the Eye Pad mount is back. Gingerdread Nazeebo and Winter Veil Lunara have been added to the game. Sylvanas' price will be reduced to 7,000 Gold.
      Weekly Sale Items for Dec 13 - 20, 2016 Murky — Sale Price: 4.19 EUR, 3.19 GBP Grunty Murky Skin — Sale Price: 4.99 EUR, 3.69 GBP Glam Metal E.T.C. Skin — Sale Price: 3.69 EUR, 2.70 GBP We’re also planning to release a new patch this week, which will bring the following items and changes to the Heroes of the Storm in-game Shop:
      New Hero Ragnaros New Bundles Lil’ Ragnaros Bundle – Available until January 4, 2017 Winter Veil 2016 Bundle – Available until January 4, 2017 Winter Veil Classic Bundle – Available until January 4, 2017 Bundle Removals Druid of the Flame Malfurion Bundle New Skins Lil’ Ragnaros Master Ragnaros Gingerdread Nazeebo Winter Veil Lunara New Mounts 2016 Fall Champion’s Mount – Available until February 28, 2017 Special Snowflake – Available exclusively by purchasing the Winter Veil 2016 Bundle Festive Treasure Goblin – Awarded for playing 25 games during Winter Veil 2016 Elemental Lion – Ranked Season 2 Reward Epic Elemental Lion – Ranked Season 2 Reward Returning Mount Eye Pad Removed Mounts 2016 Summer Champion’s Mount Blackheart’s Doubloon Price Reductions Sylvanas’ prices will be reduced to 8.49 EUR | 6.49 GBP and 7,000 Gold. (Source)