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wow Mount Series: Dungeons and Raids (Part 2)

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The newest installment of the Mount Series is here!

Our Mount Series continues with the dungeons and raids mount drops from Classic to Wrath of the Lich King. Check out which mounts you could be farming on your road to 300 mounts!


In case you missed our first post on preparing to start the grind to 300, you can always check it out here, as well as navigate to our other posts. Now that we've got preparation out of the way, it's time to get down to the serious stuff. We're all mount farmers here, so what better way to start than with the incredibly long-winded Dungeons and Raids farm!


Message from Blainie 


Hi everyone, just a quick update on the series and what is happening. As some of you might have seen on my Twitter, I did hope to complete this series in video-format, with actual runs of the different raids and dungeons accompanied by my commentary. I've had some major issues with my SSD over the past few days which led me to lose a lot of data that I needed. 


Due to this, the Dungeon and Raid portion of the Mount Series is going to be done in a text format, since there just wasn't time for me to re-do the videos. I didn't want to keep you all waiting even longer, so here is the first part of this section. Enjoy!


Series Posts 


You can check out the rest of the series below:


Planning and Tracking Your Mount Runs 


If you're seriously considering farming the various mounts listed below, you're most likely going to be doing a huge number of dungeon and raid runs each day and week. It can be difficult to keep track of what still needs to be done for the week, so I'm going to present a few options that you can use.

  1. Create your own method - This is my personal favourite and it's what I use when farming large groups of instances. There are a variety of ways in which you can track the mount farming yourself, such as an Excel spreadsheet. It doesn't need to be overly complicated, it just needs to be something simple that works for you. You can take a look at what I used to use here and use it as a template if you wish.
  2. Use an add-on or website to help - This works as an alternative if you don't want to have to create something yourself. There are a number of add-ons and websites that can be used to configure and plan your mount farming trip. These include:
    • Collect Me works for both mounts and pets, showing you which mounts you are missing and where you can get them. This will help with working out which ones you still need to farm quickly.
    • Telsa Mount Planner can help you to plan the route you're going to take, as well as breaking it down into more manageable parts.
    • Mount Farm Helper was suggested to me by a user on Twitter and it can be used to show in-game targets for mount farming.

Now that we've got our planning done, let's take a look at the mounts that can drop in the dungeons and raids of Classic, Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King!




Qiraji Resonating Crystals




Mount: inv_misc_qirajicrystal_02.jpgRed Qiraji Resonating Crystal


Other mounts included: inv_misc_qirajicrystal_01.jpgYellow Qiraji Resonating Crystal (image), inv_misc_qirajicrystal_03.jpgGreen Qiraji Resonating Crystal (image), inv_misc_qirajicrystal_04.jpgBlue Qiraji Resonating Crystal (image)


Source: Trash in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj, Silithus. (Raid location)


Fastest route: Take your faction's portal to Uldum and fly. If you don't have this unlocked, get to Dalaran and then take the portal to the Caverns of Time. Fly from there.


Notes: You will be farming these 4 mounts by killing the first trash pack repeatedly. You will pull the pack of Sentinals at the start and kill 3 of them, then run out of the instance and reset it. Rinse and repeat.


The red tank has a much lower drop rate than the other three and will take longer to obtain, but they all drop from the same mobs.


Best class: Makes no difference, they will perform equally.


Level requirement to solo: 70+ is recommended.


Deathcharger's Reins




Mount: ability_mount_undeadhorse.jpgDeathcharger's Reins


Source: Lord Aurius Rivendare in Stratholme, Eastern Plaguelands. (Dungeon location)


Fastest route: There's a few possible routes here depending on your class and faction. If you're a Death Knight, you can use your Death Gate to get to the instance very quickly. Just fly across to Stratholme. Mages can make a portal to Ancient Dalaran, which will put them in the Hillsbrad Foothills. This is one of the faster ways for Alliance.


Horde players can come from the Undercity or Silvermoon City, but Undercity is most likely faster due to the lack of flying in Eversong Woods/Ghostlands.


Players with the Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode teleports can use these to teleport to Scholomance and fly from there.


Notes: You want to try and skip as much trash as possible, since you can now do this dungeon 10 times per hour. Move quickly and make sure to clear out the buildings behind each boss. Any ranged skill (for melee) is useful for the last pieces of trash before Ramstein appears.


Best class: Rogue, for rogue_burstofspeed.jpgBurst of Speed.


Level requirement to solo: You can do this at level 70, but higher is better. You need to be able to avoid as much aggro as possible, so leveling your Rogue up to 80+ won't hurt.


Burning Crusade


Swift White Hawkstrider




Mount: ability_mount_cockatricemountelite_whiteSwift White Hawkstrider


Source: Kael'thas Sunstrider in Magister's Terrace (Heroic), Isle of Quel'Danas. (Dungeon location)


Fastest route: If you can find a Mage or if you have your hearthstone set in Vale of Eternal Blossoms, take a portal to Shattrath and use the portal located in the capital. If not, you'll need to take your faction's portal to Hellfire Peninsula and fly to Shattrath from there.


Notes: The dungeon is pretty self-explanatory. You can't really get lost in here, but you can speed it up in a few ways. For the first boss room, you can just pull the boss and all the trash will aggro as well. There's no need to try avoid them, you can't. If you're a high enough level you can just run under the mana wyrms in the room of the second boss.


When you reach the corridor leading to the room of Kael'thas, try to run around the trash rather than pulling it. You can skip the long RP scene by not engaging them.


Best class: Rogue, as always for dungeon runs.


Level requirement to solo: 80+ is recommended to keep it quick.


Raven Lord




Mount: inv-mount_raven_54.jpgReins of the Raven Lord


Source: Anzu in Sethekk Halls (Heroic), Terrokar Forest. (Dungeon location)


Fastest route: If you can find a Mage or if you have your hearthstone set in Vale of Eternal Blossoms, take a portal to Shattrath and fly down to Auchindoun. If not, you'll need to take your faction's portal to Hellfire Peninsula and fly to Auchindoun from there.


Notes: The dungeon is pretty simple, just make sure to be careful of the mind control totems that are placed by trash mobs. This is especially important if you are using a lower level character to farm with. When you engage Anzu, if your damage is too low, he will enter an "immune" phase. Just kill the adds and then finish off Anzu.


Best class: Rogue.


Level requirement to solo: 80+ to keep it quick.


Fiery Warhorse




Mount: ability_mount_dreadsteed.jpgFiery Warhorse's Reins


Source: Attumen the Huntsman in Karazhan, Deadwind Pass. (Raid location)


Fastest Route: Take your faction's portal to Blasted Lands and fly across to Deadwind Pass. Alliance players can also fly down from Stormwind.


Notes: Nothing special here, he spawns about 10 seconds away from the entrance. Just enter the stables, pull the boss and kill everything. If you are a lower level, pull the trash slowly. As soon as you engage the boss, anything that you did not pull will aggro.


Best class: No difference.


Level requirement to solo: 80+ for tankier classes, 85+ for some of the squishier ones.


Ashes of Al'ar




Mount: inv_misc_summerfest_brazierorange.jpgAshes of Al'ar


Source: Kael'thas Sunstrider in Tempest Keep, Netherstorm. (Raid location)


Fastest route: You can take your faction portal to Hellfire Peninsula and fly up to Netherstorm. Engineers can take a quicker route by learning to make a inv_misc_enggizmos_07.jpgDimensional Ripper - Area 52.


Notes: This is a very simple fight if you're a high level, but it can cause some serious problems for lower levels. You'll have to follow the proper tactics in order to kill it. It's important to note that if you are using a pet class, you need to dismiss your pet to avoid the mind control in the first phase. If you don't, you will be MC'd and you will kill your pet. 


Before the fight begins, clear the room of trash, as well as the corridors leading up to it. You can engage Kael'thas and then run out of the room, all the way down the corridor. Wait there until the first boss add appears and kill it. Move down the corridor in the direction of the boss and wait for the next add. Repeat this until you are back outside the main boss room and all 4 boss adds are dead. 


Wait for the weapons to spawn and kill them all. If you're going to use one, I would suggest the staff (inv_staff_52.jpgStaff of Disintegration) since it will make you immune to the disorient of the Mage and the stun of the Engineer.


When all 4 bosses are resurrected, make sure you are standing next to the one you want to kill first. I always choose the Mage, since she can be incredibly infuriating to deal with. If you can't use the staff, you are vulnerable to her disorient (10 seconds), so make sure to take in a PvP trinket to get rid of it. As you kill each one, I would suggest leaving the Warrior until last, since you can allow the Engineer's debuff to wear off. This makes Kael'thas a lot easier.


Kael'thas will engage you once the 4 mini-bosses are all dead again. Try to save your cooldowns for his second phase, since it's much more intense. He will reduce your stats by a great deal at that point, so you need to make sure Pyroblast is ALWAYS interrupted. It can 1-shot you at the end of the fight.


Kill the phoenix when you can and swap back to Kael'thas. Kill him and loot your mount (hopefully).


Best class: Death Knight, since you can spell_shadow_antimagicshell.jpgAnti-Magic Shell the harder-hitting Pyroblasts towards the end.


Level requirement to solo: 80+ for classes that can heal themselves or absorb damage sufficiently, 85+ for all others. 


Wrath of the Lich King


Blue Proto-Drake




Mount: ability_mount_drake_proto.jpgReins of the Blue Proto-Drake


Source: Skadi the Ruthless in Utgarde Pinnacle (Heroic), Howling Fjord. (Dungeon location)


Fastest route: Alliance players can fly from to Ironforge to Menethil Harbor. They can take a boat from the harbour to Valgarde and then fly to the dungeon.


Horde players can take a zeppelin from Undercity to Vengeance Landing and then fly to the dungeon.


Players can also go to Dalaran and fly from there, but this is slower.


Notes: You can skip much of the first corridor by walking up onto the snowy slope on your left. Run along this and you won't aggro the mobs down below. Be prepared if you fall!


Skip the first 2 bosses and run through to Skadi. The first few packs are easy to AoE down and you will get 2 harpoons to use. Save these, since you can't bring him down at that point anyway. Wait inside the room to the left and kill the third harpoon mob as soon as it spawns. Run back outside and wait for the message telling you that Skadi is now in range of the harpoons. Fire a harpoon from each launcher and he will jump down. Avoid his bladestorm, kill him and collect your mount (hopefully).


Best class: Rogue, since there is a lot of trash to skip.


Level requirement to solo: 85+ if well geared, I'd recommend 90+ for an easier run.


Bronze Drake




Mount: ability_mount_drake_bronze.jpgReins of the Bronze Drake


Source: Infinite Corruptor in The Culling of Stratholme (Heroic), Caverns of Time. (Dungeon location)


Fastest route: Take a portal to Dalaran and then use the portal there to the Caverns of Time.


Notes: This is one of the easiest mounts in the game to get due to its 100% drop rate. Clear the dungeon within the time limit (displayed at the top of your screen) and you will be given the chance to kill the Infinite Corruptor. As you run up towards Mal'ganis, follow the road rather than turning towards his tunnel/room. You will go round a bend and find the boss standing there. Kill him and you can loot your mount.


Best class: It really doesn't matter here, since you have to escort Arthas, so speed won't make much difference.


Level requirement to solo: 85+ can be done, but to keep it simple you'll want to be 90+.


Azure Drake




Mount: ability_mount_drake_azure.jpgReins of the Azure Drake


Other mounts included: ability_mount_drake_blue.jpgReins of the Blue Drake (image)


Source: Malygos in the Eye of Eternity, Borean Tundra. (Raid location)


Fastest route: Alliance players can take a boat from the habour in Stormwind City to Valiance Keep. They can then fly to the dungeon.


Horde players can take a Zeppelin from Orgrimmar to Warsong Hold. They can then fly to the dungeon.


Notes: As a lower level, you'll need to actually partake in the mechanics of the fight. Once you engage the boss, just get some damage in until he moves into his second phase. You'll need to kill one of the new adds and jump onto their hover pad. Ride the pad into the air and kill all the other adds.


Once they are all dead, Malygos will destroy the platform and you'll jump onto a red dragon's back. Maintain your heal at 5 stacks and use the combo points this generates to keep stacking the flame DoT on Malygos. He'll die eventually and you can find your loot next to the floating blue heart. Alexstrasza will summon a ball of flame that holds the loot.


Best class: No difference here, just survive the first phase. Ranged is at a slight advantage over the adds phase, but it really isn't a big deal.


Level requirement to solo: 85+ can be done comfortably, you just need to be able to survive the first phase.


Black Drake




Mount: ability_mount_drake_twilight.jpgReins of the Black Drake


Source: Sartharion in The Obsidian Sanctum (10 player), Dragonblight. (Raid location)


Fastest route: Take a portal to Dalaran and just fly south to the raid.


Notes: You're going to need to kill the boss without killing any of the mini-bosses around the instance. If you're a high enough level, you can just run into the centre and kill the boss. Be prepared for all the trash in the instance to aggro, so make sure to kill the boss quickly.


If you're a lower level, things can get a lot more tricky. I would suggest waiting to get this mount until you're at level 90-100, especially since it is a 100% drop rate. There's no rush to start farming this one.


Best class: Anything that can kill the boss quickly.


Level requirement to solo: 90+. 


Twilight Drake




Mount: ability_mount_drake_twilight.jpgReins of the Twilight Drake


Source: Sartharion in The Obsidian Sanctum (25 player), Dragonblight.


Notes: See above.


Grand Black War Mammoth




Mount: ability_mount_mammoth_black.jpgReins of the Grand Black War Mammoth


Source: Any boss in the Vault of Archavon, Wintergrasp. (Raid location)


Fastest route: Take a portal to Dalaran and then fly.


Notes: Firstly, your faction needs to control Wintergrasp to be able to do this. You have four chances per week at getting this mount, since there are four bosses to kill. There is no specific order to kill them in, you can just run between them and clear them out.


If you're a lower level, be very careful of doing Toravon the Ice Watcher. His damage will ramp up over time, meaning you'll be dying very quickly towards the end of the encounter. You especially need to watch out for the orbs that he spawns. Move away from them quickly, but this can become more difficult with the various movement speed decreases. 


Best class: Anything that can stay alive vs. Toravon. Death Knights work especially well, as do Hunters.


Level requirement to solo: 85 is do-able, but very, very difficult. I would suggest 90+ for clearing this.


Onyxian Drake




Mount: achievement_boss_onyxia.jpgReins of the Onyxian Drake


Source: Onyxia in Onyxia's Lair, Dustwallow Marsh. (Raid location)


Fastest route: Alliance players can have a Mage create a portal to Theramore and then fly to the raid. Alternatively, you can take a portal to the Caverns of Time from Dalaran and then fly up from Tanaris.


Horde players can take a portal to Orgrimmar and then fly down to the raid.


Notes: The fight itself can be rather annoying if you have no ranged abilities, so I would recommend taking any form of ability you might have that can do damage at a distance. You'll need to keep your back facing the wall when killing her due to the knockback. If you are knocked back into the whelps, you'll find yourself being overwhelmed pretty quickly.


She will eventually enter phase 2 and lift-off into the air. The eggs around the room will hatch and a huge number of whelps will aggro onto you. Clear these out as fast as possible, since they can whittle your health down surprisingly quickly. 


You'll need to follow her around the room, slowly taking down her HP and avoiding her large breath attack. Once she returns to the ground, you can finish the fight off and claim your mount. Maybe.


Best class: Anything ranged has a big advantage here. Rogues are one of the strongest melee due to inv_throwingknife_07.jpgShuriken Toss.


Level requirement to solo: 85+ is doable by pet classes quite comfortably, but I would recommend 90+ for others.


Mimiron's Head




Mount: inv_misc_enggizmos_03.jpgMimiron's Head


Source: Yogg-Saron in Ulduar (25 player Hard-mode), Storm Peaks. (Raid location)


Fastest route: Take a portal to Dalaran and fly. Engineers can also use their spell_fire_bluefirenova.jpgWormhole Generator: Northrend to teleport to the Storm Peaks.


Notes: Now this is one is going to need a bit more discussion, since we need to cover a few aspects of the raid.


Firstly, if you are farming this mount for the first time, it's unlikely that you have a save prepared. Log on to one of your less-geared characters and move to Ulduar. Set the raid to 10-player (it can be changed later) difficulty and start clearing through it. You need to use a Demolisher against Flame Leviathan (FL) in order to kill it as fast as possible.


Once FL goes down, you can ignore the two bosses on either side and move straight to XT. Kill XT and, if you would prefer an easier fight, don't kill his heart. If you do, he will enrage and you'll enter the hard-mode of the fight.


Use the teleporter behind him to move to the Antechamber. Once there, you want to go straight ahead and up the stairs to Kologarn. Kill him and you'll be presented with a number of options. You need to clear out a number of bosses here in order to move on to the next area.


I generally move anti-clockwise, starting with Hodir. Work your way around the room until you have killed Hodir, Thorim, Freya and Auriaya. Auriaya patrols the large room, so you can just pick her up between visiting the Keepers. The last keeper, Mimiron, doesn't need to have his trash cleared. Once you have killed Freya, use the teleporter outside her room to go to the Spark of Imagination. Mimiron will be in the middle of the room you find yourself in.


Once the Keepers are all dead, teleport to the Conservatory of Life and go to the last doorway in the room. Clear the trash and move on to General Vezax. Once he is dead, it's time to now start re-using this save. Here's how:

  • Make sure you do not engage Yogg-Saron and log out of your alt.
  • Log into the character you want to kill Yogg on and create a custom premade within the LFG tool.
  • Make sure auto-accept is selected.
  • Log out and log into your character which is currently in Ulduar.
  • Find the premade you made and join the group.
  • Log out again and log into the character that is leader of the group.
  • Set the raid to 25 player and then zone into Ulduar.
  • Accept the lockout and teleport to the Prison of Yogg-Saron. 
  • Kill Yogg.

You can repeat this on any character you have, as long as you do not kill Yogg-Saron on the character that holds the save. You can even extend the save through resets in order to keep it.


For the fight itself, it can be challenging for many lower level characters. You'll need to stack the adds in the first phase under Sara, then kill them all. Yogg will spawn when her HP reaches 1.


The next phase will have tentacles spawning around the room and underneath you. Yogg won't be killable at this point, so kill the tentacles and make sure to avoid the beams on the ground. Once the portals to his brain open, you will be presented with 1 of 3 scenarios. Kill the neutral mobs around the room to open up the "brain room". Go into the room and kill his brain. If you can't kill it before he makes you go insane, use a portal to get out of the room and wait until he opens the portals once again.


You will be thrown out of the room if you kill the brain and Yogg will now be vulnerable to damage. Nuke him down as fast as possible, since there will be adds everywhere. Loot the boss and hopefully see your mount drop!


Best class: Anything that has high damage and enough healing to survive the general damage of the fight. 


Level requirement to solo: 85+, but I would recommend being as high as possible.


Invincible's Reins




Mount: ability_mount_pegasus.jpgInvincible's Reins


Source: The Lich King in Icecrown Citadel (25 player Heroic), Icecrown. (Raid location)


Fastest route: Take a portal to Dalaran and fly.


Notes: The one that you are all most likely waiting for, how to farm this efficiently. Before you begin, make sure the raid difficulty is set to 10 player Normal and you are playing an alt. Enter the raid and begin clearing the bosses. You will clear the first 4 bosses and reach a huge, open space inside the Citadel. You can now choose which wing to clear first. I generally move clockwise, starting with the Plagueworks. 


The trash here is rather simple, just make sure you don't die to the spell_nature_purge.jpgDecimate from the 2 mini-bosses, Precious and Stinky. The bosses are rather self-explanatory, just kill them.


When you move onto the Blood Quarter, you'll kill the Princes and the Blood-Queen. When the Queen dies, if you are an engineer, you can skip a large portion of the raid. You'll be forced to jump through a hole in the floor, created by a falling chandelier. If you use your trade_engineering.jpgGoblin Glider just as you fall through, you can glide through the wall just in front of you. As soon as you go through the wall, turn left and move into the "nothing". You'll end up gliding down slowly towards Sindragosa, therefore skipping a large amount of trash and walking.


If you're not an engineer, you can just walk around Valithria and not engage her. Since she is a healing-boss, this used to be a big barrier for many players trying to farm the mount. This has since been changed.


Kill Sindragosa and then begin the "save" process again. You can keep this lockout and use it repeatedly, just as we did for the Ulduar lockout. The process is as follows for Icecrown Citadel (ICC):

  • Log out of the character that has just cleared the raid.
  • Log onto the character you want to kill the Lich King on.
  • Create a custom premade using the LFG tool and enable auto-accept.
  • Log back onto the character that is currently inside ICC.
  • Join the group that you started on the LFG tool.
  • Log out and back on to the character that created the group.
  • Set the raid size to 25 player Normal and then zone in to ICC.
  • Once inside, change the difficulty to Heroic and accept the lockout.
  • Kill the LK.
  • Rinse and repeat!

It's important to note that, in order for this to work, you NEED to do the initial lockout on Normal. You then need to make sure you only try to change the difficulty when inside the raid. If you try to change it to Heroic outside, it won't let you zone in to the lockout.


Once you're on the correct character, it's time to actually kill the Lich King. The fight will being with some fairly long roleplaying, but you'll eventually learn this line for line. Once it's over, the boss will aggro immediately. You need to keep yourself above 90% HP whenever he casts ability_rogue_envelopingshadows.jpgInfest. If you don't, the damage will just get higher and higher and you'll die to it. Keep healing yourself and just DPS away. 


He will spawn adds that need to be killed, otherwise they will keep a debuff moving between them, ability_creature_disease_02.jpgNecrotic Plague, which will eventually pass to you and kill you. 


The other main mechanic in the first phase is the shadow traps, which are dark circles that spawn on the ground. Move away from them at all costs. They will throw you from the platform as soon as you touch them. If you are thrown off, use anything you can to get back, such as a glider, leap or charge.


You can also tank the boss at the bottom of the stairs so that the traps will only ever throw you against the stairs. Just keep moving backwards slowly when he spawns the trap, otherwise it might throw you forwards.


When he transitions, you have two options. Stay on the edges of the platform or sit in the middle. This depends entirely on your ability to stay alive. In both cases, you need to kill the adds that spawn. Your main priority is the ice orbs, since they will explode and throw you off the platform if they reach you. They can be hard to see on the platform during his spell_frost_arcticwinds.jpgRemorseless Winter, so keep an eye out.


As soon as he transitions, you won't need to worry about shadow traps anymore, so you can stand wherever. A new spell will enter the fray instead, which can be just as worrying. ability_rogue_envelopingshadows.jpgDefile will increase in area if you stand inside of it. Get out of it ASAP.


The fight is pretty simple from here, if you get pulled into Frostmourne, just kill the spirits and stay alive. The fight will finish when he casts inv_sword_122.jpgFury of Frostmourne. From there on, it's just RP.


Best class: Death Knight, by far.


Level requirement to solo: This can be done at level 85, but it is very difficult to meet the enrage timer. I'd suggest going for 90+.


Second Half of the Dungeon and Raid Mounts 


Keep an eye out for this in the next few days, since I didn't want to make the post too long. In the next part, you'll see mounts from Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor.


Good luck hunting!

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Thanks for the info! I'm glad to say of all these mounts, I only need 3, and I slapped myself for all the time wasted not doing things like the trash reset in AQ, or the Glider trick in ICC.


My question though is for the ICC and Ulduar lockout, that looks like a great way to save time, but doesn't it keep one of your viable alts from trying for the mount as well per week?

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Best, clearest and concise post/guide I have ever seen about mount farming. Cheers mate!


I'm delighted to hear that the guide was helpful, hopefully I can keep the same clarity in the next posts!



Thanks for the info! I'm glad to say of all these mounts, I only need 3, and I slapped myself for all the time wasted not doing things like the trash reset in AQ, or the Glider trick in ICC.


My question though is for the ICC and Ulduar lockout, that looks like a great way to save time, but doesn't it keep one of your viable alts from trying for the mount as well per week?


Yeah, I was kicking myself when I was farming ICC and only found out about the glider trick at around run #350.


Technically, yes, but I always made sure to put the lockout onto a character that had very little to no chance of soloing the boss that I was trying. For example, for ICC, I used a level 85 Warrior. It could solo the first 12 bosses on Normal 10 player pretty easily, but it did not have the healing to do the LK.


Try to find an alt that has a similar situation, since as you said, you don't want to waste an opportunity each week.

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For the Red Qiraji Resonating Crystal should I only kill 3 of the Sentinels and leave one? Does killing the fourth one lower my chances somehow?


The pack won't respawn if they are all killed, so make sure to keep one alive. 

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ou can keep this lockout and use it repeatedly, just as we did for the Ulduar lockout. The process is as follows for Icecrown Citadel (ICC):

  • Log out of the character that has just cleared the raid.
  • Log onto the character you want to kill the Lich King on.
  • Create a custom premade using the LFG tool and enable auto-accept.
  • Log back onto the character that is currently inside ICC.
  • Join the group that you started on the LFG tool.
  • Log out and back on to the character that created the group.
  • Set the raid size to 25 player Normal and then zone in to ICC.
  • Once inside, change the difficulty to Heroic and accept the lockout.
  • Kill the LK.
  • Rinse and repeat!

Is there a video guide somewhere or can you re-explain that via Character A, Character B, etc. ... I'm grasping the concept but the jumping to what character next I can't pin point. 

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ou can keep this lockout and use it repeatedly, just as we did for the Ulduar lockout. The process is as follows for Icecrown Citadel (ICC):

  • Log out of the character that has just cleared the raid.
  • Log onto the character you want to kill the Lich King on.
  • Create a custom premade using the LFG tool and enable auto-accept.
  • Log back onto the character that is currently inside ICC.
  • Join the group that you started on the LFG tool.
  • Log out and back on to the character that created the group.
  • Set the raid size to 25 player Normal and then zone in to ICC.
  • Once inside, change the difficulty to Heroic and accept the lockout.
  • Kill the LK.
  • Rinse and repeat!

Is there a video guide somewhere or can you re-explain that via Character A, Character B, etc. ... I'm grasping the concept but the jumping to what character next I can't pin point. 



Hey there, no problem. The process would work as follows:

  1. Character A clears up to the Lich King on 10-player normal.
  2. Log out of Character A inside the raid.
  3. Log on to Character B.
  4. Create a group in the group finder and set it to auto-accept.
  5. Log out of Character B.
  6. Log on to Character A.
  7. Join the group that you created.
  8. Log out of Character A.
  9. Log on to Character B.
  10. Turn off auto-accept.
  11. Set the raid to 25-player normal.
  12. Enter the raid and accept the lockout.
  13. Change it 25-heroic and then accept the lockout again.
  14. Kill the Lich King and get your mount!

You can repeat this over and over, using Character C/D/E in place of Character B.

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    • By Starym
      More class tuning coming next reset and Nighthold trinkets get re-assesed, featuring dev notes.

      More changes are afoot, as there's class tuning coming up next reset for Mythic week, featuring Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin and Warlock tinkering. Paladins also get another ray of hope that their beloved Convergence of Fates will get un-nerfedintotheground as Blizzard re-assess some Nighthold trinkets in the second blue post below.
      Lore (source)
      As we prepare for the opening of Mythic Nighthold, we're planning another round of balance tuning for a few specs. These will be applied with the next weekly maintenance.
      Feral Increased the damage of most Feral spells and abilities by 8%. (Ashamane's Frenzy, Brutal Slash, Ferocious Bite, Maim, Moonfire, Rake, Shred, Swipe, Thrash, Rip) Designer Notes: Feral's playstyle feels good, but isn't putting up the numbers that it should be, so we're giving them an across-the-board damage buff.
      Combat Experience (Pet Passive) now increases the damage of primary pets by 60% (up from 50%). Designer Notes: This is primarily a damage buff to Beast Mastery, but will have a tiny benefit to Survival and occasionally Marksmanship as well. Marksmanship Arcane Shot now generates 8 Focus (up from 5). Multi-Shot now generates 3 Focus per target hit (up from 2). Sidewinders damage increased by 33%. Designer Notes: Marksmanship has given a lot of feedback that the rotation often winds up casting too many consecutive Focus generators. We are making two changes: first, helping avoid that problem by increasing the Focus generation of Arcane Shot and Multi-Shot. Second, making it more attractive to use Sidewinders in more situations, for players who prefer the pacing of the rotation with that talent.
      Arcane Increased the damage of most Arcane spells and abilities by 5%. (Arcane Barrage, Arcane Blast, Arcane Explosion, Arcane Missiles, Arcane Orb, Nether Tempest, Supernova) Overpowered now increases the damage and mana cost bonuses of Arcane Power to 60% (down from 70%). Amplification now increases Arcane Missiles damage by 12% (down from 15%). Designer Notes: Arcane has been doing well in 7.1.5, but its numbers are lacking a bit. We're giving them an across-the-board damage buff, but tempering that with small reductions to a couple new talents that are proving to be too strong. Fire Pyroblast mana cost reduced by 20%. Flamestrikemana cost reduced by 17%. Designer Notes: Under certain circumstances, it was possible for Fire to run out of mana. It's only intended that mana is a constraint on Fire's utility, not its damage. Frost Comet Storm damage increased by 24%. Flurry now fires its missiles faster. Designer Notes: Comet Storm is failing to live up to expectations, so we're buffing its damage. The Flurry change will help Flurry feel more responsive, while simultaneously solving a potential issue where Winter's Chill could apply to two Ice Lances (instead of just one, as intended) at extremely high Haste levels.
      Brewmaster Keg Smash damage increased by 10%, and it no longer deals reduced damage to 6+ targets. Breath of Fire damage increased 11%. Designer Notes: Brewmasters could use a bit of help on damage, especially in AoE.
      Retribution Crusade now increases damage and Haste by 3% per stack (down from 3.5%). Blade of Justice damage increased by 20%, unchanged in PvP. Designer Notes: Retribution's total damage is looking quite strong in 7.1.5, which is fine on its own. However, how that damage is delivered matters quite a bit as well. We've been seeing more and more than Paladins find that the optimal way to maximize their performance is to focus everything they can on boosting their damage during Crusade. This creates a number of problems, including: Crusade feels mandatory, your damage feels very unrewarding outside of Crusade, trinkets and artifact traits are viewed as either amazing or terrible based on whether they synergize with Crusade, and others.

      As such, we're going to tone down Crusade, and compensate with a buff to Blade of Justice. For those that had maximized Crusade to an extreme degree, this may result in a small overall nerf – this is intended. This change also helps prevent Divine Hammer from being too dominant in single-target situations.
      Destruction Chaos Bolt damage increased by 9%. Rain of Fire damage increased by 30%. Cataclysm damage increased by 29%. Designer Notes: Destruction's damage isn't as high as it should be. In particular, some of its spells that should feel the most rewarding aren't hitting hard enough, especially in AoE situations. We're buffing the damage of those spells.
      As always, there may be additional PvP-only tuning applied along with these changes. We'll share details on any such changes once they've been determined.
      Lore (source)
      We've been following the discussion on the recent changes to the Convergence of Fates trinkets for Retribution Paladins, as well as the surrounding discussions about trinket balance in general, and wanted to give a quick update on what we're planning:
      The original value of Convergence for Ret was wildly out of line with other trinkets, largely due to its interaction with Crusade. After investigation, however, we believe that the change we made may have overshot the mark. We’ll be making some additional adjustments to Convergence of Fate, to make sure that it’s still a good trinket for Ret.
      We’re also investigating Convergence’s value to other classes, particularly those with talents that replace the cooldowns that Convergence effects (such as Dark Arbiter for Unholy Death Knights). Like Crusade, those talents are made significantly more powerful when combined with Convergence of Fate, so we’ll likely need to make some adjustments when those kinds of talents are selected as well.
      We are also planning to improve Nighthold trinkets which have effects that aren’t a stat buff, such as the slam on Might of Krosus. We will post more information about this as soon as we have settled on the appropriate values, and are planning to make the changes with raid resets next week.
    • By Stan
      Call of the Scarab is the first micro-holiday to go live with the release of Patch 7.1.5 to commemorate the first ringing of the Scarab Gong on January 23, 2006. You can participate in the event starting tomorrow. It will end on January 23.
      We've done an extended preview of the Call of the Scarab micro-holiday during the testing phase on PTR and you can find it here.
      Blizzard Entertainment
      On  January 23, 2006, a bloody war was triggered by a simple sound: the banging of a gong. No rallying fanfare, no bloodthirsty yell; just an eerie silence. Those long, uneasy seconds of dread. The calm before the storm.
      Standing shoulder-to-shoulder before the Scarab Wall, no one could have predicted what would happen—an epic ten-hour battle that claimed the lives of thousands of Azeroth’s bravest—or fully comprehended the effect it would have.
      Action First, Faction Second
      That’s not to say the battle at the gates of Ahn’Qiraj came as a surprise. When the menace of C’Thun turned into an urgent threat, leaders across the world pored over plans and forged unlikely connections as pressure mounted. Both factions knew war was coming and personal glory was a hubris no-one could risk. Any notion that one army could defeat General Rajaxx and his colossal battalion was soon abandoned as fantasy.
      It was a unique time: scattered armies with varying allegiances were thrown together and faction pride was put aside. Let’s be clear: the battle at Ahn’Qiraj was won purely on the principle “united we stand, divided we fall.”
      Warmongering vs. Gold Hungering
      This uneasy alliance was not without its critics. Some showed their disapproval by shunning the war effort altogether, but others expressed opposition through acts of aggression. Rogue elements on both sides, unwilling to stomach this perceived betrayal of their faction, did not sit idle. Just as neutral auction houses became a tool for factions to share resources, they also became virtual battlegrounds. Crucial resources were picked up for next-to-nothing and sold on for personal gain. As with all wars, those who profit aren’t always the brave.
      The sheer scale of that war effort is almost unimaginable when we live in a time of extended storage and fast mail. But back then, backpacks and cloth stacks were smaller. Getting precious resources gathered, sorted, and sent took many hours. And it took several weeks to source bandages, food, and equipment—resources that were in high demand and would soon dwindle.
      The Importance of Remembrance
      There are parallels with current events that are impossible to ignore: once more, we Azerothians stand united against the Burning Legion as they wreak havoc across the Broken Isles. We attempt to put aside a complex, bitter history in order defeat a common enemy. We eye each other suspiciously, even as we fight side by side.
      We would do well, in these dark times, to remember the courage and spirit of those who were there at the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj. We must have long memories if we’re to make quick work of the demon forces we now face.
      From January 21–23 we ask that you join us as we remember the fallen and celebrate the victory. All of Azeroth are invited to a special holiday, ‘Call of the Scarab,’ where we will gather to perform acts of remembrance and share our factions’ pride.
    • By Sappora
      Methodical is in search of dedicated players that are looking to push content in a semi-hardcore environment. All of our raiders try to be on a first-name basis with each other. Our raids are very fun when it comes to farm and carries, however, we do clean up when it's time for progression. When it comes to raiding we do provide benefits, paid for by selling carries. 
      All-in-all we are looking for players willing to: consistently improve their performance, take responsibility, and synergize with a group of players. If this interests you, all of our info is below.
      Guild: Methodical
      Creation: 2013
      Server: Bleeding Hollow
      Faction: Horde
      VoIP: Discord
      Raid Progression: 7/7 M EN, 3/3 H ToV, 5/10 H NH
      Raid Dates: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.
      Raid Times: 9:30P-12:30A EST (Be online by 9:15P)
      Spirit Cauldrons
      Potion Program
      Extensive Raid Repairs
      The below are just current needs, we are accepting all exceptional players.
      druid (balance) high hunter medium mage medium monk (healer) medium priest (dd) high rogue medium shaman (restoration) high warlock high If interested please contact one of the players listed below we can give information about: Bleeding Hollow, Methodical, and our raids. 
      Contact Info:
      Merkshow#1993 (GM)
      Sappora#1724 (Recruitment)
      Franny#1457 (Officer)
      Borlax#1380 (Officer)
    • By Stan
      Secrets of the Axes is currently active on US realms and Arms Warriors can obtain their hidden Artifact appearance The Arcanite Bladebreaker.
      Talk to Master Smith Helgar in your Order Hall. You will be given a quest to duel Saurfang. The quest is for levels 98 and higher. You need to have the Arms Artifact unlocked for it to pop up, no AK level is required. We covered the quest line in more details here, when it was up for the first time. If you're level 100 and chose a different spec, you need to hit level 102 and obtain the Arms Artifact.
    • By Pandacho
      The guide and Profiles to import were updated for Legion.
      Patch 7.1.5 update:
      1. A new sorting order was added for healers like me who always drives a RL nuts sorting the groups as Tanks>Melee>Ranged>Healers. Now we have it build-in, enjoy! (in-deep explanation in 'Panels' part)
      2. A new Spell Trace tracking was added. Now you can see who exactly received healing from Chain Heal, HW: Sanctify, PW: Radiance, Trail of Light, etc. (in-deep explanation in 'General' part)
      Patch 7.1 update: 
      Retrieval of unit facing and position in instances was disabled by Blizzard. That breaks AOE Advice, Clusters and out-of-range direction arrow - do not try to use them.
      Default custom debuffs will now always be added by spell ID - please consider a complete reset of your custom debuff settings.  This can be done under 'VuhDo Options > Tools > Reset > Buffs/HoTs > Custom Debuffs' but beware you will loose all previous custom debuff settings!
      VuhDo is raid frame replacement that is specifically built for high level raid healing. All your healing spells or any other actions can be asserted to mouse clicks or mouseovers on those bars (Click-Heal).
      VuhDo is great for displaying all the raid information you need as a healer - Health Bars, Mana Bars, Debuffs, Range, Incoming Heals, Aggro, HoTs, Absorb Shields, Status Effects, Player Tags (afk, disconnected, dead).
      In addition:
      You can heal, decurse, target, assist or focus raid members with just one click. You can bind any usable item, command or macro to mouse clicks. You can assign up to 40 mouse click combinations to cast on raid members. You can assign any keys to cast when mouse over. You can automatically fire your trinkets and instant casts whenever cooldown is over. You can automatically resurrect players out of combat. You can easily keep track of all of your and raid buffs / debuffs. You can rebuff automatically chosing the most suitable spell and target. You can smart buff your raid automatically selecting missing buffs. Okay, let’s talk about configuration now.
      This is the mess that you get when you first install the addon. Many people just delete the addon straight away when seeing this, ignoring how amazing it is.

      If you are configuring the addon for the first time, it’s better to delete all the default frames that you've got on start:

      Click on addon icon near the minimap. Click on ‘Move!’ Click on every red X you’ll see until the only remained frame would be ‘VuhDo - BuffWatch’. The easiest and fastest way to start is to go to the ‘TOOLS’--> ‘Panel Wizard’ and to tick there the panels you want to have in your VuhDo configuration.
      It would be nice to have ‘Groups’ and ‘Main Tanks’ panels from the beginning.

      Click on ‘Tools’ Click on ‘Panel Wizard’ Tick ‘Groups’ and ‘Main Tanks’ Click ‘Apply’ After clicking ‘Okay’ in the popup menu you will see ‘Groups’ and ‘Main Tanks’ panels appearing. And then we’ll add an additional panel ‘Target’:

      Click on ‘Move!’

      Click on ‘+’ in ‘Add New Panel.’ Click on ‘+’ on the new transparent panel that appears. You’ll now get a new panel as seen in Figure 3 in the above screenshot. Click on ‘Choose.’ Now you’ll get two downdrop menus: ‘Type’ and ‘Value.’ You can choose the ‘Type’ of panel you want - in our case it’s ‘Special’ for Targets (players and NPCs). In the ‘Value’ downdrop menu choose the ‘Target’ Many nice things to play with -  you can add a menu for Pets, Vehicles, Focus, different raid roles, etc..! There is a nice update to Special panels: NPCs panel.
      Very helpful in raids where you have to focus heal or dps specific NPCs units. No more tabbing, clicking or looking around ^^
      To add NPC panel go to Move!->Add new Panel->Type: Special->Value:NPCs

      Here's how it looks in the raid:

      You can build Raid frames manually too if you don’t want to use the Panel Wizard: just choose in the ‘Type’ of panel ‘Group’ type. Click the ‘+’ button on the first panel that you created to add an additional 5 man groups to it. Voila, Panel 1 becomes your 10-40 man raid frames (every ‘+’ will add a 5 man group to the frame). You have to use the same Panel for the Raid Groups so they will move together as one object.

      Now check “20” and hold the button “Test”. You will see some virtual raid and even real target, if you’ll click on somebody. It is a very useful feature for checking the results of your frames tuning.


      Go to the ‘General’ tab. Tick ‘Main Tanks’ and ‘5 man MTs’, so VuhDo will automatically move Tanks to the ‘Tank’ panel. *You don’t have to do this or add the ‘Main Tanks’ panel if you don’t want to see the tanks in a separate panel from the raid
      Adjust everything else according to personal taste.
      INDICATORS (more nice options for tracking):
      You can play with a loads of possibilities here. I personally use 3 of them - Inner frame for the Paladin Beacons, Special DoT for the Role Icon and Treat Marks to track the current aggro target (very useful if you need to know when the tanks are swapping).
      Clicking on ‘More...’ button near every tracker allows you to change size and color of the icon.

      Spell trace tracks which units are hit when a particular spell is cast. Very useful for tracking healing from 'smart' like Prayer of Healing, PW: Radiance, Chain Heal, Trail of Light, etc. You can use a build-in Spell Trace bouquet or create your personal one. If you choose to add other spells to track, add them by name (e.g. Healing Rain, Wellspring, Efflorescence), not by Spell ID, otherwise it wouldn't work.
      Enable the ability here:

      and choose where to show tracked spells in HoT icons tab:

      Here you can bind you spells, actions or macros to any button of your mouse and keyboard.

      Go to Spells→ Mouse→ Modifier Key → None Open up your spellbook and drag your primary healing spells to the ‘Mouse Key’ Left and Right Buttons and to the ‘Mouse Wheel’ Up and Down sections. Note that the Mouse Wheel section will only work when it’s mouseovering your VuhDo frames. If you scroll outside of the frames, you will zoom in and out of the screen. You can assign more spells / commands / macros to Modifier Key → Shift, Modifier Key → Ctrl and so on. All your mouseover macros will work perfectly with VuhDo frames  
      On the ‘Panels’ tab, make sure that General→ Ordering → Alignment → Horizontal is ticked. It’s much easier to move your mouse in the left-right directions rather than up and down. Chose ‘Grouped’ and ‘Hide Empty’ in Ordering, if you prefer to always see your actual groups in the raid. a) Leave ‘Sort by...’ with ‘Unit ID’ if your choice is to see raid as actual groups.
      3b) There is another option for sorting: Tank => MDPS => RDPS => Healer. It's great if you like to always know which part of the raid takes damage. If you choose this option, you have to change the ordering to Loose. It technically works for Grouped ordering too: the difference is that when you are 'Grouped', the sort method is applied for each group, not across all groups.

      Do not forget to press ‘Apply All’ to apply your changes to all the groups (and not just to the current one)
      On the ‘Panels’ tab, click on the ‘Sizing’ option on the right hand side. For Bar Height, choose something like 37-40 to make the bars taller. Spacing and gaps as you like.
      On the ‘Panels’ tab, select the ‘Bars’ option on the right hand side. Decrease the Mana bar height to 3 - you really don’t need it any bigger than this. You can play around with the rest of the options here.

      On the ‘Panels’ tab, click on the ‘Headers’ option on the right hand side. Tick ‘Show’ on Headers if you want to see panels names (Group 1, Group 2, target, etc.). Untick ‘Class Color’ on Header Text if it was ticked by default. TEXT
      On the ‘Panels’ tab, click on the ‘Text’ option on the right hand side. Tick ‘Class Col.’ on Bar Text so you will see player’s nickname in his class color. Hitpoints → Show → Percent. Show Text → Name & Flags (untick ‘class’ and ‘pet owner’ if it was ticked by default. You can play around with the rest of the options (text size, color, position) here.
      On the ‘Panels’ tab, click on the ‘HoT Icons’ option on the right hand side. In the ‘Own HoTs’ section, choose one of 2 masters that shows where your HoTs will appear and use the buttons below to view your HoTs as ‘Icons’ and ‘Text.’ In the ‘HoT Order’ section, you can assign any of your or other players HoTs, Absorbs, Shields, Procs, personal and Raid CDs to any of the 6 spots shown in the ‘Own HoTs’ diagram. You should always leave Slot 7 (the middle slot) for the ‘AoE Advice’ icon. Or not...
      Another nice option here - to change the HoT icons size.
      Click on the button “More” from the right side of HoTs positioning masters and adjust.

      You maybe noticed some options in the HoT Order section that are shown on my screenshot but couldn’t be find in your options. They are the Bouquets: custom groups of Buffs / Debuffs / HoTs / CDs that could be created by a player himself.
      Let’s create a custom bouquet for example for tracking of Tank personal CDs in your raid where the tanks are Warrior and Paladin.

      Go to General→ Bouquets. Type a name for a new Bouquet and press ‘New’ Press ‘Add’ button it the Bouquet Details part Type a spell name in the ‘...or enter Buff / Debuff / HoT name’ line In ‘Select default icon’ dropdown menu always chose ‘None / Default’, otherwise you wouldn't see the appropriate icon. Add all the spells you would like to track in your ‘My tanks’ bouquet. There will be situations when you’ll have multiple CDs or HoTs that were popped simultaneously to track. Because all the spell icons from one bouquet are shown in the same place, you should use the Priority Arrows to assign the importance of every one of them (e.g. the highest priority will be shown first).
      Another possibility to work with bouquets is just to edit the defaults.
      For example, we can chose a default ‘Raid Cooldowns’ bouquet and remove, add or change priority of CDs based on our raid composition.

      After creating or editing a bouquet you can use it in the HoT icons assignments.

      As you've may have noticed, VuhDo has a separate Buff frame as part of the package. Personally, I don’t believe there is any need for VuhDo to show your buffs. I use WeakAuras to trace my mandatory buffs (on myself and others) and you should have something similar. So, I advise that you go to the ‘Buffs’ tab → General → Uncheck ‘Enable.’ If you want to play with it later - feel free to do so.
      Extremely useful in raids. You can see most of the debuffs by default in your healing frames, but sometimes the addon is not updated yet for a new raid zone or the authors wouldn’t add some debuff that you want to trace. In this section you can add or remove any debuff / buff / proc that is applicable to a player.

      Go to Debuffs→ Custom Type buff / debuff  Spell ID in the line (you can find Spell ID on Wowhead in the address line. For example: “”- Spell ID for the Divine Shield is 642). Now it will appear in the (de)Buff list. Tick the appropriate positions if you want to see stacks or timers for the debuff. Tick 'Bar Color' if you want to see a specific debuff in some different from the default color and pick the color from palette. Click ‘Save’ Do not click ‘Apply all’ or you’ll rewrite the defaults of all the debuffs.
      If you want to remove some buff / debuff / proc from the list, choose it from the dropdown menu and click ‘Delete’.
      There is an option for a complete reset of your custom debuff settings.  This can be done under 'VuhDo Options > Tools > Reset > Buffs/HoTs > Custom Debuffs' but beware you will loose all the debuff settings you customized.
      If you ever wanted to save your VuhDo configuration for more than one toon / spec / raid size / encounter type or to share what you have with other VuhDo users, this is the place for you.
      Saving profiles for different specs / toons:
      Go to VuhDo Options->Tools Tab->Profiles.

      On the left side in 'Profiles' part you will see a line '...or enter profile name' with some name already typed in. Change it to a name that will make you remember what exactly you are saving here. I normally use a toon name with encounter type or a toon name with a group size, but if you are going to store profiles for different specs, it may be a good idea to mention a spec too.
      I stopped on profile naming in such a details because the default name is a bit weird - it's just made of a chain of nicknames for every toon you ever saved this profile for, so after having 2-4 toons in the chain it almost impossible to understand what exactly is stored there.
      Type a new name for your profile and press 'Save' Button. Do not confuse 'Save' with 'Apply' or you will cancel all the changes you made.
      After saving a profile, you can choose in the central part of the Tab the activation type: by group size and / or by spec. You will be able to choose it only after profile is saved, so don't be surprised if you are not able to check anything there.
      If you want to make this profile a default for all the new characters on the account, check 'Default Profile' button.
      Loading and deleting a profile:
      If you don't want VuhDo to activate profiles for you automatically or you want to load some specific profile for a new toon, go to the 'Select a profile' dropdown menu, choose whatever you need from there and hit 'Apply'.
      To delete a profile, choose it from the same dropdown menu and hit 'Delete'.
      Two useful buttons: 'Quiet mode' allows you to get rid of Confirmation Dialog spam, 'Lock' prevents an accidental overwriting of a profile.
      Key Layouts:
      An important note: Spell assignments are not saved in Profiles. To save, load or delete Spell and HoTs assignments you should go to Tools->Key Layouts:

      Export and share profiles:
      You can export selected features, share or receive profiles from other VuhDo users.
      To be able to receive a profile you have to go to 'Tools->Share->Receive Data' and tick 'Enable'.
      To share a profile you should click on a button 'Share' in the 'Send Profile' area. A new window will pop up: a dropdown menu with a line where you can type specific player's name and server. The dropdown menu will show your online guildies and people you are in group / raid with (disregarding of them having or not having VuhDo).

      Here's an example of my VuhDo profiles:
      I made a UI screenshot with opened talent tree and VuhDo HoT assignments.
      Key Layouts (how I assign spells to mouse): remember they are configured separately from the main setup and you have to import them separately too in Tools->Key Layouts->Import

      In 5-man HoT icons I track only my HoTs because obviously there are no other healers. Threat and personal CDs people may use are being tracked through Indicators (General->Advanced->Indicators). In this bouquet everyone should add his group specifics if you are aiming for Mythic+: I found a bit redundant to keep there damage mitigation abilities for all the classes.
      Regarding the Hot Keys you see on the screen - it may be a bit confusing because I don't really use all of them but:
      1,2,3 - dps abilities
      = - Tranq
      F1 - Barkskin
      F2 - Dash
      F4 - Inner
      F - Efflorescence
      G - shapeshift
      Q - Artifact spell
      D - Ironbark mouseover macro
      J - Cenarion Ward mouseover macro
      E,H - interrupts
      T - Flourish
      The raid setup:
      I'm raiding Mythic so my healing frames are tuned for 20-man.

      As you can see, HoT icon section changed - now I track what other healers are doing too so we wouldn't overlap with the healing and I'm be sure that assigned damage mitigation spells are used.
      The actual strings to import are in this separate thread because it's technically problematic to update them here in guide.
      I have to say that there are loads of options that I didn’t speak about here. But I tried to keep it short and basic.
      I always can answer any of your questions about VuhDo or you can continue to dig it by yourselves.