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overwatch Overwatch Animated Short: Recall Released!

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The Recall animated short has just been released and it looks fantastic! With up to 15 possible new heroes teased, this might be one of the most exciting developments since the game was announced!


If you haven't watched the short, I would 100% recommend doing so. The animation is stunning, the story fits perfectly and, let's be honest, who doesn't love a baby Winston hugging his peanut butter like it's the last thing on earth?



From a lore perspective, the short focuses around Winston, the loveable yet dangerous "scientist". Don't call him a monkey, whatever you do! Winston comes from the Horizon Lunar Colony, one of the first steps in humanity's leap towards colonisation of space. A group of gorillas lived within the colony, their traits enhanced in order to test their ability to live for a prolonged period of time in space. 


One gorilla showed exceptional brain development and a certain human doctor took interest in him: Harold Winston. He taught the young gorilla about science and the ways of humans, eventually allowing him to aid with experiments. The two forged a friendship that seemed unbreakable, if not for one fateful day.


The other gorillas led an uprising against the humans, killing the scientists and taking over the colony for themselves. The exceptional gorilla mourned his lost friend, taking up the name Winston in honour of his memory. He built a makeshift rocket and escaped to earth, finding a new home with the organisation Overwatch. 


Since Overwatch disbanded, Winston has hidden himself from the outside world, forever battling with his wish to reform Overwatch and deal with the problems of the world. His ability to keep in contact with the agents of Overwatch puts him in danger during the video, since the enemies of Overwatch, Talon, hope to claim the database for their own uses. 


Reaper attacks the base with a number of Talon units, but the ingenuity of Winston, both as a fighter and scientist, manages to save the database from being stolen. Faced with the prospect of further attacks, Winston knows he only has one choice left. He hits the button and calls upon the heroes of Overwatch once more.


During the video, you might have seen a number of new heroes flashing up in Winston's database. We don't know much about them, but Nerdacide put together a single image with all of them in it over on Twitter:



While there is no proper context given, we can speculate about some of the heroes shown:

  1. The top left character might be the now-deceased husband of Widowmaker. He was the leader of a number of missions against Talon, but his wife was taken hostage and her mind corrupted. She ended up killing her husband in his sleep before returning to Talon to become the emotionless killing machine we know today.
  2. The 4th and 13th characters are similar to Reinhardt, but we're not sure if they are just early previews of the character.
  3. The visor worn by the 6th character is a cross between Lucio's goggles and Soldier: 76's visor.
  4. The 10th character seems to be very similar in facial structure to Junkrat. Might this be a brother or someone from the same area?
  5. The 11th character almost seems like a futuristic Bastion. 
  6. The 12th character similar goggles to Widowmaker.
  7. The 14th character has a similar visor to Pharah.

What do you think? Who do you think these characters might be?

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      Horde mode/brawl is in, Ana, Widowmaker and Junkrat changes and more.
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      And here are the patch notes for the event itself, as well as some additional tweaks and fixes:
      October 11
      New Seasonal Event: Overwatch Halloween Terror
      When the shadows grow long and the nights grow cold . . . when witches cackle in the night, and ghosts roam the streets . . . it can mean only one thing: Halloween has arrived in Overwatch! Starting today, Overwatch's regular Loot Boxes have been replaced with limited-edition Halloween Loot Boxes. Each contains at least one of more than 100 Halloween-themed sprays, icons, skins, victory poses, emotes, and highlight intros. And the bravest heroes will test their mettle against a mad scientist's metal minions in Overwatch's first co-op PvE brawl: Junkenstein’s Revenge.
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      New Feature: Leaderboards
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      Note: After downloading the latest patch, players will need to complete at least one Competitive Play match before they’ll appear on the friend leaderboards.
      Static cameras are now supported in spectator mode Team names can now be edited in custom games Raised the volume of Hanzo's Dragonstrike voice line while wearing the Okami/Lone Wolf Skin Heroes hit by Ana's Nano Boost have a new voice line that informs other players Increased frequency of Reinhardt's "barrier failing" voice line Custom Games can now be paused  
      Competitive Play
      Players who leave or are disconnected from a competitive match can now rejoin anytime while the match is still in progress Teammates of a disconnected player can now exit a match after 2 minutes have elapsed (formerly 1 minute), and they will not receive a leaver penalty. However, they will receive a loss  
      Camera movement in Spectator Mode has been improved  
      Nano Boost
      Ultimate cost has been increased by 20% Biotic Grenade
      Radius has been increased from 3 to 4 meters
      Developer Comments: So far, we haven't seen any indication that Ana is too strong overall, but her ultimate charges a little too fast, especially considering the impact it can have on a match. Also, her Biotic Grenades are getting a small boost to help her hit multiple targets.
      Widow's Kiss
      Scoping-in animation time has been reduced from 0.5 to 0.33 seconds
      Developer Comments: This change will help Widowmaker acquire new targets more quickly and speed up her reaction time in fast-paced situations.
      Ability now activates more quickly
      Developer Comments: Junkrat can be an extremely effective hero in the right hands, but RIP-Tire often felt underpowered when compared to his counterparts.
      Hero Gallery now signify which items were unlocked during the Overwatch Halloween Terror event Several minor aesthetic changes have been made to the game’s Main, Social, and Options menus Removed several stats that were duplicated for certain heroes throughout the career profile Graphics, typography, and layout have been updated in the Player Profile menu Controller users can now choose between two aiming modes
      Dual-Zone mode (New default): The vast majority of the thumbstick's range moves with reduced sensitivity and relatively high acceleration. However, when the thumbstick crosses to the outer 10% of its range, it will move with high sensitivity and relatively low acceleration. This mode will allow for more precise aiming, while still allowing players to turn around quickly
      Exponential Ramp mode (Old default): As the thumbstick moves toward the outside of its range, the sensitivity is ramped up exponentially. The acceleration remains relatively high throughout  
      Social Features
      Certain commendations will now appear less frequently during end-of-round voting, and others will appear more frequently (e.g. Torbjörn's Armor Packs Created will appear less frequently while Offensive Assists will appear more frequently)  
      Enemy players that are knocked down no longer lose their red outline Highlight Intros previewed after opening a loot box now loop Fixed a bug that prevented custom key bindings from saving after relaunching the game Fixed a bug that kept players from binding Take Screenshot to other keys Fixed a bug preventing any non-default sprays from appearing during the Play of the Game Heroes that appeared on the main menu screen are no longer visible in the background while viewing items in the hero gallery  
      Competitive Play
      [PS4, XB1] Fixed an issue that was incorrectly displaying a top 500 icon for certain players, even though they had not yet broken into the top 500  
      Fixed a bug that allowed D.Va to reach unintended locations on several maps when using Self-Destruct Fixed a bug that allowed players to capture first objective on King’s Row from extremely high above the point Fixed a bug that allowed the payload to heal players, even when they were negatively affected by Ana’s Biotic Grenade Fixed a bug preventing the health bars on the Practice Range bots from displaying the effects of Ana’s Biotic Grenade Fixed a bug preventing sprays from being applied correctly to some surfaces on Eichenwalde Fixed a lighting issue, causing certain objects to appear darker than intended inside the Eichenwalde castle  
      Smoothed the animation during Ana’s zoom-release transition Fixed a bug causing Bastion’s bullet shells to eject backwards while in Configuration: Sentry mode Fixed a bug causing D.Va to be teleported back to a re-spawn point if her Boosters are used inside the team’s dropship Fixed an issue preventing Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow from appearing when selected Fixed a bug preventing Junkrat’s statistics from correctly tracking RIP-Tire kills Fixed a bug that prevented Junkrat’s “Roadkill” achievement from being awarded after obtaining 4 kills with RIP-Tire Fixed an issue preventing Mercy’s staff from appearing in some highlight intros while wearing the Valkyrie, Sigrún, and Cobalt skins Fixed a bug causing Tracer’s highlight intros to render at a lower resolution when accessed from the Highlights menu Fixed a bug that allowed Widowmaker to use her Grappling Hook on basketballs Symmetra's “Car Wash” achievement now correctly lists the number of beams required (6 instead of 7) Fixed a time calculation issue that was causing Zenyatta's “Rapid Discord” achievement to be more difficult than intended  
      Spectators are now able to see the Assemble Heroes countdown timer on all maps during a Custom Game You are no longer able to see your killer’s red outline while spectating your team before respawning
    • By Starym
      We're hours away from the new event and you can now gift Overwatch to friends and make them heal you!
      After the oodles of leaks that have been happening around the big Halloween event, a couple of final ones seem to have also revealed what a lot of fans already theorized, that the kickoff is today! More specifically, it's due around 8PM CEST / 11AM PST and is expected to bring with it a lot of new skins, sprays, voice lines, emotes, victory poses and highlight intros.
      Now, this is NOT the the Zomnic Horde Mode/Brawl and the latest Hero, Sombra, that was also leaked and may have looked a little Halloween themed, as Blizzard will be saving that for a bigger future patch (and probably PTR it first), so we're going to have to hold on a bit longer for that. The leak came from Korean PC Bangs, who are partnered with Blizzard and let slip the patch notes early and from the Official Taiwanese OW site which gave us this image (all of it via reddit detectives):

      The other good news is that you can now gift Overwatch to your friends (or enemies, what better way to make them friends)! That's right, just poke one of your buddies, throw them a key and force them to be your dedicated support Hero forever. I mean, who doesn't love playing Mercy. No, seriously, I love Mercy.
      And here's the Haloween loot box leak from earlier:

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