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heroes HotS: Trailer and Blue Posts on Tracer

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It's all about Tracer this week, since this first Hero from the Overwatch universe has landed in the Nexus. Let's check a video trailer and some blue posts on her.


As with all new Heroes, Blizzard has released a trailer on Tracer. The trailer successfully gets across to the audience the character of this hyperactive, fun-loving and carefree heroine.



Quite a few people on Reddit had questions about Tracer, her interactions and some potential bugs and the blues were there to answer. For example, it was noticed that Tracer's E ability and generally all Stasis effects from other Heroes drop Abathur's Symbiote. The team is looking into it, but it may be an intended effect.


In another Reddit thread, a Blizzard Technical Designer offered two replies about some Tracer interactions:


Blizzard Icon BlizzJohnzee

Just a couple of things that might be interesting to test how they interact with Tracer's recall ability:

  • Can she hearth back, heal a bit, and then recall back to where she was on the map?

  • What happens if she enters a medivac, travels across the map, and then recals - will she appear in the middle of the map somewhere?

The hearth interaction doesn't work... we thought of that wink.png

The Medivac interaction DOES work... we didn't think of that sad.png I just put a bug in.

Edit: Technically it's not a bug, but we'll take it under consideration if this is a good interaction. Could be confusing and seem unintended from the Tracer player's perspective. (source)


I'm surprised you decided not to make it work. I was expecting a scenario like League's Ekko, where that wasn't an intended use, but if you needed 2-3 seconds of healing, or realized a positional advantage, go for it. Will it just be disabled in base, or will you recall on top of yourself?


You will Recall on top of yourself (essentially it resets her Recall the moment you Hearth back).

We did test with her being able to Recall back into battle, but it was a little too strong for being an "unintended use" (Recall's cooldown is long for a Basic ability, but nowhere near as long as a Heroic). (source)


Lastly, there is currently a thread on Reddit where people are asking for some manner of indication for how much Tracer's ultimate ability has charged, since other Heroes have timers for their ultimates. There hasn't been a blue response yet, but feel free to pop in and share your opinion!


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