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Level 15 - Arcane Familiar, PoM, Words of Power

Level 30 - Shimmer, Cauterize Colds Snap

Level 45 - MI, RoP, Incanter's Flow

Level 60 - Supernova, Charged up, Resonance

Level 75 - Ice Floes, Ring of Frost, Ice Ward

Level 90 - Nether Tempest, Unstable Magic, Erosion

Level 100 - Overpowered, Quickening, Arcane Orb

Source: (latest beta build)

What we're losing - Evanesce, Blazing Speed, Alter Time, Flameglow, Ice Barrier, Frostjaw, Greater Invisibility, Prismatic Crystal

What I'll miss - Flameglow, Greater Invis,, Prismatic Crystal (I'll miss this one A LOT)

What looks promising:

   Arcane Familiar - "Summon a Familiar that attacks your enemies and encreases your mana by 10%. Lasts 1 hour."

   Being able to spec both Supernova and Nether Tempest

   Quickening - "AB, AM and AE also grant 2% haste for 6 sec, stacking up to 100 times. This effect is cleared when you

   cast Arcane Barrage."

Thoughts? I see that we are losing a lot of redundant talents but also some key utility talents.

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Prismatic Crystal being gone is a fairly big hit for Arcane. I am also going to miss Evanesce, it occasionally had its perks. Same goes for Altered Time. Generally, a lot of defensives are gone, but honestly I am glad: it gives more choices for DPS talents. However, the level 75 talents are pretty boring, with Icy Floes being the more than obvious choice. They could have kept some of the old, more interesting talents for that line.

I don't like PoM being made into a talent instead of a baseline skill. I am not sure about the Familiar, since I don't know how good the new Mastery is (I haven't played Arcane a lot in the Beta, see end of this post too). Words of Power doesn't look good at the moment, since I am not sure if the burn/conserve rotation will still be a thing.

I like Charged Up: theoretically you just press it and start burning immediately. However, the other two talents in the same line are very strong choices for single target and aoe respectively. I'll let the theorycrafters figure that out.

Quickening looks like a great talent indeed.

Like I said before, I haven't played Arcane (and generally I haven't played a lot in the Beta lol) but from what I heard Arcane is pretty good in level 110 atm. Which is weird, because usually Arcane is better at the end of expansion, not its beginning. Tuning is still happening ofc and it will keep happening until Legion is released.

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Looking at the base spells for arcane, Ice Barrier is going to be in the spellbook now, so we keep one defensive spell.

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i prefer mirror image/supernova/words of power/erosion/qickening for solo questing.....raids will prolly be somewhat different


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Arcane Blast costs 3% Base Mana, so having more mana from Arcane Familiar should allow you to cast 3 extra Arcane Blasts per rotation. Also affects the mana restored by Evocation.

PoM only sounds useful to burst down high priority adds that spawn. The cooldown is a bit too long.

Words of Power, maximum 5% . . .. that is like nothing.

Shimmer combined with Displacement (New spell) allows up to 5 blinks every 45 seconds. Very OP in PvP with Prismatic Cloak.

I like the new Rune of Power.
You can use it about 9-10 times in a 6 minute fight, so you should have a 28% up time on it, which result to an 14% spell damage gain on average. Although this is 1% less spell damage than a full uptime WoD Rune of Power, the WoD Rune of Power removes most of your mobility. The new Rune of Power will allow you to have huge burst damage for high priority mobs, and since it only lasts 10 seconds, you can skillfully use it when you don't have to dodge mechanics in fights.

Supernova: No charge system = less burst, but it doesn't replace Frost Nova anymore. This is a boost in survival.

Charged Up: Allows nice burst or a free Arcane Barrage every 40 secs. Off GCD. Combined with Rune of Power will allow a nice burst every 40 secs.

Resonance: More Arcane Barrage damage . . . would rather take Charged Up baseline.

Nether Tempest is basically an Arcane Explosion every second on the target's location.

Quickening sounds fun. At higher stacks it will give Nether Tempest a huge boost.

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Ok so did they nerf the gear cause I went from 70% Mastery to 31% mastery overnight with at least a 15k dps loss down to 25-30k. I've posted this on WoW forums, Facebook friends and asked trade chat all with either bullshit answers or nothing. Patch notes dont say anything about gear nerfing but with 6 weeks left till expac I cant believe they would nerf your stats so soon. Any answers here?? Or at least noticing the same loss??


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On 20/7/2016 at 9:12 PM, Tigersharrk said:

Ok so did they nerf the gear cause I went from 70% Mastery to 31% mastery overnight with at least a 15k dps loss down to 25-30k. I've posted this on WoW forums, Facebook friends and asked trade chat all with either bullshit answers or nothing. Patch notes dont say anything about gear nerfing but with 6 weeks left till expac I cant believe they would nerf your stats so soon. Any answers here?? Or at least noticing the same loss??


From what I've read in other topics here in Icy Veins (for other classes too), indeed gear nerfing seems to have happened.

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