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What is the best way to gear up an ele/resto shammy?

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My Shaman is about to hit level 90, and I was planning on healing LFR with it, and occasionally doing dps/ soloing with an ele spec. What would be the best path for gearing before I start getting tier gear. If I get duplicates of loot, should I keep a separate copy for each spec, or will that just get confusing? Also, what kind of enchants should I use?

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My understsanding about Ele is that it relies a lot more on Haste than Resto does (Resto hates Haste early on). I would recommend that you keep extra gear you get and reforge it all for Haste (assuming that's what Ele likes) and keep the Resto gear filled with Crit/Mastery. Any really massive upgrades would improve both though, so don't keep using a green quality helm when you have an epic one in your bags which isn't reforged correctly :)

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If you're looking for the fastest way, you should heal heroics, convert Justice Points to Honor in your capitol city and buy the Malevolent PvP gear until you're eligible for LFR. Then get some coins from Isle of Thunder dailies and spam them like crazy on whatever can still give you upgrades in LFR.

Keep your duplicates, since you only need a fixed amount of Spirit for DPS, and a lot more for healing.

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