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heroes In Development: Auriel, Gul'dan and More

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It was confirmed earlier today that Auriel is indeed going to be the next Hero to join the Nexus after Gul'dan. We also got a glimpse of Gul'dan himself, as well as of some upcoming skins and mounts.

Gul'dan might be the next character to join the Heroes of the Storm cast, but everyone was wondering who is going to come after him. The mystery has been solved: after a couple of cryptic tweets, the team made it clear that Auriel, Archangel of Hope, will be the newest addition to the Nexus.

Placeholder for tweet 748562199468072960
Placeholder for tweet 748909131403145218

Auriel comes from the Diablo universe: she is the only female member of the Angiris Council, the body of Archangels that rules the Heavens; she is the Archangel of Hope. She is present in Act 4 of vanilla Diablo III, where she helps the players re-take control of the High Heavens from the forces of Diablo and defeat Diablo himself.

Fans suspected that Auriel will be a Support hero (finally!) and this was confirmed on both Twitter and Reddit. It is also rumoured that one of Auriel's (possibly ultimate) abilities will be to resurrect one of her allies. You can check how she looks and some of her abilities and skins in the In Development video.

In the same video, we get to see Gul'dan in action for the first time. His model does indeed resemble his Warcraft II equivalent, but surprisingly he is missing his trademark staff. One of his abilities looks like an AOE fear.

Lastly, we get to preview some new skins: Mystic Kingdoms Arthas, Spellbreaker Johanna and the hilarious Striker (aka volleyball) Li-Ming. New mounts will also be added in the future: Crimson Hare, Obsidian Cyber Wolf, Demonic Hellsteed and the Season 1 reward mounts (Elemental Lizard and Epic Elemental Lizard).

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I haven't looked into the reddit info, but Auriel is going to be a support?  I realize they only show us a small bit in the demo video but it didn't really show anything that looked like support.  Anyone know anything more about her abilities?

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Yep, Blizzard has officially confirmed this. Since we only got to see today the abilities of Gul'dan, who is most probably going to be released next week, it is a bit too early to know anything about Auriel.

There is a 4chan guy who has predicted correctly every Hero so far (he obviously has some sort of inside info) and he commented on Auriel that she can resurrect an ally, so there's that + whatever you can make of her abilities from the video.

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