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Using some basic macros I've been able to boil Demo into a 3 button macro setup that works decent. Nothing that is going to give you godlike DPS or top the charts but great for lazy folks like myself.

Feedback appreciated.

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New member here....but I wanted to say THANK YOU so very much for the macro help on the Demonology Warlock you provided.  I revamped my lock last night just before venturing into the new legion area for my artifact weapon run and to open up the Warlock Hall. 

I am having a blast....this new setup you provided has been a blessing for me.  I used to have to punch so many buttons and lost track of what I had available off CD sometimes, that I ended up using siphon life while my demon pounded away on the target.  I got frustrated.  So the search ensued to find a set of macros that would help me.

Since I am not very good at theory crafting, I try to find folks who have successful setups/macros that I can try out.  I think I've been through about 4 or 5 before I found yours, and I must say what a relief.

Thank you again for these.

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