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3 Button Demo Setup

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New member here....but I wanted to say THANK YOU so very much for the macro help on the Demonology Warlock you provided.  I revamped my lock last night just before venturing into the new legion area for my artifact weapon run and to open up the Warlock Hall. 

I am having a blast....this new setup you provided has been a blessing for me.  I used to have to punch so many buttons and lost track of what I had available off CD sometimes, that I ended up using siphon life while my demon pounded away on the target.  I got frustrated.  So the search ensued to find a set of macros that would help me.

Since I am not very good at theory crafting, I try to find folks who have successful setups/macros that I can try out.  I think I've been through about 4 or 5 before I found yours, and I must say what a relief.

Thank you again for these.

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On 8/24/2016 at 5:14 PM, SimplyPsyke said:


Using some basic macros I've been able to boil Demo into a 3 button macro setup that works decent. Nothing that is going to give you godlike DPS or top the charts but great for lazy folks like myself.

Feedback appreciated.

I have truly enjoyed my demon spec because of these macros you provided.  However, I wonder if the same macros could be adjusted for the destro spec too?  I've been playing around with it, but I can't quite figure out how to weave all the destro stuff together.  The closest I can come is to put buffs together as long as they aren't all instant and have no CD.  But that is iffy at best for me.

Have you attempted anything similar for either of the other two lock specs by any chance?

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Just noticed this evening that these macros no longer work.  There apparently were some changes made to the spec since this posting which changed how the skills work now.

So back to the drawing board for redoing these macros to use with the recent game updates.

Never mind, I figured out what I did wrong.

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Thanks for these macros. They've given me a lot less to look at on screen and are all now on my mouse. (I'm a habitual clicker).

I wrote a quick one myself off the back of this to throw into the mix for getting your Dreadstalkers and Imps up and I'll go try this on trash now. 

/castsequence [combat] reset=target Hand of Gul'dan. null,
/castsequence doom, demonbolt, demonbolt, demonbolt, hand of gul'dan, demonic empowerment, demonbolt, demonbolt, call dreadstalkers, demonic empowerment,  life tap, demonbolt

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