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Tornado Kicks -> Transfer the Power interaction

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Tornado Kicks - "Rising Sun Kick strikes an additional time for 25% additional damage."

Transfer the Power - "Blackout Kick and Rising Sun Kick increase damage dealt by your next Fists of Fury by 3%, stacking up to 10 times."


My question is - does the extra strike of Rising Sun Kick give an extra stack on top of Transfer the Power? If I was to use Rising Sun Kick, would I gain 2 stacks of Transfer the Power instead of just 1?

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Just got this talent on my weapon last night.  I can confirm that RSK only counts as one strike (you only get one stack per RSK, not 2).

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Thanks for catching this and answering quickly guys!

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    • By Browed
      With the new PTR info, it seems Bad to the Bone gains a little (2 >3%), is it now viable to go to that before completing the last Gold trait via the Self Heal?
      Obviously, I may end up testing this myself, but it's a lot of resource to commit ;)
      Also, I'm not sure if this steers us more exclusively to Icy Talons seeing as the Razorice runeforge dropping off with Shattering Strikes is even less desirable due to ramp up time, unless we see return of the double Razorice runeforge setup eh ;)
      If you exclude possible additional relic combinations for BttB (Bad to the Bone)
      2% x 5 stacks = 10%,
      3% x 5 stacks = 15%
      Obviously, this is a fully scaling ability, but you knew that.
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      Pretty much, I've got an 850 Bloodthirsty Instinct (Socket + Leech), 850 Nature's Call (Socket), and an 855 Vindictive Combatant's Insignia of Conquest, and I'm just wondering which trinkets I should be taking as a WW monk. Initially I was thinking the Bloodthirsty and Nature's Call, because they seem to proc alot more, but I'm not sure.
    • By timmo900
      There's a lot of theory on what you require to get this, but i can tell you what i had when i unlocked it.

      AK 7, Artifact rank 22.

      Using the 
      "enter proving grounds, start, leave, apoc on broken isles acherus dummies. back into proving grounds, repeat method." 
      Edit : It has been reported by other users on these forums that you do not need to leave the proving grounds, and that the book can drop in there.
      So you can start up the TANK bronze Proving groounds - death grip the target over, festering to 8 wounds, pop apocalypse. Check the true/false macro. If false, yield to the panda and restart it. This method allows you to stand within range to continously restart the PG as needed. You choose the TANK option as the bronze dps target cannot be death gripped.
      *****I will update this further later today!

      Allows you to get a lot more casts of apocalypse per hour. My total farming time to get his appearance was about 4 hours.

      I Used a macro to check hidden achievement 2000/2000 summoned ghouls which was NOT completed.

      To the best of my knowledge, the book/ghoul required only comes from Apocalypse, not AotD.

      My conclusion is, literally any time after you get AK 6 you have a random chance of getting the book/npc to spawn whenever Apocalypse is cast.

      I used a weak aura that sounded a horn and presented a banner to advise of the book drop, but even without that, the NPC will chat in your default chat window. and even if you don't read the book, 
      you can run the macro "is quest complete id etc" 
      If it comes up "true" you can literally go to putricide and go down the trap door.

      Hope this is of help to some.
      (if people want the same macros\weak aura setup, I will add them to this post tomorrow)

      Cheers, Timmo
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      Arms Warrior
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      If you'd like to join and trial please contact Dereek, Rentend, Pettz, Vaior in game or add my bnet tag Villain #2997
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      - A sense of humour
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      Thursday - 19:00-23:00
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