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Tier 15 Prot Bonus

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Hi again! People were really helpful in my previous post so I figured I would throw in another question.

It's about the set bonus for the prot pally in tier 15 (+40% block on WoG), another pally from my guild said that bonus i as good as 12000 points of mastery, is that so?? seems like a lot... And would that mean I should move from SotR to WoG for mitigation and switch all my mastery points to a more useful stat? (like haste)

What I'm thinking, and this is just a theory from someone that doesn't have much of a clue, is that if I switch from SotR to WoG I would get bigger spikes since blocking chance is that, just a chance.

My guild just started TOT progression (yeah, I know we are late xP) and we had a hard time taking down horridon. Since I can clean myself between doors I get to tank the big guy the whole fight, and, as I see it, the block chance from the tier set bonus wouldn't be as useful as SotR to stop me from dying of a Triple Puncture. And I was thinking probably the same could be said about Tortos' snapping bite.

But I would like a word from more experienced players =) Thanks!

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In short, the 2-piece is a nice bonus for when we have to WoG, but not worth using as a maintenance buff.

- Theck,

It has been clearly simulated at this point that Control/Haste is the best priority.

  • Stamina is still your best survivability stat, haste is a reasonably close second, mastery a distant third, dodge and parry tied for an even more distant fourth.
  • Capping hit (7.5%) and expertise (15%) are still your most important secondary stat goals (i.e. Control comes before Haste). It’s not clear from the data whether stamina is better or worse than hit and expertise – my guess is that stamina is better, but it should rarely come up in practice since you can’t reforge into stamina anyway.
  • Control/Haste should be the default gearing strategy for pretty much everyone nowadays, augmented by as much stamina as you need to feel comfortable in the encounter. Rule of thumb: if you keep going splat, pick up some more stamina.
- Theck,

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Hi and thanks for the quick response. A few minutes after I posted this I realized I hadn't checked sacredduty for a while and did, and found that post about set bonus, I don't really understand all the numbers but I saw that same advice you quoted here but I did wanted to wait for a response since I was trying to understand what the other pally meant when he said the bonus was "as good as 12000 mastery", guess his numbers where just off...

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