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So my guild finally squeaked out our heroic Il'gynoth kill this week, but my dps was far lower than what i typically get and what I've seen other enh. Shaman getting on it. I was wondering if any of the more experienced enhancement shaman could take a look at my logs for the kill and see what mistakes I'm making. Any help is much appreciated :)

My Logs:

My armory:

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The biggest thing that I can see if you don't have enough haste. Realistically while there is no actual number to truly aim for, you want about a 60% haste to mastery ratio. Stack mastery wherever you can get it. But you also want to get a lot of haste. Also, I have no actual numbers steering for this one, angerboda is a bad trinket all around for enhance. I have an 870 version with a soctet of it and unless it is a single target long fight , like Nythendra, then it does not proc enough to make it relevant. You want to aim for things like Six-Feather Fan, the agi trinket off Ursoc, or the Devilsaur Shock Baton. Additionally, always make sure your buffs are up, this takes priority even over storm bringer procs, especially frostbrand because hailstorm does so much damage.

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