Need Help with Trinket Choice for my Unholy DK

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Hey guys,


I have got the following question: 

I have got the Choice between two trinkets.

The First one is the one from Ursoc with 1233 Strenght. Ilvl 850

The second one is from Nythendra HC with 986 Haste. Ilvl 865


I am not sure since haste is only our 3. best stat. But I it is 15 Ilvl above


Can anyone help me with this choice?


Best regards,



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Thank you very much :) I have not found any good BiS List until now :) Thank you for sharing it with me :)


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Thank you as well for posting this list. I was also struggling with trinkets this tier, since AMR just lists them as being a "work in progress", which is really unhelpful in terms of whether or not I can trust them.

@slonez There are multiple tabs on the spreadsheet, click on the tab names up top to find the list you're looking for. The best items are highlighted in yellow.

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Primary stat + Crit / Haste,  secondary stat trinkets will always be better than the majority of crap in EN :)
Keep an eye out for the WQ trinket (str + random stat) and hope you get lucky.

Fortunately for me I did, mine gave me +Crit and titanforged to 850, that along with getting unstable Arcanocrystal from Jim (which warforged), first time in 12 years of WoW I'm not struggling with trinkets...

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       [Nightmare Bloom](850) - 1,233 Intellect, 932 Mastery.
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