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heroes What's Next in Heroes of the Storm

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With all the announcements flying around, it's time to look what's in store for Heroes of the Storm.

One of the highly-anticipated changes are Haunted Mines.

Haunted Mines

The map has been vastly redesigned and will be back on rotation this year. What has changed?

There are four new entrances. Camps are now sapers, not siege giants. Grave golems now flip lane every objective circle.



The interior has also been redesigned and the boss will now spawn in the middle of the room.



Golems won't spawn at their death spot, the distances from the core have been increased.


Most of the features that are coming to the Nexus were teased by a short video on Twitter yesterday.

Placeholder for tweet 794683815696285696


  • Are coming to the game it's on the to-do list.

Hero Reworks

  • Kharazim will have three Mystic Allies, empowering him in various ways.
  • Dehaka is being pushed toward a more solo warrior Hero.
  • Murky will see some tuning in the future, given how easily he can be defeated by Li-Ming.
  • More can be found in our Dev Interview.

Hero Swaps

  • It's coming at some point but not right now. It will be tested out in Custom Games first if it's tested.


  • The team was just talking in retrospective how bad the old matchmaking system was, bringing in increased queue times.
  • They stressed out how important matchmaking quality is, but at the same time they want us to get in games faster.

Party Finder Updates

  • The current Party Finder will see improvements.

Uncapped Account Progression

  • Hero Level & Account Level caps have been removed. There's a new cap which is hard to achieve, not impossible though.
  • More rewards are coming (skins, mounts, stimpacks).The amount of experience needed past Level 10+ to gain levels have been decreased.

Voice Chat

  • Will be integrated into the game.

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I'm glad I stopped playing HotS in S2. As playerbase will continue to shrink, matchmaking (though already random) will only get more unpredictable and unbalanced. Seasons is surely the worst idea for any ranked mm. I remember grinding up to Master (almost reaching GM in S1).  Now the game tells me I have to grind yet again in S2 just because it does not in any way aknowledge the progress I've made. And even worse, your hidden MMR is calculated based on who-knows-what can be asily abused by creating smurfs. It's easier to get to Grandmaster from a fresh account than to reach the same from your main acc with high rank in previous season. Thus, you will encounter lots of new unexperienced players with higher mmr and rank than more experienced players only because the system places new playres high and lets them go down in ranks instead of placing them lower and letting them go up.

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3 hours ago, Kuarinofu said:

It's easier to get to Grandmaster from a fresh account than to reach the same from your main acc with high rank in previous season.

Surely it should be like that? A fresh account doesn't have years of throwing games, leaving games, playing for fun, etc. Creating a fresh account for the sole purpose of hitting GM will always be easier because the input your games have on the MMR calculation is huge. I think it should be like this. You can't just disregard every game a main account has played over 2 years vs. a fresh account with 2 games played.

If an account has a 50% winrate, let's say it has 2 games played or 20. If the newer account wins 1 more, it goes up to 66% WR. The other goes up to like 53%.

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      Log in to Heroes during the following time frames to take part in this event:
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      December 2, 10:00 a.m. PST (All Regions) – December 5, 10:00 a.m. PST (All Regions)
      Don’t forget, with the new XP bonuses available in-game, you can earn even more XP by playing with a party of friends!
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