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mop Valley of the Four Winds: Storyline, Screenshots, Quests, and More

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Spoiler disclaimer: this article contains many spoilers.

The Valley of the Four Winds is a level 86-88 zone located on Pandaria. It is the second questing zone of the continent after the Jade Forest. Krasarang Wilds, also a level 86-87 zone, is the adjacent zone in the south. In the east, you will find the Dread Wastes, which are not directly accessible from the Valley of the Four Winds. In the north lies the Kun-Lai Summit, which you can access by climbing a flight of stairs located between Thunderfoot Fields and the Pools of Purity.


The Valley of the Four Winds used to be a peaceful place for farmers to grow their crop. With the awakening of the Sha, vermin of all sorts have invaded the area. Your journey through the Valley of the Four Winds will follow that of Chen Stormstout who came to Pandaria to meet his relatives at the Stormstout Brewery. You will assist him in creating his ultimate brew. On your way to the brewery, you will also defend the farmers against the Sha manifestations.

The storylines of Valley of the Four Winds and Krasarang Wilds are linked. The final event of the Valley of the Four Winds will see you fend off the invasion of the Mantid army from the Dread Wastes. This final event only becomes available after finishing the main quest lines of both zones.

Posted Image


As we were progressing through the zone, we took a number of screenshots. You will find the best ones below.


There is no Alliance or Horde quest hub in Valley of the Four Winds. Players of both factions will have exactly the same quests to do. Very early in the zone, you are given 5 quest lines to follow.

In one of the quest lines, you will accompany Chen Stormstout through the valley and help him make his ultimate brew, something that will require you to help many farmers in exchange for ingredients and tools.

In the other four quest lines, you will help Clever Ashyo, Kang Bramblestaff, Ken-Ken, and Lin Tinderpaw to find Master Bruised Paw, the hidden master. Clever Ashyo and Lin Tinderpaw's quest lines take place in Valley of the Four Winds while Kang Bramblestaff and Ken-Ken's quest lines represent the main quest lines of Krasarang Wilds.

There are a few side quests given at the Nesingwary Safari, in the south-western part of the valley. Some quests in New Cifera and Silken Fields are also optional. Finally, Halfhill will serve as the cooking center in Pandaria and we will cover this aspect in more detail in a cooking preview.

Chen Stormstout

[*]Taking a Crop and Rampaging Rodents

[*]Practically Perfect Produce

[*]The Fabulous Miss Fanny

[*]The Meat They'll Eat and Back to the Sty

[*]A Neighbor's Duty

[*]Piercing Talons and Slavering Jaws and Lupello

[*]A Lesson in Bravery

[*]Great Minds Drink Alike

[*]Leaders Among Breeders and Yellow and Red Make Orange

[*]The Warren-Mother, Crouching Carrot, Hidden Turnip, and Thieves to the Core


[*]Muddy Water and Li Li's Day Off

  • while doing the latter quest, you can choose to do the optional quest lines in Silken Fields and New Cifera
[*]Broken Dreams

[*]Chen's Resolution

[*]Complete these three quest lines:

[*]The Emperor

[*]Knocking on the Door

[*]Clear the Way, The Fanciest Water, and Barrels, Man

[*]Cleaning House

At the end of Chen's quest line, you obtain two new quests: Into the Brewery, which is a dungeon quest, and Stoneplow Thirsts, which we advise to complete only after completing the main storylines in Krasarang Wilds and the New Cifera quests (otherwise, only the first part of the Stoneplow quests can be done).

New Cifera and Clever Ashyo

Stoneplow and Hidden Master

Optional: Nesingwary Safari

Optional: Silken Fields


The Valley of the Four Winds will be the stage of the level 90 cooking daily quests. In addition, many cooking quests are given in Halfill for learning the various cooking specialties of Mists of Pandaria.

The Tillers, who are a faction of farmers, will offer daily quests.

We will explain cooking and the level 90 daily quests in more detail in subsequent articles.

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Brilliant stuff as always!

Although I haven't spent much time involved in the beta I did pop my head into this zone to check out the cooking quests etc (which had me very baffled, thank god for your soon to be cooking guides :P). I love green zones, sunshine, green grass etc, so really looking forward to getting stuck into this place.

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Thanks for the comment! I also have Krasarang Wilds ready but we'll release it tomorrow.

I was also baffled by the amount of cooking quests in Halfhill. Luckily for you, it's my job to make it clearer to everyone else Posted Image

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Really cool, I particularly love the Mantid Colossus. My only fear is that the phasing will once again be annoying for mining/herbalism and grouping up.

The Stormstout Brewery also looks amazing. Can't wait to get into this zone.(well, I can wait until the beta is over)

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