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Cascade Targets

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So for many encounters, Cascade is a useful talent to take, but what I wanted to ask was who you should be using as a target for the spell.
I was just thinking that if you needed the healing to go out quickly, is there any point in targeting anyone but yourself, given that it will split immediately to go for the rest of the raid?
I'm curious to find if anyonne has a reason to use it with any other target.
- Whoppit

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I play a raid healing Holy priest.

I was a major user of cascade for ages it all depends on situation I have found now more in heroic content I have switched to Halo because it is better to deal with the predictable raid wide damage.

I did however use cascade mainly on tanks for the most healing effect out of it (standing back with range dps), If you are single target or use renew a lot then cascade is still the way to go because it refreshes your renews on players (if you are holy) and that is handy id say stick to using it on tanks or player at max range but again that is personal preference.

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Realistically is best to use it on a far away(~25m) target or yourself if everyone else is far away from since its healing is based on distance. I prefer divine star but swap to either cascade or halo depending on the fight.

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I use Cascade frequently in 25m LFR's. It does a great job putting moderate heals on the group when a big AOE is being cast and drops almost the entire groups health down in one shot. At the beginning of the raid I will "set focus" on one of the tanks and keep my distance from him to get the most out of it.


Other than that it is up to you to keep the group healed, managing your spells however you see fit. There's a ton of suggestions out there but I find doing what works for me works best.

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I find it easier to throw it on the tank or a melee DPS, because that healer twitch reflex. I have bounced it off myself, but it takes longer due to my personal setup. Cascade doesn't sit on my bars.

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As with all things it's a tradeoff.


Self: less healing on yourself, roughly the same healing on the rest of the raid and the rest of the raid gets healed FASTER.


Others: You will get healed roughtly the same as everyone else, but the raid gets the heal somewhat slower.


I'd recommend selfing it on 25m if the raid is starting to get uncomfortably low health and tossing it at someone else in all other situations.


That being said, I use divine star.

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