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Comfortable spirit for Holy Pally?

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I am struggling to find a comfortable number for spirit on my Hpally.  Are there any suggestions or guidelines from the community?


I understand that I should stack spirit until I feel comfortable with my mana, but thats exactly where I am struggling... some fights I get mana sucked and some I have mana to spare. 


Is there some sort of cookie cutter number I should be shooting for??


If you wanna look me up on World of Warcraft:

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Some fights are more "mana-demanding" than others, you just have to stack enough spirit for them.

If you can do Meagera, e.g., without finding yourself with no mana for the last rampage, so you have enough spirit.

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I find 10k Spirit to be amazingly efficient for me. Other Paladins are able to do it with 9k or even 8k, just got to find your tempo... Oddly I find the most mana intensive fight to be Primordius when everyone does it the kite method rather than Megara Red Green method... mainly because during a rampage I can drink a pot of Focus or just BS heal while the other healer rolls their heavy CD

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just curious but why crit?


Personally I think about 10k or higher spirit is about ideal if you are good with mana management but more is better in my opinion because there maybe an "oh crap" moment where you need to spam flash of light or holy radiance spam back to bac.  


I personally think mastery => intellect > Spirit > Haste > crit as holy pally mastery just creates an absorb/bubbleI for a percentage of your mastery which i think you know ( 18% according to your mastery) which is powerful for reducing/mitigating raid damage. 

Haste is much more appealing this patch because I believe holy paladins get sanctity of battle to affect holy shock now lowering its cooldown according to haste which is always on cooldown and a main holy power generator. 

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