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Warlock help

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The meta gem is CRAP for destro and plays right into affliction spec. Demo is another viable choice, especially with UVoLS. Either way tho its aff or demo with that ilvl and meta gem

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Sorry to hijack this thread. I'm a 5 week old warlock and just started collecting my Secrets of the empire which means i haven't got my meta. Is it true that i should stay destruction all the way till i get meta? Will hard gemming / forging to 9778 haste allows affliction to be better than destruction?

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The simple answer is no. Affliction needs quite high haste levels as well as the meta to perform well.


However you should play the spec you want to play if you're not on the cutting edge of raiding or don't need the extra 1-2% of a bosses health to get a kill.

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IMO get the LFR uvols trinket and start playing demo. It's a fun play style and currently the best on almost every fight. Without uvols I would stick to destro. I recently rerolled to lock myself mid to late tot so my experience with it is current and while the meta does make affliction viable demo has a amazing toolkit and very high dps even at 520ish ilvl.

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Most of these suggestions are going to last 7 more days.  As for the Meta gem, since that is staying consistent, it affects Demonology and Affliction much more than Destruction.  Destruction is good at lower item levels and Aff and Demo take off later.  Things are changing though...stay tuned for 5.4.

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Ahh.. ok cool ... but since I got no meta.. it's always better for me to stick to destruction then.. right? :D

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