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Siege of Orgrimmar Brewmaster Monk Style

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This thread is meant to collect useful pieces of information for Brewmaster Monks attempting bosses in the Siege of Orgrimmar. We will add some contributions ourselves and hope that the rest will come from comments in this thread smile.png

Table of Contents




The Fallen Protectors






Sha of Pride






Iron Juggernaut



Kor'kron Dark Shaman



General Nazgrim






Spoils of Pandaria



Thok the Bloodthirsty



Siegecrafter Blackfuse



Paragons of the Klaxxi



Garrosh Hellscream



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Immerseus -


Tiger's Lust : To get out of Swirl faster.

Chi Burst - Stacking Healing and Dps'ing the adds down.

Dampen Harm - Best use on this teir for this fight.

Xuen or Torpedo - Xuen has some great damage on the boss.  Torpedo is only to heal the adds but they have so little health it wasn't an issue.  I chose Xuen.


Transcedence out of the Swirl.

Glyph Guard if Corrosive Blast is beating on you too hard.

Make sure to get your pools as close together as possible so there is plenty of room to move around without getting hit by them.


Protectors -


Chi Burst - When your stacked healing and dps'ing the adds down.

Dampen Harm - Best use on this teir for this fight.

Xuen or RJW - Xuen has some great damage on the boss, however RJW reigns supreme during stacking.  Depends really on who you are tanking (Rook or He).


Glyph Guard for the Instant Poison when tanking He.

Use Nimble Brew to get out of Rook's Stun.




Chi Wave- Best healing choice in this teir especially if you get unlucky or derp during your trial.

Dampen Harm - Best use on this teir for this fight. Use during Unleashed Anger (3-5 stacks)

Xuen - Xuen has some great damage on the boss especially with the vengeance you'll be getting off of Unleashed Anger.


Use Fortuitous Spheres can save you during Unleashed Anger stacks if you dip low. 

Zen Med one of the higher stacked Unleashed Anger swipes for some killer vengeance.

Make sure you (backwards) roll out of Burst of Corruption and then back in and you interrupt the Hurl Corruption.  Simply step through the add when he does his smash and keep Elusive Brew up for the Piercing Corruption.  Guard obviously wont work on this ability, so save it for something else.


Sha of Pride -


Chi Burst - Great for AOE Healing and burst damage especially on adds.

Dampen Harm - Pop when tanking the boss.

Leg Sweep - If you have a DK in your group, Gorefiend Grasp them and then use leg sweep.  Usually the adds where dead before the stun came off.

Rushing Jade Wind - Does a great job of AOE damage on the adds and boss.


Clash works well for an aoe stun on a couple of them. 

Make sure you are taunting the very instant the other tank get the debuff to minimize pride on the tanks.

The person tanking the boss should always get the prison lock closest to the boss.  Have your off tank get the furthest away lock, as the adds should be dead or haven't spawned yet.

We didn't bother tanking the Manifestatons of Pride, just have ranged nuke them/stun them. 


Will sum up the second wing in a few.  This is my first time doing this, so feedback is most helpful.  I like reading what others do as a Brewmaster to make these fights easier so hopefully this helps.

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Galakras -


Chi Burst - Great for dps and hps on this fight with the adds.

Dampen Harm - Best use on this teir for this fight although I did try Diffuse Magin on a few attempts when tanking the boss after it lands... seemed okay when you had high enough stacks on the debuff to save your healers.  Harm seemed much better.

Rushing Jade Wind - Once again, killer dps on the adds.

Ring of Peace - Reigns supreme on this fight imo.  Silence the healers, and Disarm the Bonecrushers.  Disarm and grapple works on the mini bosses as well.


Make sure you use clash on the Bonecrushers as they will nuke whatever NPC they are on.  Death Grips, Gorefiends Grasp, Stuns, etc should be used on these dudes when they are out and after a NPC.

Use the dps legendary cloak for this as one killing blow isn't really a lifesaver when you are tanking this many adds.

Transcendence works to get up the tower again if you fall off. 


Iron Juggernaut -


Chi Wave - Not enough stacking to prove Burst was useful.

Diffuse Magic - Use on Flame Vents when tanking the boss.  Could glyph guard for other flame vents.

Tiger's Lust - Help others get out of the way of cutter laser.

Xuen - Best choice out of this tier.  No adds to deal with.


Make sure you put your back to a fence or wall or hill to prevent getting knocked back a long ways during Shock Pulse.


Dark Shamans -


Tiger's Lust - This entire fight is movement and getting out of or away from stuff.

Dampen Harm / Diffuse Magic - Personal Preference, I went with dampen harm.

No real standouts to make a great case for either spells.

Xuen - Great dps for this fight on the mobs.


Grapple Weapon works on both bosses.  I haven't tried ring of peace to see if the disarm mechanic works.

No point to tanking the slimes just toss a Dizzying Haze on them and let range mop them up.


Nazgrim -


Dampen Harm - Nazgrim hits hard so save for Sundering Blow.

Tiger's Lust -  I found to grab adds that may escape (Not really an issue with RJW)

Rushing Jade Wind - Great for AOE pickup and dps.

Ring of Peace - Disarm and Silence is key for the adds as you dont want them getting off heals.


Use Grapple weapon on adds for more control and the extra 5%.

Keep up Elusive Brew for Sundering Blow as you can avoid this mechanic.


Our guild has only progressed through spoils (due to attendance issues this last week) so I only have Malkorok and Spoils to contribute to.


Malkorok -


Chi Burst - when you stack for AOE healing.

Tiger's Lust - Getting someone out of the Arcing Smash or into an Imploding Energy is helpful.

Xuen - All the way... youll get a ton of vengeance fast, so pop him and watch him obliterate.

Use Dampen Harm for this fight to mitigate as much as you can.


We were taunting at 12 stacks of Fatal Strike which seemed to be the magic number for swapping.  Use Elusive Brew for this as you can avoid it.

Expel harm as much as you can if your Miasma is getting low or if your heals are having trouble.


If you aren't tanking him during the second phase then pop an Avert Harm during his Blood Rage.  Avert Harm/Zen Med combo for this phase helps on the dmg going out as well.


Spoils of Pandaria -


Pretty fun fight imo.


Tiger's Lust - Moving quickly to pick up adds or getting someone out of something.

Rushing Jade Wind -  A must.... no real thought to picking anything up just pop it on and Dizzying Haze and you'll have aggro.  Dps is great too.

Leg sweep is nice for aoe stunning the adds.

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Thanks for the tips! I noticed that you edited your last thread, but it's best if you simply post another reply (easier for me to keep track of what is new tongue.png)

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Mezfu, nice notes, though I have a few things that I recommend doing differently:




- Use leg sweep instead of the disarming one, stunning is better then disarming especially on the bonecrushers.


Iron Juggernaut:

- You can also use Dampen Harm for the three fire stacks, then you'll have one for each stack if correctly timed. Then you will have more damage reduction compared to diffuse magic. You can also do a Zen Meditation right before a stack.

- You can use teleport to get quick to the boss/mines.

- Dampen Harm can also be used to take mines, depending on how your healers coop with your stacks.


Spoils of Pandaria:

- You can use teleport to quickly go up, if the other side needs help and you still got plenty of time left on your own side (might be trivial in the first kill).

- Healing Elixers might be usefull when your healer is placing bombs and you still need high healing. You also use Chi Wave for this on this fight.



Siege crafter Blackfuse:

- Use either Dampen Harm or Zen Meditation for the 3rd/4th stack you take from the boss.

- Use the teleport to quickly get the Shredder or to teleport back to the boss without walking to the fire when the Shredder is dead.

- Use either Xuen for the Shredder or Rushing Jade Wind for the Crawler mines (since they are close to the spawnpoint of the Shredder).

- Use Chi Wave to heal yourself when you are tanking the boss/Shredder.

- Use Charging Ox Wave or Leg sweep to stun the crawler mines when they spawn or when they get too close to melee.

(Optional: use Glyph of Guard when you are taking too much damage from the stacks that you get from the boss. !!You will most likely get more damage from the Shredder though!!


Paragon of the Klaxxi:

- Use leg sweep to stun the healing blobs.

- Use Xuen on the amber so it will go down before it heals.

- Use Zen Meditation (if possible) to prevent someone from dieing when noone lines up for Aim.

- Use your Elusive Brew right before Rik'kal the Dissector finishes his cast of 'Injection'. This causes no parasites to spawn and is trivial to a good, clean kill.

- Use Avert Harm when the other tank/raidmembers are taking high damage, while you are taking low damage.

- Use Fortifying Brew/Dampen Harm when you are about to take high spike damage (Korven the prime).

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Immerseus -


Tiger's Lust : To get out of Swirl faster.

Chi Burst - Stacking Healing and Dps'ing the adds down.

Dampen Harm - Best use on this teir for this fight.

Xuen or Torpedo - Xuen has some great damage on the boss.  Torpedo is only to heal the adds but they have so little health it wasn't an issue.  I chose Xuen.


Transcedence out of the Swirl.

Glyph Guard if Corrosive Blast is beating on you too hard.

Make sure to get your pools as close together as possible so there is plenty of room to move around without getting hit by them.


I would have to disagree with Dampen Harm, Diffuse magic much better. Pop diffuse magic right before wow_icon_ability_warlock_shadowflame.jpg Corrosive Blast  and take close to no damage. (a tenth)


I used it more as emergency if i already had a stack, otherwise timing power guard


Also want to add that you can place some healing spheres where healing add lands to slow it/heal it to full (depending on vengeance), i do this more as the fight goes on due to less and less dps adds.


Use disable to slow an add or stun it

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Hey there guys. It's been some while since I've posted some new tips, so here I go, starting with Garrosh normal and then moving to a few Heroic bosses.



- Take the Ring of Peace talent, since it will disarm the adds in the first fase for quiet a long time (8 sec), furthermore it silences (and disarms) the people who are mind controlled in the first fase. You can also choose leg sweep to stun adds and stun mind controlled, however when you stun the adds you will get a crap load of damage when they get out of stun (they will all deal damage at the same time!)

- Another talent I advise to take is Xuen. Even though Rushing Jade Wind gives a higher dps output, Xuen gives better 'efficient' dps since in fase 2 and 3 Xuen is better and in fase 1 you won't really need Rushing jade Wind for the dps, since dps on Garrosh is more important then on the adds (because of the Iron Star).

- I also take Diffuse Magic as talent, but I will come to the explanation of this talent later.


Some tips for Garrosh:

- As main tank in fase 1: let one tank take the adds from one of the doors, while you take them from the other door. As of tank: do not use keg smash or dizzlying hase (whatever it's called xD) when picking up adds, this will cause that the adds move very slowly to the boss.

- In fase 2, you taunt the boss @ every (Empowered) Whirling Corruption. How to do this: use Diffuse Magic on the first one, use Zen meditation on the 2nd one and Diffuse magic on the third one again. Because of the intermissions, you will be able to do this EVERY time, which means you can just move the boss a bit away to put less damage on the raid and once it's over roll quickly back in range of the healers.

- In fase 3, start of with tanking the boss. Once the first Empowered Whirling Corruption starts, let the other tank take over (or earlier depending on your healers output), when the other tank takes over, kite the adds using Dizzlying Hase (still don't know how to write it xD)

- One final note about Garrosh: after every intermission fase, you're statue will disappear, don't forget to replace it!

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Heroic tips (I am leaving the normal tips, just saying what you should do different on Heroic)


Immerseus HC:

- For this fight you should definitly take Diffuse magic. Diffuse magic will clear any stacks you have and furthermore it will reduce the damage you take from the Corrosive Blast drasticly. Try timing Guard on the Corrosive Blast as well, since it will deal quiet a lot of damage (which you can't stagger since it's magic)

- Use Rushing Jade Wind for a higher dps output and an easy add pickup talent.

- Use Tiger Lust so you can quickly move when it's needed (you can also roll, but it's possible that you will roll in unwanted stuff wink.png )

- Use the Leg Sweep talent to stun the adds on your assigned marker (or when you need to soak the pool, to stun the adds close to the pool).

- As I am writing this I came up with another tip which might be helpfull: use the teleport ability to avoid swirl.


Norushen HC:

- For this fight just check the tips which are given on Normal, Norushen HC is not very different for the tanking mechanics (tip wise at least). One thing to note is that you might want to use Leg sweep to stun the small/big adds.


Sha of Pride HC:

- Stand close to the prison for when Imprison happens, be sur eto have your teleport on it for when you are not close just yet.

- Use Xuen for a higher dps output on Sha, the adds will go down anyway.

- For this fight you can choose either healing Elixer (will give you self heal when healers are not in range), Dampen Harm (for the swelling pride), Diffuse Magic (for the swelling pride, bit better then Dampen Harm). It doesn't really matter which one you take, just take the one you think suits best for your raid.

- When picking up the adds, remain in the dps group if possible, this will ensure that the adds take more damage from rotational aoe damage from dps'ers.

- When going to soak pools, use Tiger Lust to quickly get to it and use roll to quickly get back.

- !!! One final (quiet important) overall tank note: when tanking the boss when you have 50-74 pride and swelling pride is about to happen, be sure to stand very close (read: in) the boss. You will need to stand in your marked purple zone which will spawn somewhat away from you. When you are just tanking the boss like you normally would do, then the purple zone will be out of range of Sha which will cause either one of two things to happen: the raid will get very high damage and pride OR you will get Reaching attacks, which deal quiet high damage on you and give you a lot of pride very fast. !!!


Galakras HC:

- Use the Glyph of Guard. This will cause your shield to have more absorb for the 2nd fase, which will be quiet trivial! For the people who might think it's a loss for the first fase: it's not! You will get more self healing and on top of that there is a lot of unavoidable magic damage, which your shield will be absorbing.

- Use Diffuse Magic for the last fase, since it will give your healers a bit of time to heal other up while you take less damage.

- Use either Leg Sweep or Charging Ox wave (I prefer Leg Sweep on Heroic since you get a longer stun). How to apply Leg Sweep: when you see a Bonecrusher suddenly facing away, he will be charging in 1 second. Use Leg Sweep when he is facing away, you won't get Fracture and the Bonecrusher will still be in the fire zone.

- When tanking the adds in the first fase: take Rushing Jade Wind to quickly get the adds, do high damage while still maintaining your rotation. You might also want to use Glyph of Breath of Fire to interrupt the Shamans cast with a dissorientate (when your Spear Strike is on cooldown).

- When taking the towers in the first fase: take Xuen for higher single dps output on the tower adds and on Galakras. Use a cooldown when starting to tank the tower add, you won't use any other cooldowns any time soon, and it might save your life. Use the teleport ability to quickly get to the door on first tower. Use Tiger Lust to quickly walk up in the tower, while doing a few Spinning Crane Kicks. Take Glyph of Spinning Crane kick to maintain movement speed. You can use the single target disarm ability on the tower minibosses as well: this will cause you to take less damage and them to cause less damage (double less damage will cause that you don't really need a cooldown on the 2nd tower which will cause availability of your cooldowns on Galakras fase)


More will be coming when I have time, I hope this will help some of you. If you have any questions feel free to ask them. You can also watch me streaming our HC progress on my monk tank @ 20:00-23:00 server time on wed, thurs, mon. You can find my broadcast @ (here you can ask me questions while I am tanking)

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No problem at all wink.png


For Fallen Protectors HC:

- Use Avert Harm during the Sun Tenderheart fase. This will cause you to gain some more vengeance and it will cause less damage on the raid. Also pop your fortifying brew during this fase, since the fase gives quiet a lot damage.

- Talentwise: either choose Xuen or RJW, depending on which suits you best (I prefer Xuen myself). I use the healing elixers as talent and not dampen harm or diffuse magic, since there is not real need to use either one of them. When you are tanking Rook Stonetoe, Dampen Harm may be a good use though.

- It is really important to use Keg Smash on cooldown, since it gives a lot of cleave damage. If you have the legendary cloak, I recommend you using the dps one, since the tanking one isn't really necessary and it gives some extra dps.

- When tanking He Softfoot:

* Try to tank him where he is at the start, this will cause not too many poisons to be in the purple zone while having the Sun Tenderheart transistion --> don't move He on stacking marks either, since poisons will be on it then too.

* When (or if) you fail on turning your back to He Softfoot, shout it out quickly to the other tank, so he can taunt it.

- When tanking Rook Stonetoe:

* Do not place the cone attack on top of the raid, let him be faced away. Also try to position Rook in that way, that Rook is in cleave range. ( A good way of doing this in the start is letting the other tank take him first, together with He and Sun and then you taunt Rook of the other tank).

* In the Sun Tenderheart transition, try to stay max range of the group, while still being in healing range. This will cause that the corruption kick won't get in the group =)


PS: you cannot stun or disarm the adds, nor the boss so it's no point trying. I don't know if Ring of Peace interrupts the Gloom, since I haven't been tanking Gloom, but if your raid struggles with interrupts, you might use it as backup (IF it works of course)

Edited by Chigo

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PS: you cannot stun or disarm the adds, nor the boss so it's no point trying. I don't know if Ring of Peace interrupts the Gloom, since I haven't been tanking Gloom, but if your raid struggles with interrupts, you might use it as backup (IF it works of course)


It doesn't, I've tried

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It doesn't, I've tried

Ah ok, jeah haven't tried it out myself like I said, but thanks for noticing =)!

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