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mop Townlong Steppes: Storyline, Screenshots, Quests, and More

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Spoiler disclaimer: this article contains many spoilers.

The Townlong Steppes is a level 89-90 zone located on the northwestern part of Pandaria. It is bordered in the east by Kun-Lai Summit and in the south by the Dread Wastes. Northwest of the Townlong Steppes, the map of Pandaria shows an island, which is not currently visible from the Townlong Steppes, but not accessible. It is widely believed that this island will be the subject of one of the content patches of the expansion.

The Townlong steppes can be divided in two parts. In the northeastern area, you will find Yaungol settlements. The rest of the area resembles the Dread Wastes and there are many gigantic trees, from which the Mantid extract the amber that they need to live.

Niuzao, the Black Yak, is one of the four August Celestials and he resides in the Townlong Steppes.


The Towlong Steppes are home to the Yaungol tribes who have been driven mad by the Sha's manifestation. In their madness, they crossed the Ox Gate to invade Kun-Lai Summit. The Shado-Pan response to this invasion was to regain control of the gate and take the fight to Fire Camp Osul, a Yaungol settlement near the gate.

The first part of the storyline focuses on the struggle of the Shado-Pan against the Yaungol. After helping the order deal with the Yaungol threat, you will be dispatched to the southern frontier of the area where the Shado-Pan is battling against the Mantid armies. The fight against the Mantid represents the second part of the storyline.

There are additional quests at the Shado-Pan Garrison and in Sumprushes.

Posted Image


As we were progressing through the zone, we took a number of screenshots.

Longying Outpost and Hatred's Vice

Gao-Ran Battlefront and Dusklight Hollow

Rensai's Watch Post

Optional: Sumprushes

Optional: Shado-Pan Garrison and Niuzao Temple

In addition, you can take My Father's Crossbow after the bridge that links the Shado-Pan Garrison and the Niuzao Temple. The follow-up quest is Father's Footsteps. Also, Bad Yak will be given to you at the temple and Pick a Yak, its follow-up quest, is to be taken west of the temple.

Finally, it is possible for an additional quest to be offered to you at the Shado-Pan Garrison, requiring you to defeat an opponent in the Challenger's Ring. This has to do with the Shado-Pan daily quests, which you will unlock after finish the above quest line.


The Townlong Steppes features a 5-man dungeon at the Niuzao Temple: Siege of Niuzao Temple. Another reason to go back to the Townlong Steppes is for the two daily quest hubs at the Shado-Pan Garrison and in the Niuzao Temple.

Note that daily quests will not be available every day at the Niuzao Temple. Indeed, each day you will be able to help out a specific August Celestial at a specific place: Niuzao at his temple, Yu'lon at the Temple of the Jade Serpent, and Xuen at the Temple of the White Tiger. It seems that the Red Crane daily quests, in the Krasarang Wilds, are always available.

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