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Reasonable Arms DPS?

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Hello everyone, just a little background first.


I joined in late Cata and throughout most of that expansion and early mop I had no idea what I was doing and pretty much sucked/never made any real progress. This patch, though (5.4) I've started raiding relatively casually for progression purposes, not really competitively. I'm 13/14 in SoO at the moment (have killed all but thok).


So, I'm not sure if I'm doing the DPS I should be doing at my ilvl. Here's a link to my armory (I have the 2-set and also the norushen trinket to replace the thok one on multi-target fights.)


On single target fights (like iron jug and malkorok), I manage to pull somewhere between 200k and 220k DPS on 10M normal. I've heard that arms is one of the worst dps specs right now but it still just doesn't feel right when I have a similarly geared hunter and boomkin in my raid group beating me by ~20-30k on single target fights every time. My question is, is my DPS as high as its going to get for my item level or do I have room to improve/should I respec for fury?



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If you can post some logs from your raid, we can analyze your playstyle and see what could be done to improve. Without that, it's hard to say.

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I wouldn't say the DPS is bad, per say. And being beaten by some classes by that small of a margin isn't somethig to be ashamed for really. I find it interesting though that you've managed to clear all but Thok. It shouldn't be too hard if you've managed the rest.

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~200k seems a bit on the low side for your ilvlbut it may be because at the point you're at, fury would definitely give better results.


You probably have room to improve (everybody has smile.png ) but I would assume that mainly it's because Arms on single target is weaker than fury atm, especially past 530 ilvl.

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    • By KinderHell
      I've just finished normal with my main 890ilvl (54 points) prot tank and also with my 876ilvl (36 points) druid tank.
      My conclusion is the following:
      The protection warrior is taking way to high damage from almost all abilities except auto-attacks which are low anyway.
      Shield block doesn't work against any of the abilities in nighthold and doesn't help with any magical skills.
      Basically our block even with 2 set items, having aprox 65% crit block chance is useless in Nighthold.
      The fact that our main reduction ability except our 8k-ish armor is useless for all Nighthold bosses. Demo, LS, SW, SR are ok for stack abilities or strong abilities but they couldn't be frequent enough. The damage taken spikes are crazy...just crazy and I've kept IP 40-60% of the damage and decent 90% + bracket dps.
      Paladin tank and warrior tank used to be very similar in damage taken ( normal damage taken ), now paladin is taking 100 millions and warrior is taking 200-400 million on same boss. This is because their damage is percent damage reduction and that works for magical also, but our shield block is irrelevant. Also paladins block spells now.
      In regard to my 876ilvl druid, I've done Guldan solo tanking without any stress. I've done rest of bosses without a problem, only keeping 1-2 stack of ironfur up and using rest of my rage for the 30% reduction every 10 sec, and I won't even start with the amount of cds druids have. These runs showed me how warrior is 0 compared to paladin,druid and DK. 
      I would place warrior on last place under DK, as Shield Block is an irreleant ability in this raid. You can check logs and compare raids from EN and Nighthold. It seems that to be so-so with a warrior tank you would have to maximize versatility and ignore every other stat :|, maybe then you will start reducing some damage from this raid.
      I believe that even the first version of warrior tank from start of EN couldn't handle Nighthold as good as paladin,druid can now. They were just op at low level for being able to handle high mythic dungeons at low gear for stacking IP 2 million absorb, but they scaled bad compared to others and that IP would drop in 2 hits on Mythic EN content, making it so-so anywany.
      Post below if any ideas pop to mind related to the above problem. Thanks ! 
    • By Thorag
      I am hoping someone can share their opinion on a very specific question I have about the Arms warrior rotation (FR build). It's all about the following situation which i encounter very often: Colossus Smash has been applied to the target, i have 1 or 2 stacks of Focused Rage, and Mortal Strike and Focused Rage are both coming off cooldown at the same moment. My dilemma here is whether i should cast FR just before MS so that MS hits harder, or if i should cast FR just after MS so that MS has a higher chance of resetting due to the extra 15 Rage i spent after it. 
      What i have decided to do for now depends on whether Shattered Defenses is up. When it is up, i use FR before MS so MS hits extra hard. When Shattered Defenses is not up, i use FR after MS. I should add that i have both the gloves and ring legendaries (lucky me), so Rage shortage is almost never an issue for me. 
      I hope i didn't confuse anyone, feel free to ask for clarification. Thank you
    • By Damien
      This thread is for comments about our Control Warrior Gadgetzan Standard deck.
    • By Canisar
      Hi everyone
      I heard a rumor regarding patch 7.2.0 and "ignore pain". According to the rumor, Blizzard will nerf it. Is there any hold in that?