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Which 2Hander to pick? :-/

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G'day my fellow Paladins! Posted Image

I have wandered around in Stormwind the last few days with a little, but nontheless - important question in my head.

Which weapon is infact best for a Retribution Paladin?

I am aware that 99% of the times (with exceptions ofc) that higher ilvl is prefered, but my little mind have been trying to come up a reasonable answer, but simply cant.. so I hope you, my fellow paladins, can assist me on this.. little "quest" ;-)

- Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps -


- Experimental Specimen Slicer - ?

I could imagine, if the Gurthalak proc'd constantly.. that would be preferable, but it dont, so.. what do you think.

Best wishes

Rofus of Turalyon

PS: I am aware of Ataraxis, Cudgel of the Warmaster but the stats only is not that preferable as the Slicer.. IMO.

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And hehe I know that there ofc are a HC version, but.. I hope you all know what I am after ;-)

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Gurthalak is your winner and by a pretty decent margin. I actually think Normal Gurth is better than Heroic E.S.S.

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Experimental Specimen Slicer should definitely be your weapon of choice.

If you look, Gurthalak is going to usually proc to do about 0-3% (as a ret Pally) of your main damage, which is by far not enough to compensate the stat loss that you happens when you equip it.

// While it does about 6-10% damage on my Warrior

When you look at that difference, you see that the weapon procs much less when being used by a Paladin

Why is Gurthalak not BiS for Paladins, but for many other meeles?

- Simply because Gurthalak procced of Censure (Mastery!), which was far too overpowered, so Blizzard removed it, and after Censure was removed, the Proc chance decreased significantly to a level where it does not not Proc as often as it does with e.G a warrior.

- Imagine that you are a hybrid caster-meele, and like as a DK, your damage partially/mainly comes from Spells, now if a spell doesn't proc it, then you are going to have less chance to have a tentacle.

- Retribution Paladins scale worst with the weapon Proc. Warriors most important stat after Strength is Crit, and the DK's stats are Haste>Mastery, and the Paladins is Mastery>Crit. Paladins try to mainly focus on Mastery, and Mastery has absolutely no effect on the tentacle Proc, whereas the Crit/Haste/Mastery that the DK/Warrior naturally have m o r e off is going to influence it a bit more.



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Jaenny , on all the charts that I've seen from our warrior is that the Proc seem to be scoring around 7-10% of the warrior's damage.

infact the 390 Gurth is better than 397 ESS , so the 403 Gurth is better than 410 ESS

always go with Gurth , unless you have a 390 compare to 410 ESS which the ESS410 in that case is better.

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I am linking the top 4 Retribution Paladin logs in WorldofLogs for Ultraxion (2 for 10 man heroic and 2 for 25 man heroic), as well as 2 for Madness of Deathwing (25 man heroic). As you can see, all of these players are using inv_sword_2h_deathwingraiddw_d_01.jpgGurthalak, Voice of the Deeps, even though it can be assumed that they have access to every other item in the game.

Even if we disregard the fact that these players are part of the top of the raiding community and also part of very good guilds, we cannot dispute the fact that their results outrank those of any Paladins using any other weapon.

I think this is more than enough evidence to prove that Gurthalak is the best weapon.

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You have a Point there, and the weapon is good enough IF it proccs often, (which it doesnt,) in the end you have to make the choice

and i suppose we have given you enough feedback to make an opinion

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