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WoW Video of the Week - WoD Alpha Patch Notes

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In our first WoW Video of the Week, we present you with a discussion of the Warlords of Draenor alpha patch notes by the talented brothers Alex and Loz from FatbossTV.

Since we are going to cover these patch notes extensively in the next few weeks, we figured that it would be great for you to familiarize yourself with all the changes coming with Warlords of Draenor. And what would be better for this than an educational and entertaining video?!

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      By Zadina
      In this article, we have a video of Travis Fimmel introducing his character Lothar, Rob Kazinsky giving us a tour of the Alliance war room, the entire trailer of the film recreated in World of Warcraft and a recap of Jones and Kazinsky’s Twitter Q&A!
      It looks like we will have a new video about Warcraft to review every day from now on (well, we kinda did that already). USA Today has a week full of exclusive videos introducing the characters of Warcraft and Anduin Lothar (played by Travis Fimmel) is the first. The video has some new scenes and it looks like Calann is indeed Lothar’s son! We also get to see some of the training Fimmel overtook to meet the challenges of his role. You can view the video here.
      Even though he portrays a Horde character, Rob Kazinsky gave us a tour of the Alliance war room with all its weapon and armor props.
      Placeholder for tweet 734740668829032448 Rob and director Duncan Jones also had a short Twitter Q&A. The beginning of it was broadcast on Periscope and afterwards Kazinsky and Jones posted their answers on several questions as tweets on their individual Twitter accounts. Here are some of the answers they gave:
      Duncan Jones has a plan for three movies but this will obviously depend on how popular the first movie is. Talking about why Dalaran is floating, Duncan explained hey changed the story, because they needed to fit a lot of material in a single movie. They chose the storylines that had greater depth and  could be explained properly in a movie setting. Rob added that Archimonde doesn’t have that deep of a storyline, so he may not appear in the movie There are no Trolls or Taurens in the movie, but there are several Draenei. Both Duncan and Rob asked Blizzard if they had plans for Warcraft 4, but Blizzard said no. Duncan Jones is considering Toby Kebbell, who played Durotan, to also portray Thrall in a possible sequel. You will definitely recognise places from the game in the movie. Rob’s favourite Easter egg is Murlocs, his favourite legendary weapon is Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Wind-Seeker and his favourite raid boss is Yogg-Saron. There will be extended scenes in the Blu Ray release of the film. Duncan also hopes that if the film goes well, he will be able to do an extended version of the whole film (like in the Lord of the Rings). Lastly, you may remember that Ivan Kuzkin made two videos with scenes from the movie recreated in the World of Warcraft enginge. Ivan also posted how he made these two videos. Now, another fan, OrlinChris, remade the whole movie trailer as a WoW machinima.
    • How to Make Gold in World of Warcraft: An Introduction
      By Peelyon
      Over the upcoming weeks and months I will be highlighting a number of ways to make gold in World of Warcraft. There are a great number of guides and resources available on the web but I would like to share my experiences and knowledge with you guys here on Icy Veins.
      Here is a list of published articles so far:
      Gold Making: A Beginner's Guide To Transmog
      Gold Making: Transmog Farming - The Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
      Gold Making: The Vial of the Sands
      Gold Making: Inks and the Ink Trader
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      Gold Making: The Black Market Auction House
      Gold Making: Super-Squirt Weekend
      Other guides that are linked to gold making:
      Pet Battles: Garrison Pet Menagerie Dailies
      A little about me

      I have been playing World of Warcraft since launch in the US and, give or take a few breaks here and there, I have played in each expansion. I have always enjoyed making gold to varying degrees of success but have taken my gold making a little more seriously in the past year. I stream regularly on Twitch about making gold and the methods I use and take the opportunity to learn from my viewers as well. Feel free to check out my channel and give me a follow to see when I am next streaming.
      There is a great gold making community out there and again I will be highlighting a few other gold makers and the methods they employ in the upcoming months.
      Just as a little disclaimer... I am by no means the font of all knowledge, however I do try my best to help others as much as I can. So if you have any comments, ideas, or thoughts, then don't hesitate to share!
      Why do I need to make gold?

      Gold making has always been a part of the World of Warcraft. For some it is enjoyable to do so, and for others it is a chore. Some players make gold relatively easily, while others never seem to be able to generate much gold at all. Over the course of my blogs I hope to be able to help gold makers of any level, especially those who struggle.
      With the introduction of the WoW Token, a large number of players wish to pay for their subscription with gold and so this has lead to an increase of players trying to grind each and every month to continue to play.
      Hopefully, with some of the hints and tips that I will provide, making gold should become a little easier and more enjoyable.
      It's all relative!

      Whether you have 10K, 200K, or 10 million gold, every player can learn and improve on their personal gold making. One of the key points I make during my stream is that I love to learn from others and help reach my own personal targets. So don't worry if you have never managed to get more than 20K before, by applying some of the methods you'll be able to push your own targets! It's a great feeling when you hit your goal and just remember, it's not about how much gold others have!

      The most common questions I am asked on my stream are about farming.
      Where do you farm?
      Where is the best place to farm?
      Where can I farm quick / fast gold?
      Realistically, this isn't an easy question to answer. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account that all revolve around the individual. I am a firm believer in ensuring you enjoy the game. Grinding and farming (for rep / quests / gold) can be boring dull and will result in you getting frustrated. Therefore, I advise players to be honest about how much time they have and to use that time as wisely as possible.
      Whether you are farming pure materials (herbs, ore, etc.), farming for transmog gear, or even random drops like battle pets/mounts, time will always be the deciding factor (taking into account "luck", of course).
      I will try and give rough indications how long an instance run takes or give drop chances for certain items to help you manage your time better and hopefully enjoy any farming you do. The greater enjoyment you get out of it, the longer you will be willing to give it a try.
      What you can expect from my posts

      Each post will focus on one particular area or trick that I employ to make gold. Not every post will be achievable for some readers, as they may require a certain profession / character level / or even gear level. I will try and be as clear as possible as to what requirements are needed at the beginning of each post so you can quickly see if it is something you can do or not.
      I will try and provide as many screenshots of my own personal sales as I can to help give you some confidence in the possible results, but please remember that they will vary depending on your own server. I try not to embellish any of my methods, and I will give you realistic values of what you can achieve.
      Wrap up

      So, thanks if you managed to make it this far. I truly hope this will turn out to be a great journey for some of you who are wanting to make more gold in the future.
      Until then: happy hunting!
    • Gold Making: Transmog Farming - The Admiral's Den
      By Peelyon
      Welcome to my transmog farming guide for the Admiral's Den.  This location is one of my favourite farming spots currently, and although it is not among the most profitable areas.
        Location:  The cave in the South East corner of Thousand Needles (Southsea Holdfast on your map)

      Mob Level:  40-44 (Elite)

      Average LIV / hour: 5000-10000g 
      Notable Items / Sets: Saltstone Surcoat, Trickster's Vest, Steadfast Legplates
      How to get there

      The cave entrance is located at (91,82) in Thousand Needles, Kalimdor.  As you can see from the map it is in the south east corner and very close to Tanaris.
      The quickest way (although not available to everyone) is to use Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan.  Note this is a Gnomish engineering item only, but worth reminding you incase you have one sat in the bank collecting dust!
      The Uldum portal (if you have it unlocked) or the Cavern's of Time portal in Dalaran are other options as well!
      The Route
      As the cave is not instanced there is no limitation on how long you can farm for (other than possibly bag space).  One of the main reasons I enjoy this farming spot is the respawn rate.  The route (as shown in the high quality minimap below) is very short and the mobs should have respawned by the time you finish each loop.  

      Note that I only cover half of the cave.  There is no real need to farm the entire cave as all of the mobs are the same and the respawn rate keeps you close to the entrance.
      Den Whompers
      The mobs you will be farming are called Den Whomper.  They drop a fairly wide range of low - medium value transmog.  They are fairly spread out inside the cave so a ranged attack will be useful for the ogre's that are a little far away.  As always bring along a Loot-A-Rang to help speed up looting the mobs from a distance.
      The Saltstone set is the main reason you are here.  The chest has an average value of 15k and all of the set items have some value. The picture below is from August 2015, and with the introduction of the wardrobe in Legion, I expect prices to rise in the upcoming months.

      As well as the Den Whomper's there is a rare (just after you jump down from the ledge on your route) called Strix the Barbed.  The loot table does not offer up anything overly exciting, but you may get lucky and grab a valuable green.

      Wrap Up
      I hope you enjoyed this guide to The Admiral's Den.  It is fairly well known to a number of gold makers but perhaps not so much to the general player, so if it is a new area for you give it a try!  It's a really relaxed farm that I can spend anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours farming (especially with my engineering portal as the travel time is minimal).  There is rarely any competition so keep running that loop and I wish you luck in your drops!
      Over the next few weeks check your auction house for cheap Small Egg and Northern Egg in preparation for my Children's Week seasonal guide!
      The Admiral's Den is a simple, non-instanced transmog farming spot located in Thousand Needles. The mobs there respawn quite quickly and drop a variety of low/medium priced transmog items; most notably the Saltstone set.
    • Warcraft Movie: Technology Featurette, King Llane Preview and More
      By Zadina
      We will mostly discuss some new videos today: a featurette on the technology of the movie, Dominic Cooper presenting his character, King Llane, and yet another interview. And wait… there’s more!
      IGN posted this video, where Duncan Jones and some producers talk about the cutting edge technology used for Warcraft. There are quite a few new bits of footage!
      The Dutch IGN also posted a video interview in English with Travis Fimmel (Anduin Lothar), Paula Patton (Garona Halforcen) and Toby Kebbell (Durotan). You can find the interview here.
      Fans of the Alliance, meet your King! Actor Dominic Cooper talked about his character, King Llane, and yet again there are some new scenes to check out. Here is the video:
      Other than that, if you are interested in movie merchandise, the following Alliance Shield Pendant made its appearance recently. You can find it, along with other Warcraft movie merchandise, in the Weta Workshop.

      Last but not least, AMElolzz, one of the regular contributors on r/wow, posted this spectacular image of Ironforge in all its glory. The best part is that the quality will be vastly better on the big screen.

    • Gold Making: Super Squirt Week-End
      By Peelyon
      Super Squirt will be upon us this coming week-end (28th-29th May). This is a rare event during which you can power level your pets and make a lot of gold. Find out how!
      This week I wanted to highlight a rare occurrence.  This coming weekend (28th-29th May) sees the return of "Super Squirt".   Now this is a disclaimer before you get any further!  There is a high possibility that a lot of you may stop reading after the next sentence but for your own gold making sake I implore you to give me a chance and let me explain!  This involves pet battles. There I said it.  I appreciate some players HATE pet battles but even for someone who has never battled pets before it is possible for you to get started in no time at all and make a lot of gold.
      Still with me? Good!
      Super Squirt has the potential to make you a LOT of gold.  I mean a LOT! 
      You may or may not be aware that the garrison pet menagerie has just one daily that allows you to level your pets.  The experience gained from the other dailies was nerfed towards the start of WoD, however for reasons unknown Blizzard decided to retain experience for just one of the fifteen dailies.
      This daily is the little girl Squirt who controls the three Diablo pets Deebs, Tyri and Puzzle.
      Using just two pets it is possible for you to carry a third pet (even at level 1) and power level it to 25 in just ten minutes.  However as the Squirt daily this week coincides with the Pet Battle Bonus Event (300% extra pet battle experience) it is possible to level any pet from 1-25 in less than FIVE minutes!
      Below I will outline not only how to do this, but how to make gold from it as well.  
      For a large proportion of the player base, pet battles are boring, but trust me, the gold potential can be ridiculous for some servers.  
      As mentioned, Squirt is available once every fifteen days.  As the weekly bonus events only last a week it is pretty rare that the Pet Battle Bonus Event and Squirt daily actually coincide!
      Super Squirt lands on Saturday the 28th May for US servers and Sunday 29th May for EU servers!  As it is on a weekend you should hopefully have at least a little time to take part, even if you only have one hour to spare I still believe it will be worth the time and the effort to get ready for this event.
      To put it into perspective, the last time this was available was the 30th/31st of December, and it COULD be the last one depending on pet changes made in Legion!
      So make the most of it ladies and gentleman!  There is a possibility I will be conducting a 24 hour live stream (stupid right?!) where I will be leveling as many pets as possible.  As I am in the EU this will be on Sunday the 29th May - so follow my Twitch channel if you want to watch and laugh at me!
      The Method
      The pet battle itself is a pretty simple one.  Each fight takes around 1 minute 30 seconds to complete and for maximum efficiency you should level your pet from 1-22.  Normally this takes four battles (~6 minutes) but with Super Squirt it is only two battles (~3minutes).
      You may be lucky and have the pets required to complete the daily, however it is possible to prepare fairly quickly even if you have never pet battled before!
      What do I need to do?
      Ensure your garrison menagerie is unlocked (video guide below) Obtain the Enchanted Broom and Weebomination pets (buy at level 25 or level 1 and level them up) Firstly you need to set up your garrison menagerie and ensure you can trade / use level 25 pets.  My video below shows you how.  This walkthrough tells you to obtain two pets:
      Pandaren Water Spirit is contained in Pandaren Pet Supplies (also available from the auction house). Chrominius drops from Chromaggus in Blackwing Lair (also available from the auction house). As we are under pressure (time wise), if you cannot get hold of these two pets then in theory the Enchanted Broom and the Weebomination should be able to complete the unlocking quest (I haven't tested it but there should be no problem).  So if you have limited gold or they aren't available on your auction house, don't panic, just prioritise the Enchanted Broom and Weebomination.  If you are able to buy all four pets without too much trouble then I do recommend so as the Water Spirit and Chrominius are useful in a number of other menagerie dailies.
      Assuming you have unlocked your menagerie (you do not have to worry what level your menagerie is) you will need just two pets:
      Enchanted Broom is purchasable for 40xChampion's Seal Argent Tournament dailies (horde only) or you can buy it from the Black Market Auction House / Auction House. Weebomination is contained in Big Bag of Pet Supplies (also available from the auction house). With any luck you may have these pets already or they will be available on your auction house.  Weebominations are pretty common right now and you should be able to pick them up without too much trouble.  The Enchanted Broom can be a bit more tricky especially if you are on an alliance heavy server.
      If you are a horde character it is possible to get an Enchanted Broom in just 3 days of Argent Tournament dailies (assuming you do them all).  If you are an alliance player and there are none on your auction house then remember you CAN buy and trade pets on other servers (if you are active on more than one server).  As a last resort you can always ask friends / guildies to borrow theirs, or perhaps spam bark in trade asking to buy one!
      As time is against you, you may have to pay over the odds for the broom, but it is worth the effort!
      If you can only get them at level 1 then you will need to level them up yourself.  As I only use the Squirt method to level my pets I don't have any other guides personally how to do this, but remember the pet event is active so even if you have to grind both pets from 1-25 it shouldn't take  too long!
      Menagerie Unlocked, Got the Pets, What's Next?!
      To maximise your leveling potential it is best to use the Safari Hat and also Pet Treat and Lesser Pet Treat (you can have all three items active at the same time).  If you are new to pet battles (so no chance of grinding the hat in time) and no pet charms to buy the treats, don't worry.  
      As I have already mentioned  each fight takes around 1 minute 30 seconds to complete and for maximum efficiency you should level your pet from 1-22.  At level 22 I then use pet leveling stones to "auto ding" from 22-25.  These are obtained in Mystery Bag's which you can purchase from the vendor at your menagerie using Pet Charms.
      If you are wanting a guide on how best to obtain your Pet Charms so you can get some pet treats and some leveling tokens then check out my garrison pet guide HERE.
      Again this isn't essential, just be aware it will take a little bit longer if you are going to level the full distance to 25.
      The Fight Itself
      Here is the actual method for completing the fight:
      Start with Enchanted Broom
      Sweep Swap to leveling pet Swap to Weeb Cleave until your Weebomination dies Enchanted Broom Batter The video below shows the fight in full and is done during a normal Squirt rotation (so takes around 10 minutes to level a pet fully).
      Making Gold with this method
      As this is the main reason you're here let's get to it!
      I make a substantial amount of my overall gold through the trading of battle pets.  It is quite a volatile market and depending on your own play style / interests there are a number of "markets" you can be involved in.
      Pet quality and the level of your pet can have a large impact on the overall price of your pets.  Without going into TOO much detail there are four main ways that you can approach selling pets.
      Farm your own pets to sell (maximum profit but can be time consuming) Trade / Flip level 1 and at any quality (generally low profit, high volume of sales required) Trade / Flip level 25 rare quality (generally low profit, high volume of sales required) Level pets from 1 to 25 rare quality (requires time but can yield a high profit) Personally, I farm a few pets here and there (not substantially though) and I buy a large volume of level 1 pets.  I then use the Squirt method to level the pets to 25 and always upgrade them to rare quality.  This requires a bit of gold upfront as an investment.
      I am not saying any way is the right way.  A lot depends on your own personal time constraints, your server population. region and how you like to trade.  It is also possible to do a combination of the above to maximise your selling potential, but again this can be time consuming overall.
      Players are Lazy!
      I mention this quite a lot on my stream!  Do not under-estimate how lazy players can be.  The main reason I level the pets to 25  rare quality is so players can use them straight away "out of the box".
      My buyers are players who perhaps have read a guide on a particular pet battle, or seen a Youtube video that asks them to use certain pets.  They then trundle off to the auction house, search for the pet and see that there are two options.  Firstly there is a level 1 green pet, then there is my level 25 rare pet.
      Players do pay a premium so they can avoid the leveling process.  If leveled "normally" it can be extremely time consuming.  Not everyone is aware of the Squirt method.
      As a general rule I "add" 5k to the level 1 price of any pet just for the time and effort of leveling.
      Now as you can see I can level a pet in 6minutes with normal Squirt or 3 minutes with Super Squirt.  So regardless of how you perceive your time (gold / hour etc) a possible 5k+ profit for even 10 minutes "work" is arguably a decent return (especially if it is a brand new market that you can get into).
      What Pets Should I Level
      This is one of the most commonly asked questions.  In theory there aren't many pets that are "better" than others.  As a general rule, the rarer the pet the higher a price you can demand, especially if you are on a low-medium population server where you can sometimes be the only seller of a particular pet.  However to give you a couple of examples of my "best sellers" the following can generally yield a decent price and they sell pretty quickly.
      Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling Dun Morogh Cub Pandaren Water Spirit Darkmoon Rabbit I could go on but then this guide will turn into a monstrosity so I will try and do a more focused guide on the pets I sell in the future!  For Super Squirt I highly recommend you use pets that you already own.  This means you aren't having to invest large sums of gold and you can try the method (and believe it works) before you commit any of your own gold!  Chances are if you have been playing the game for long enough you will have passively built up quite a collection of battle pets without even trying.
      Using a few pet addons it is also possible for you to quickly see which pets are "trade-able" so you can get a quick snapshot of what pets you should be leveling (the last thing you want is to level up 10+ pets to find they are all soulbound and you can't sell them!)
      These are:
      Pet Journal Enchanced (link to Curse here) Rematch (link to Curse here) These two addons are both pretty powerful in helping you organise your pets and also get "ready" for leveling.
      As you can see from the picture you can apply a large number of filters including the tradeable option.

      Selling Your Pets
      I'm not going to go into too much detail as to how you should list your pets.  I have always tried to apply the "5k rule" wherever possible (add 5k onto the general level 1 pet price) and players are generally willing to pay this premium for a fully leveled fully upgraded pet.  However depending on your own personal server population and pet markets this may not be possible.
      It all depends on how you value your time as well.  You may be happy with just 1-2k increase in price for 3 minutes work, again that is something that is entirely subjective to you.
      If you are unsure of any pet prices then as a quick snapshot guide the website is a great resource!  It shows prices for both US and EU regions (just make sure you are using the right one!)
      *Warning* Due to the complexity of pets (differing levels, breeds, quality) not all auction house addons are able to list them automatically.  Please be careful when listing your pets as there is a chance that you "undercut" a level 1 green pet with your level 25 rare pet and you will make a buyer very happy indeed!
      If you use TSM I do have a pet profile available which is outlined in my Youtube guide HERE which is what I use to sell my pets.  Again this could be useless depending on your region and server (they are based on EU prices I have not had chance to try them on US) but you are free to check it out if you wish!  Please note this new version of my pet profile commands the highest prices out there, so sales a pretty slow right now but each time a pet sells you know you are gaining a high profit!
      The prices DO NOT use any specific market data.  The prices are all manually inputted by myself and as mentioned are based on my own personal experience and prices.  So just a mini disclaimer that what works for me may not work for you!
      Wrap Up
      Thanks for keeping with me on this one!  It can take a long time for some pets to sell but if you aren't into pets already then it is a great market to get into!
      I hope to be doing more focused guides on pet battles in the future that will focus on the pets I sell, so look forward to that.
      Any comments queries or success stories below!