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Any Advice on Paladin Deck, floating at rank 16-14

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Been tweaking this out for the last month or so but I seem to get stomped going into fatigue too early or with some aggro decks.


Don't have any sweet legendaries, I made a pirate paladin deck on the side just to play with my Cpt Greenskin and this has been the most consistent deck I've made with my collection so far. 


I would love to just hit 10 and I'm wondering if it's the decks fault or I'm just at my own soft cap.


ANY advice at all would be helpful, long time lurker first post.

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I don't think Blessing of Wisdom is worth it. Especially if you have another divine favor.  

A Paladin with Redemption and Leper Gnome opening combo put some pretty good pressure on me and I was playing a control warrior deck.

I don't think shield bearer is of much use either, especially if you happen to have a wild pyromancer to combo with equality to reset the board maybe replace dire wolf alpha with it. 

Sword of justice could also combo nicely with a Imp master.

I'm only rank 15 though. I've been doing pretty good with control.

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