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Mana Tea Mana Negative

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Mistweaver's mana cycle of mana to chi to tea is mana negative. However we can control the cycle by choosing the "correct" ability to match the situation. Meaning 10m, 25m, heal assignment, high/low movement, incoming tank or aoe prep, and many other things.

This NOT a guide.

I'm still working things out but here is what I've found. I heal 10mans.

Fistweaving is cool but extremely difficult to maintain in 10m. lfr25m I like it. The transition to and from melee healing and straight healing is where things go wrong. The buffs fall off at 20 for one and 30 seconds for 2 others. Not alot leeway at all and is mana and chi intensive.

This method is very mana negative. Will show why.

Jab =9000 mana gives 1 chi

Tiger Paw = cost 1 chi 20sec ArPen buff and 30sec Vital Mists buff

Surging Mist = 24000 mana gives 1 chi

Mana Tea 1 = cost 4 chi spent on something = 12000 mana

5 jabs =45000 mana to 5 Tiger Paw to 1 "free" Surging Mist

You spent 21000 extra mana for it to be free and instant cast.

1 Free Sm +3000 mana = 2 Sm.


4200 mana per Jab/TP Extra to get a Free SM, and gaining 1.25 stacks of mana tea.

16800 spent 4 jabs

12000 back from 1 tea stack

4800 lost every 4 jabs.

5 free SM=225000 mana

5 cast SM=120000 mana

105000 mana difference

10 cast SM =240000 mana

10 cast SM cost 15000 mana more than 5 free SM

5 free SM= 6.25 tea Stacks = 72000 Mana back and .25 stack of tea

5 cast SM= 1.25 tea stacks = 12000 Mana back and .25 stack of tea

Obviously doing a vital mists rotation non stop will spend a lot of mana. Just 5 free Surging Mist is 225k of our 300k mana pool. And you must channel 6 sec of tea for 72000mana or 30 sec for 72000mana at 24kper10sec somewhere in your busy schedule.

So "You aren't supposed to do it non stop." Ok. Drag it out over a 8 minute fight. 8x60sec =480 seconds. 480/ 20sec TP buff= 24 Tiger Paws used in a 8 minute fight. 25 TP= 5 free SM.

Do Not Forget to add in the 2 Jabs per Blackout Kick x2 to start its buff then 2 Jabs and 1 Bokick every 30 sec to maintain it. 480/30=17 bokicks and 34 Jabs. 306000mana and 8.5 tea stacks. 96000mana from tea back over 8sec or 1m15sec for 96000mana at 24kper10sec .

You will need to drop your totem for 27000 after moving 20yards from it.

Casting anything interrupts your autoattacks. The healing done will generally be applied to the tank. So your only real aoe healing is from (zen spear, chi wave, chi burst) and spinning crane kick/rushing jade wind.

Renewing mists/uplift working this requires even more mana and buff tracking.

Ranged healing is a challenge also. Un/Reliable chi generation.

Jab is 9k mana and garontees 1 chi.

Soothing mist costs 3000 per cast and is channeled. 3000 per tic. Each tic is one second. With haste it can be .81sec per tic for 9 tics. 25% chance to proc 1 chi.

Ok wordy and complicated.

What this means per global(click) you get 0-2 chi. RNG. Yes 0-2 chi. The click and the tic in between globals. So you could get 4 chi in 2 globals. If RNG loves you. Do NOT EveR sit and wait for chi by letting it channel. EVER. Click it! and click it now!

Uplift/Chi burst or Enveloping Mists to spend chi. Soothing Mist again right after, 0-2 chi again. Spend it or click again! if no chi gained.

So all this is costing you is 6000 mana per click and one tic of Soothing Mist. If you get 2 chi you break even. 1 3000 lost, 0 6000 lost. But this way is much less mana intensive and has the possibility being mana neutral because of RNG.

Because you can gain chi so fast the talent ascension actually becomes useful.

Why. Throw in Renewing mists with Uplift glyphed. Or a expel Harm. And you'll see why.

Uplift can be glyphed now because using Soothing Mists this way drains your mana pool very slowy. And using mana tea glyphed ensures 24k over 10 seconds Every 10 seconds.

With lucky RNG you will have 3-5 stacks of tea in reserve.

You can never truly be oom. You can do a lot with 24000mana. Also with 12000mp5 combat mana regen thru spirit, you get 3000mana per second. Just enough to fish for chi.

I'm shooting for enough spirit to reach 12k+ combat regen. Currently 600mp5 unbuffed shy.

Using Soothing Mists this way as a chi generator puts chi at 3000 per chi x 4 to 12000 a mana tea stack. RNG can drive up the cost per chi. To 6000 if unlucky.

Using Jab fistweaving as chi generator puts chi at 4200 per chi x 4 to 16800 a mana tea stack.

You spend 9000 on 1 Jab if you jab to cast heals. Making Enveloping Mists cost 27000 mana and Chi Burst cost 18000 mana.

1 mana tea stack is worth 12000 mana.


Healing Sphere 6000 mana. 0 chi gain? neh. People will actually run away from them. Better to stop and click a soothing mist real fast like.

Surging Mists 24000 mana drain. Use life coo coon. 13500 mana for a 120k shield.

Expel Harm 75000 use only in emergency self heal. Works better for brewmasters.

Spinning Jade Kick 16500 only as an on the move life saver while in a group. or with Rushing Jade Wind cd.

Aoe heals on the go.

Revival 21000 mana huge aoe heal.

Thunder focus tea 1 chi refreshes active renewing mist hots thru Uplift.

Renewing mists 13740 mana use as needed

Uplift glyphed 18000 mana use as needed

Uplift unglyphed 2 chi can use interchangeably with chi burst.

Chi Burst 2 chi <1sec cast los aoe heal thats very powerful. Works like maw mace from dragon soul. Can 100k heal crit. Tricky to cast while running.

This is not a guide. If you made it this far. I just wanted to share some findings.

1 I'm going to post this unfinished because my phone is about 30sec from dead and finish this in a bit.

2 I'm still not done. raid time. I have a point I promise.

3 lunch over

5 time to go home. Not done yet.

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I'm sure this is helpful to any Mistweavers looking for extra ideas. Hopefully you'll get to updated/expand it in the future :)

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Hi I've just started playing as mistweaver so im a bit confused with the above post where you mention do not wait for channeling soothing mist, so what i understand is u just cast soothing mist let it tick once and recast is that correct and u keep doing that for chi , never completing the channeling , and completely avoid fistweaving as a more mana efficient way way of healing. For 10 man raids . So is that the correct conclusion.

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Hi I've just started playing as mistweaver so im a bit confused with the above post where you mention do not wait for channeling soothing mist, so what i understand is u just cast soothing mist let it tick once and recast is that correct and u keep doing that for chi , never completing the channeling , and completely avoid fistweaving as a more mana efficient way way of healing. For 10 man raids . So is that the correct conclusion.

That is the implication of the OP, yes. To click and cancel Soothing Mist, and not to "Fistweave". I wouldn't say I agree entirely, but it's an interesting idea and you can try it out and see how it works out for you.

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