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brawlers guild Let's Talk About Brawler's Guild

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We are currently testing the Brawler's Guild on the PTR and it looks very promising. Some of the fights are really hard and they will warrant guides that you can count on us to provide you with. Today, Daxxarri, a Community Manager from Blizzard decided to post a short preview of this new Patch 5.1 feature.

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Yes, we're breaking the first rule of Brawler's Guild.

For those of you that haven't been following along, the Brawler's Guild is a new feature being introduced to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria in patch 5.1. This new part of the World of Warcraft has generated a lot of excitement — not to mention a few questions — so we're going to try to provide a clearer picture of what we're hoping to accomplish with the Brawler's Guild in this thread.

First, a little bit about what it is, and what it isn't:

What Brawler's Guild Is

  • A fun, but small diversion that could grow in time
  • A venue for a realm’s community to come together
  • A unique way to earn some solo PvE bragging rights
  • A cool place to hang out

What Brawler's Guild Isn't

  • A means of solo progression
  • A major patch feature accessible to everyone (at first)
  • A way to earn lots of in-game rewards
  • Proving Grounds where you can develop class skills (that's a different feature arriving later on)

So, to sum up, we're trying to give the Brawler's Guild a tight knit, underground kind of feel, and we expect the Guild on each realm to slowly grow to encompass more and more of the population over time. Because invites will be so limited, it's likely that a lot of the players that join the Brawler's Guild will have had some kind of interaction with one or more existing members before they ever step into the ring. Finally, a smaller population will help keep the queues low for quite a while – since a big part of the Brawler's Guild is watching other players fight their own battles, right now instancing arenas or using phasing isn’t an attractive option.

About Those Invites

Invites to the Guild will (at least initially) only be available for purchase on the Black Market Auction House. We've taken this approach both to control queue times, and also because the Brawler's Guild is meant to be kind of a small, underground thing, and a way for players on a realm to come together. At first, that will happen because invites will go out from one player to another based on who buys those initial Black Market invites. After reaching a certain rank in the Brawler's Guild, each of the new members can eventually earn one new invitation of their own to pass out to someone else on the same realm, so the Brawler's Guilds on each realm should get progressively larger and larger over time. We may also investigate alternate methods of acquiring invitations or making them more plentiful.

World First?

We've also decided that attaching a realm first style achievement to the Brawler's Guild isn't necessarily the right move. Rest assured that there will be other achievements to earn in the ring though.

We know you've got questions, so ask away, and we'll try to clarify where things are hazy.


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Will be interesting to see how much the invites go for on BMAH!

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I was kinda hoping to get the Realm First! and I got sad when they removed it but if people with less money than me are feeling somewhat impaired, then it's for the greater good.

Anyway, this "kind of a small, underground thing, and a way for players on a realm to come together" seems to be a lot cool, maybe everybody will known their names down there!

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There is a chance of certain guilds or players managing to take over the first few spots, but to do so they will need to spend a lot of their gold. The more gold we get out of the economy the better to be honest!

I really think the underground feel will be pretty sweet and the main thing is for those that feel they are missing out, they will be able to see the content eventually.

Personally I'm looking forward to be able to doing something first for once. I'm really keen on picking up one of the first tickets (nothing else to spend my cash on) and hopefully rather than slacking in the general raid department, I can maybe show off some solo skills on my own realm.

Think it will be pretty fun tbh.

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I think the Brawler's Guild is going to be quite a success. In any case, it'd better be, so I don't make all these videos for nothing :P

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