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The racial-choice!

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Posted 10 November 2012 - 02:46 PM

  • Hadouken
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first of all, we have the following races including their racials:

  • Human - Increase expertise with One-Handes Maces/Swords by 1%
  • Gnome - Increase expertise with One-Handes Swords and Daggers by 1%
  • Worgen - Increase chance to crit by 1%
  • Dwarf - Increase expertise with One-Handes Maces by 1%
  • Pandaren - Gain 100% more stats from Bufffood at Pandaria (300Agi)
  • Goblin - Increase haste by 1%
  • Orc - Increase expertise with Axes/Fist Weapons by 1% AND Blood Fury
  • Troll - 5% more damage to beasts AND Berserking
  • Undead - Touch of the Grave
  • Pandaren - Gain 100% more stats from Bufffood at Pandaria (300Agi)

At the moment its not that clear which racial provides the best advantange for your character. On the one hand we have the racial of the pandaren with 300agi STOCK and on the other hand we have 1% expertise with fists (T14 Content) and Berserking, which is boosting your energy-reg. or Blood Fury. With MoP the undead race got a new racial Touch of the Grave -> 1,5 to 1,9% of your damage (7,5m fight).

SimCraft is telling me that the pandaren racial will be the best at the moment, following with the undead racial, only later troll and orc BUT I guess if you're going to time your trinket/weapon-procs with the racial... its a greater boost then the stock agi or Touch of the Grave.

Whats your choice?

Posted 12 November 2012 - 07:51 AM

  • Damien
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While the Pandaren racial seems to be the best for Assassination and Subtlety Rogues, the Gnome racial is very good for Combat Rogues with a Sword MH. Too bad all the MH weapons for Combat Rogues are Fist Weapons this tier Posted Image

So I'd say the Pandaren racial is probably best in all cases, at the moment. One grip I have with Touch of the Grave is that it does not seem to scale with your gear, so as you get better gear, this bonus is going to lose its value, comparatively to the other racial bonuses.

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