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Night elf vs Human rogue thoughts and questions

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Okay so between Nelf and Human rogue my questions are this

Doesn't the weapon skill see a diminishing return?
Is the dps difference actually there?

Also shadowmeld vs perception: I don't understand why shadowmeld isn't considered to be the better choice?
Reasoning being that a nelf should get the jump on another rogue first regardless, because of the better stealth..that is a passive. Also wouldn't the shadowmeld be better in a raid setting for sap?

I understand that perception is active for 20 seconds but it has a cool down, and is also on the same faction?

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no. no (5-9dps)

smeld can only be done out of combat. smeld in rogue vs rogue gives no advantage, you start showing at the same radius in stealth anyway. smel requires you to stand still. 


In conclusion, smeld is lackluster but that shouldn't be the reason for picking another race.

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