Sorceress Class in Diablo 4

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The Sorceress is one of the three announced classes for Diablo 4, with a total of 5 playable classes being featured in the game.



This page will be updated as more information becomes available throughout Blizzcon and beyond.



The Sorceress is extremely proficient at weaving between different elemental spells and the gameplay preview showed Lightning, Fire, and Ice spells.



There are different categories of spells for the Sorceress, with varying goals for each one.


Minor Destruction Skills

  • Lightning (deals Lightning damage) — Launch a bolt of lightning that deals damage and bounces to nearby enemies, dealing 30% less damage to each enemy hit.
  • Fire Bolt (deals Fire damage) — Hurl a flaming bolt, dealing damage and burning nearby enemies over 8 seconds.
  • Frost Bolt (deals Cold damage) — Throw a bolt of frost at an enemy, dealing damage and Chilling them.
  • Arc Lash (deals Lightning damage) — Unleash arcing lightning that shocks enemies in front of you, dealing damage, and then returns to you, restoring Mana.

Major Destruction Skills

  • Charged Bolts (deals Lightning damage) — Release bolts of lightning that course along the ground in an erratic pattern, dealing damage.
  • Fireball (deals Fire damage) — Hurl a ball of fire that explodes on contact, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
  • Ice Shards (deals Cold damage) — Launch shards that deal damage, and deal more damage to Frozen enemies.
  • Incinerate (deals Fire damage) — Channel a beam of fire, burning enemies. The damage increases per second, up to a maximum amount.
  • Chain Lightning (deals Lightning damage) — Unleash a bolt of lightning, dealing damage and jumping to nearby targets.
  • Frozen Orb (deals Cold damage) — Unlease an orb that Chills and expels piercing shards that deal damage, and then explodes into Frost Bolts.

Defensive Skills

  • Flame Shield — Engulf yourself in flames for 2 seconds, burning nearby enemies and dealing damage every second. While Flame Shield is active, you are Immune.
  • Ice Armor — After not taking damage for 5 seconds, ice accumulates on you, absorbing damage.
  • Blizzard (deals Cold damage) — Summon a frigid blizzard that deals damage and Chills enemies over 6 seconds.
  • Teleport (deals Lightning damage) — Transform into lightning, becoming Immune and surging to the target location.

Conjuration Skills

  • Frost Nova — Unleash a torrent of frost, Freezing nearby enemies.
  • Lightning Spear (deals Lightning damage) — Conjure a crackling spear of lightning that seeks out enemies for 6 seconds, dealing damage per hit.
  • Ice Blades (deals Cold damage) — Conjure ice blades for 12 seconds that rapidly slash enemies, dealing damage and Chillng them.
  • Hydra (deals Fire damage) — Summon a three headed hydra for 12 seconds. Each head spits fire at a nearby enemy dealing damage.

Mastery Skills

  • Firewall (deals Fire damage) — Create a wall of flames which deals damage to enemies over 8 seconds.
  • Nova (deals Lightning damage) — After spending a certain amount of Mana, you unleash a burst of lightning that deals damage.
  • Meteor (deals Fire damage) — Summon a meteor that strikes the target location, dealing damage to all enemies hit. The ground burns for additional Fire damage over the next 3 seconds.

Ultimate Skills

  • Deep Freeze (deals Cold damage) — - Encase yourself in ice, becoming Immune for 4 seconds. For the duration, you emanate Chilling waves that deal damage to enemies. This freezes enemies longer than normal.
  • Inferno (deals Fire damage) — Ignite a roaring inferno that pulses in and out of the target area, burning enemies over 8 seconds.
  • Conduit — You become lightning incarnate. While in this form, you are Immune, nearby enemies are continually shocked, and you can surge quickly between locations.

Status Effects

Below, we have listed the status effects that are named in the Sorceress' abilities.

  • Chilled enemies have reduced movement speed. Repeatedly chilling an enemy will Freeze it.
  • While Immune, you cannot be damaged and all negative effects are removed and prevented.
  • Frozen enemies cannot move or attack. Enemies can be Frozen by repeatedly chilling them.

Sorceress Talents

Below is a list of the talents currently available in the demo, sorted into the colour of their tree.


Green Tree

  • Potent Warding — Elemental damage and resistances are increased.
  • Devastation — Critical strike chance is increased.
  • Precision Magic — Your elemental damage increases over time, up to a maximum percentage after 3 seconds. Attacking resets this effect.
  • Align the Elements — The Mana cost of your Mastery skills is reduced.
  • Inexorable Reach — Your damage is increased against enemies outside of melee range.
  • Elemental Attunement — Elemental critical strikes reduce the cooldown of your Defensive skill.

Orange Tree

  • Soulfire — Fire damage is increased after standing still for 1.5 seconds. Moving cancels this effect.
  • Burning Resonance — Damaging a burning enemy has a chance to restore Mana.
  • Blaze of Glory — Fire critical strike damage is increased. In addition, burning enemies deal less damage to you.
  • Devouring Flames — Each source of burning on an enemy increases the direct damage of your fire spells.
  • Char to Ash — Fire damage is increased each second, up to a cap. This effect resets when you take damage.
  • Endless Pyre — Burning effects deal additional damage for each second the target remains burning, up to a cap.
  • Conflagration — Your direct fire damage deals additional damage to burning targets.

Teal Tree

  • Hoarfrost — After casting Blizzard, your next cold skill deals more damage.
  • Cold Snap — You apply more chill.
  • Frostbite — Damage against chilled enemies is increased.
  • Chill to the Bone — Cold damage against Frozen enemies increased.
  • Endless Winter — Critical strike chance against Chilled and Frozen enemies is increased, but your Chill effects no longer Freeze.

Note that you can only pick one out of Chill to the Bone and Endless Winter. You cannot use both.


Blue Tree

  • Ceaseless Bolts — Lightning critical strikes increase your critical chance for 5 seconds, up to a cap.
  • Overcharge


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