Effectiveness of a Shield Slam/Shield Charge Macro? - Glad Warrior

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G'day everyone,


Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been playing a Gladiator Warrior this expansion because I'm not having as much fun as I used to on Fury (or pulling good dps compared to Glad) and I'm really enjoying it.


One thing I've noticed and I think it's mentioned in the guide is that Shield Charge is off the GCD just like Heroic Strike. I'm finding it a bit tough to constantly be aware of my Shield Charge recharge period and using it when Shield Slam comes off CD so would a macro of the following be good to use?


#showtooltip Shield Slam
/cast Shield Charge
/cast Shield Slam
Cheers for any replies this gets, I'm interested to know if it would be good or not to use.

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I'd recommend getting or making a WeakAura to show you when your Shield Charge comes off CD. You could do the same for Shield Slam's CD or one WA that shows when both are off CD at the same time. I'll leave it to Saj or Rage to comment on the macro itself.

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I would recommend against macro in them together. Reason being you can generally get 2 slams in one charge, and is rather dump that rage into HS inside the charge instead of extending the charge.

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Thanks for the responses guys. I'll get WeakAura since that's recommended everywhere, even in the guide.


I know that you can get two slams in one charge and the only time that's screwed up is right at the beginning of a fight. Otherwise with the macro I've had perfect management and saw a slight dps increase in it overall simply because it's easier to manage.

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