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Holy palidan help please

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          Hello everyone. I am looking for help in boosting my hps and overall healing output on trash and boss fights, on my paladin Bluevengence. All advice is appreciated, good and bad. On healing rotation, spec and gear.


          My rotation is as follows: I start off by placing beacon of light on one tank and beacon of faith on the other tank. I maintain eternal flame 3 on both tanks and myself, and eternal flame 1 on a couple dps if their health is struggling, if none just at random as it still gives heal procs to the beacons. From there i mainly use holy shock to build holy power and i use holy radiance rarely to build emergency holy power as it is mana taxing. I use holy light as my primary healing cast and I use flash of light as an emergency quick heal. I save my lay on hands for quick emergency heal to save either a tank, a healer or a dps with important role in the raid. I use devo aura and Avenging wrath as needed by the raid.


Here is some logs from last night in BRF :


Here is a link to my armory page for reference to gear and spec:


Please and thank you for any and all advice

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just a quick question , what addons do you use, do you use anything like healbot or vhudo ?

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Hey there! You should definitely pull way more healing than you are. 

Here's my armory link:

And here's a log from our last raiding night on sunday, february 8th:


First of all, your rotation is not good. The way you use your EF is a waste of healing (even if it doesn't cost mana).

I maintain eternal flame 3 on both tanks and myself, and eternal flame 1 on a couple dps if their health is struggling, if none just at random as it still gives heal procs to the beacons.


Yes, EF will proc heals to  your beacons, but only 50% of the ticks, which is not a significant amount. Plus, it doesn't apply Illuminated Healing. Try having 5 Holy Powers and use them when the tanks/raid takes heavy damage. You should first cast EF (which will be a 3-HP EF) then an instant Holy Shock for a third HP, and then cast a second 3-HP EF. This sequence is about 4 seconds long, depending on your haste rating. If the raid is not taking damage (players are between 85-100% of their HP), try not wasting your mana. Let the HoTs of your Druid/Holy Priest do it for you. You may help them casting Holy Lights, but not more.


Another thing I like to do before the tanks pull.

Cast overhealing on both of them so that the shield from Illuminated Healing is maxed. With my mastery rating, the shields are about 95k absorbs while maxed.


Try casting your Holy Prism on the boss when needed. In addition to dealing good damage to the boss, melee players will be healed for a significant amount.


Always remember that your heals will apply a shield (Illuminated Healing) to your healed targets for a percentage of the amount healed. It applies to every heals you cast, except for your beacon procs and Lay on Hands spell. This percentage increases as your mastery does too. This being said, your stat priority should be Intellect - Crit - Haste - Mastery. I don't think that Icy Veins is accurate on their stats priority.


Don't neglect spirit as it could make a difference on the outcome of a fight when every healers are OOM. If you struggle with your mana regeneration, check out for this potion:


You'll need a 10-seconds window to completely drink but you can easily find this 10-seconds window in every fight.


I hope this will help you, and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask them!






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Hey, I have a couple different suggestions than the previous post, not that its wrong or anything, just a different take.  First off, I'd say completely abandon Holy Radiance for now.  It may generate a holy power, but that does not really make up for the mana loss.  Secondly, take sacred shield over eternal flame.  Keep it ticking on both your tanks and a third target, either yourself or maybe that dps you know has a tendency to take a little extra damage. :)  Holy Light is your friend, use those procs efficiently.  Incorporate Light of Dawn into your rotation more, in the place of those eternal flames, where the healing of EF isn't that great, nor is the single target ability in a raid.  Since you lack the AOE healing due to holy radiance being garbage, light of dawn + Holy Prism become your go to's.  Perhaps you should also check out your level 75 talent and maybe make a switch there.  Holy Avenger is great for burst healing, and even Divine purpose can be used quite efficiently if you can handle the randomness of it.  Saves mana and essentially grants you more holy power.  Some people will argue against its randomness, but I find that if used correctly, you can really cut down a lot of down time between holy shocks, save mana, and blanket the raid with free light of dawn procs to keep your illuminated healing up on max targets.  People will disagree with me on this, but this is my take and I hope it helps you out in some way.



"All I do is win"

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I do not agree with everything on this, even though you've added some truth on my previous post! People have been arguing between EF and SS for a long time. It really depends on your play style, but also on your raid comp. I have a Prot Pally as a main tank and he uses SS already, which prevents me from casting it on him. I personally don't like SS much. I find that EF is better. It heals for the same amount of a Holy Light or a Flash Heal, plus ticks for about 2.5k-4.6k every 1.6 seconds.


I also have a question on this quote:

  Incorporate Light of Dawn into your rotation more, in the place of those eternal flames, where the healing of EF isn't that great, nor is the single target ability in a raid.  Since you lack the AOE healing due to holy radiance being garbage, light of dawn + Holy Prism become your go to's.  

I've already tried Light of Dawn... and I've been disappointed in the healing output of this spell. Does it heal a good amount for you? If so, can you link some logs so we can see your play style?

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I take divine purpose as my level 75 talent, and it procs often with light of dawn usage, granting me several more light of dawns in a row, or even when I toss a random word of glory out there.  Even if its overhealing, you're still spreading your illuminated healing around the group, granting more absorbs, but also helping with tank damage as well.  You can also take the light of dawn glyph, reducing the numbers you heal, but increasing the output by 25%.  Note, that's more for 10 man raiding.  I've never really been a fan of Eternal Flame healing, ever since they removed the hot refreshing illuminated healing.  It can have its place, but I feel divine purpose+light of dawn equals a mana efficient aoe healing rotation with holy prism thrown in to help.  It really depends on what you're use to, some people like the more on demand healing cooldowns, I prefer passives that work in the background as I heal and conserve mana in intense fights.  Even if you took eternal flame though, divine purpose still helps with blanketing when it procs, you get free, three holy charged, flames to sprout about the raid, also saving mana for when you need to spam some flash heals.  Overall, honestly, I'm upset with the way they've designed holy paladins in WoD.  Was my main in Mists, but it just lacks any versatility.  Its pretty much Flash heal, Holy Light, eternal flame or light of dawn.  Hopefully they'll fix this.

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I tried healing with Light of Dawn last night. Incredibly bad. I don't know how you find it useful, it's simply impossible to be heal efficiently with this spell. You play like you want, but you're far from healing at 100% of your potency with this play style.



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