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Holy Paladin T17 bonus

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Hi. What you think about Hpal T17 PvE tier bonus? Here link, you coud look at it:



As for me, T17 bonus for HolyPal usless and give us nothing. Why i think so? Here my thoughts.


First of all, we shoud look at spells Light of Dawn and Eternal Flame. I check wowhead and mmo-champion data-base, but there seems wrong number for spells. So i will go with my own numbers. My pally 6k spell power.

Spell numbers with 3 HP:

Eternal Flame38,5k. 25k heal and 900 hp per 2 sec for 30 sec(13500k).

Light of Dawn42k. 7k heal per target, 6 targets.


Seems Light of Dawn better? But we have two beacons!

EF - 77k. If you cast EF on raid member, it will heal 38,5k for him + 38,5k for tanks.

LoD - 54.6k. LoD heal beacons only for 15%, so it will be 42k AoE heal + 42*0,15*2.


If you cast EF on tanks, it will heal 38.5k for tank and 38.5/2 for other beaconed target, so it will be 58k.

Also dont forget - EF HoT work well with your haste, it will heal more per 30 sec.

Last thing - LoD heal 54,6k if it hit 6 targets, and if it dont, it will be even more behind.


And what our tier give us? Blizzard tell us - "Hey! You have usless spell(LoD), but we give you this "bonus", now you shoud cast it to get prock for free good spell(EF)". Its looks wierd for me.

And last thing - per fight we cast HolyShock ~70times, it give us ~25 EF cast, and T17 bonus give us 20% chance to cast free spell, 25*0.2 = 5 free spells per fight(LoD spells).


Or maby we shoud cast EF with 2 Hp, or even 1 HP, so it will be 70 EF casts per fight, so it will give us 70*0.2 = 14 free 3 HP LoD, or 14 free EF. It's even more wierd.

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it is not useless. SS healing is a viable alternative and is actually pretty decent especially if you are raiding with a lot of druids/holy priests. With SS 2pc bonus is decent enough.


Even if you preffer to stick with EF, 4 pc bonus is actually pretty nice and it gives us more talent choices. Holy avenger or even Divine purpose (although I hate random throuput proccs) scale both bonuses pretty good

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For now most paladins go with 4pc tier bonus + Divine purpose + EF. Couse you will have lot of procs from tier and DP you coud cast EF often -> more hots+free flash(same amount of heal).


Tier not usless, and it give you HPS boost, but also it give you high mana-conserv. So you coud use int trink even for high-heal required fights.

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I just got the 4p today in my raid and it makes LoD freaking awesome since you can get it for free (It is also pretty good in some instances even if you sacrifice a EF) and combined with DP you have 45% for a proc with either EF or LoD to get a free spell at 3 HP with it.

And as Drae said since you can use it with 1 HP it can be worth to spam it with AW during parts where you just want fast procs, thats what saved our raid at Operator today when we got bad luck with a train and 5 persons died i just popped AW and started to spam everthing to get the heals out to keep everyone alive for the boss to drop ^^

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