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I was looking at SimCraft and I was wondering how does a WW come into a fight with 5 chi as it says I have 100% at the pull. 


Sim then says my sequence is TP > RSK  saying I would have 3 chi at the start of a pull. How do I go into a boss (start a boss) with 3 chi to be able to do an opener like that?


Only way I can figure it out is that they do 2x jab at the start and it not showing up, That have them going into TP>RSK with 4 chi and leaving everything with 5 chi thanks to be racial + 2pc set bonus.


Am I missing something? Even if I use expel harm at the start during the countdown that still only 2 chi I would get as they use chi brew so they can't have power strikes.



Also why does Sim have us using Zen over Chi Wave?


*Edit* Looks like Sim is going off the assumption the monk did expel harm total of 4 times before boss is pulled. Doing that they got 5 chi. Even if you pull within 15 sec of a wipe, that enough to get chi needed for those two attacks; all good, but if that the case should be recorded that what going on during the perpot phase.

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Ya it's expel harm spam, which is annoying because if your raid is pulling fast you need to be doing it as you run in to get enough time to cap chi and energy in time to combo on the pull. I do the 2 buffs and cast xuen before fof usually but I have no idea if that's ideal, I just like to get his cd going asap so I can get 2-3 depending on the fight.

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Yes, welcome to slavedom of a Monk, where we stand there spamming Expel Harm for however many minutes necessary to keep full Chi prior to a pull.

This will give you 5 Chi points (or 6, with Ascension talented) to begin the fight.  Tiger Palm + RSK will eat up 3 of that Chi, so if you have Ascension, you can go right into TEB + FoF, or if you have Chi Brew talented, you will likely have to spent a charge of it to be able to use FoF.


This is all a very brief, basic explanation.

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Thanks guys, what's the idea behind Zen over Chi wave? I been using Zen since the post, but just still doesn't feel right using it.

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      Hallo there,
      Lately I have discovered that the proc of Ashen Band of Endless Destruction is still viable and provides the 285 sp as in the description. Resulting from this I tried to run some simulations with Simulationcraft, but the proc is not being processed. I tried to add the proc manually, but I lack knowledge and comprehension of Simulationcraft to do so.
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