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[WW] SimCraft Help

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I was looking at SimCraft and I was wondering how does a WW come into a fight with 5 chi as it says I have 100% at the pull. 


Sim then says my sequence is TP > RSK  saying I would have 3 chi at the start of a pull. How do I go into a boss (start a boss) with 3 chi to be able to do an opener like that?


Only way I can figure it out is that they do 2x jab at the start and it not showing up, That have them going into TP>RSK with 4 chi and leaving everything with 5 chi thanks to be racial + 2pc set bonus.


Am I missing something? Even if I use expel harm at the start during the countdown that still only 2 chi I would get as they use chi brew so they can't have power strikes.



Also why does Sim have us using Zen over Chi Wave?


*Edit* Looks like Sim is going off the assumption the monk did expel harm total of 4 times before boss is pulled. Doing that they got 5 chi. Even if you pull within 15 sec of a wipe, that enough to get chi needed for those two attacks; all good, but if that the case should be recorded that what going on during the perpot phase.

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Ya it's expel harm spam, which is annoying because if your raid is pulling fast you need to be doing it as you run in to get enough time to cap chi and energy in time to combo on the pull. I do the 2 buffs and cast xuen before fof usually but I have no idea if that's ideal, I just like to get his cd going asap so I can get 2-3 depending on the fight.

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Yes, welcome to slavedom of a Monk, where we stand there spamming Expel Harm for however many minutes necessary to keep full Chi prior to a pull.

This will give you 5 Chi points (or 6, with Ascension talented) to begin the fight.  Tiger Palm + RSK will eat up 3 of that Chi, so if you have Ascension, you can go right into TEB + FoF, or if you have Chi Brew talented, you will likely have to spent a charge of it to be able to use FoF.


This is all a very brief, basic explanation.

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Thanks guys, what's the idea behind Zen over Chi wave? I been using Zen since the post, but just still doesn't feel right using it.

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      https://raidbots.com/ makes it super easy to use SimulationCraft for common tasks (comparing items, generating stat weights for Pawn)
      What is this?
      SimulationCraft is an amazing open source project for theorycrafting, gear planning, and more.  However, it can be difficult to use and can often slow down your machine if simming and playing WoW at the same time.
      For those reasons, I've spent the last couple months building Simbot and am relaunching Raidbots!
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        Future Roadmap
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      Healers are not supported in SimulationCraft at all right now and, thus, are not supported by Raidbots. Tank support is very limited and is primarily included for completeness. This will be slightly better once Raidbots supports enemy choice but there are no dedicated SimC tank devs so take results with a very large grain of salt.
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      Ok. so. on both Icy-veins and Simulationcraft the stat priority is both listed as Mastery>Strength>Vers... and on the BiS page it even states 1.33>1.0>.89  respectively for weights

      i'm okay with this. i've actually been using this weight since 105 when gearing up. but i'm missing something and i can't figure it out. When i run simcraft on my 840 ilvl warrior, i'm getting 300k dps, which i'm fine with. however it's telling me that my stat priority is Haste>Mastery>Str.

      I even replaced my trinkets with the BiS damage Proc trinkets thinking maybe they get effected by colossus smash and thus would increase it's effectiveness. no such luck, vers  is as low as .79 and haste and mastery are both above 1.0 i'm basically going through simcraft replacing all my Gear with the gear on simulation crafts official numbers and i'm still getting haste>mastery. so far there's nothing that's coming forward that makes haste worse than versatility even

      i'd like to know what i'm missing if anything, or if you guys would mind fact-checking the stat priorities page. but considering both Simcraft and you guys have one answer and i'm the odd one out. i'm sure it's me thats missing something
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