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Abathur free week tribute

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    • By VampAurora
      Isn't it all about geometry after all?

      Hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment/like/subscribe on YouTube as well for more funny videos! Thank you!
    • By VampAurora
      Hello everyone!
      Back with another interview, this time with Mats "P4wnyhof" Kathage, one of the most original, funny and dedicated streamers out there! Find out more!

      Hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment/like/subscribe on YouTube as well! Thank you!
    • By VampAurora
      Using your emote can sometimes be awkward, but oh well, it might save your life!
    • By Mongrel
      Hello all. I just wanted to share the best play of the game I have ever seen (which just so happens to be one of mine) with you. Unfortunately I don't have it saved (is it even possible to save them?), so my description will have to suffice.

      We were defending on Hanamura. I was Symmetra. To be honest, I was kinda surprised when the play of the game screen popped up showing my name and Symmetra's slightly disapproving stare. "What could this be?" I thought. I didn't remember having done anything truly impressive that game.

      So the PotG intro ended and the clip began. There I was, stuck to Reinhardt in the middle of his charge. He slams me against a wall and I die, spinning into the center of the first point. The rest of the clip was of my body facedown on the point as a battle raged around me.
      Now we've all seen clips like this one for Torbjorn and occasionally Symmetra. They die, but their turrets get a bunch of kills, boring. What makes this clip different, and why it's currently my favorite, is that there was NO KILLFEED. I didn't kill a single person, or even assist in a kill. Oh I had turrets up, and they were burning enemy heroes like a nine year old with a magnifying glass burns ants, but no one died for the whole clip. 

      Needless to say, I was perplexed about how that clip even made play of the game. Originally, I thought I just did a ton of damage with my turrets and only barely missed killing several different heroes, but after telling this story to friends of mine who played the game we reached a different conclusion as to what likely happened: my whole team probably just happened to take my teleporter right at that moment. Normally it tells you when an ally uses your teleporter...but apparently it does not do that when you're dead.

      So that's how play of the game was given to Symmetra for being crushed against a wall. Well played Symmetra, well played.