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BiS lists updated for all class guides

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We have finished updating the BiS lists for all of our class guides. We still appreciate all your feedback so that we can tweak and improve them.

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You missed to mention chest piece in warr tank bis top list

Thanks! This will be fixed in a few minutes ;)

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    • question about BiS trinket list
      By Deadnoz
      so in the BiS list for trinket, it shows the 4th strongest as the heirloom trinket for MM, but it shows the trinket at 800 ilvl and with 774 agility. but the ne i have is only 344. is the heirloom trinket in general just rated too high on all the lists (not just hunter) due to it scaling too high in simcraft?
    • Feral BIS Cmode gear guide?
      By Mews
      Most groups are asking for "appropriate challenge mode gear" and I've tried googling but most resources I find are for locks, healers, DKs etc. Are there any world boss/crafted pieces that are superior?
      Just looking for someone to point me in the right direction, thanks!
    • 701 vs 715 IL Trinket?
      By darksteel22
      So i have 701 Unending Hunger and also 715 Mythic Warforged Fires of the Sun
      Fires of the sun isn't on any BIS sites that I've found. Multistrike isn't the best for a warrior but 14 IL's make up the difference?
    • Challenge Modes [Disc]
      By Apollifore
      Heya everyone,
      I am currently finishing up with Heroic HFC having only come back to the game about 2 weeks ago and finding things pretty smooth. I am looking to once again step into Challenge Modes but have a few quick questions...
      1. Is there any kind of BiS or rough list on items to obtain for challenge mode?
      2. If question 1 was No, is there items I should look for?? A few people have been saying go for anything with Crit and Haste, anything else disregard, is this true?
      3. Trinkets, should I carry on here with anything that will boost Crit and Haste?
      4. In terms of Spec, anything special I need to have here? I would assume depending on the group this would change anyways.
      5. Is Holy more viable for Challenge modes or am I okay to stick with Disc? I have been playing disc the most and haven't really stepped into Holy
      Appreciate all the help
    • Timewalking Dungeons
      By Archimage
      Gear scale accordingly in Timewalking dungeons to the item level of the expansion, so I was wondering if I used the Warglaive of Azzinoth in BC expansions and Shadowmourne in WotlK dungeons, will it be better than current gear?
      If I went back to BC and WotlK dungeons to farm gear, that the gear I get there won't be scaled down and will become BiS gear.
      If this is true, does anyone have the BiS lists for BC and WotlK?
      Also, if I use Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest in BC and WotlK dungeons, will it also be OP?