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BiS lists updated for all class guides

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We have finished updating the BiS lists for all of our class guides. We still appreciate all your feedback so that we can tweak and improve them.

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You missed to mention chest piece in warr tank bis top list

Thanks! This will be fixed in a few minutes ;)

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    • By Swagsurfer
      Hey guys i've been looking for a Stat weight list i can use with the addon pawn, which provides and easy way to see if a higher ilvl item with shit stats, are better than your lower level item with good stats.

      Also is there a place to find a bis list? If only over trinkets, since i know main gear can differ alot, that would be fine
      Also how much have you been using Light of the matyr in this weeks raids? I didnt use it a single time, but looking at the top ranked paladin og logs atm, he has been pretty much spamming it. It DOES heal alot, but is it truly worth it,  just decemating your own hp?
    • By Seance
      Hi Dudes and Dudettes //
      I have been having a hard time finding information on BiS gear for my Mistweaver. We are currently raiding Emerald Nightmare and I am primarily raid and multi target healing. Trying to avoid fistweaving. Ask Mr Robot is broken and will only show me drops from raids and legendaries, even when I sort it to bypass those. Icy-veins only lists trinkets and legendary items as well. Kind of lost here and I am trying to get better gear in between raiding for drops.
      EDIT: once I logged into Ask Mr. Robot, It saved my filter to dungeons only. But I would still love your opinions!
      Current character setup:ëance/simple
      Current weapon relics are: (ilvl 840) (ilvl 835)  (ilvl 830)
    • By Shamua
      Hey Guys,
      I'm looking for a best in slot list for my elemental shaman for the first raid content in legion.
      I have searching for one but I haven't find any good pages. 
      Hope you can help me out.
      And sry for my not correct and perfect english. ^^
    • By Deadnoz
      so in the BiS list for trinket, it shows the 4th strongest as the heirloom trinket for MM, but it shows the trinket at 800 ilvl and with 774 agility. but the ne i have is only 344. is the heirloom trinket in general just rated too high on all the lists (not just hunter) due to it scaling too high in simcraft?
    • By Mews
      Most groups are asking for "appropriate challenge mode gear" and I've tried googling but most resources I find are for locks, healers, DKs etc. Are there any world boss/crafted pieces that are superior?
      Just looking for someone to point me in the right direction, thanks!