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best rogue spec?

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I have been searching for days, as I do every time stuff changes, for the best spec for a rogue and I can’t find a definite answer. With that said can someone plz tell me. Open discussion.

4 feb 2357 zulu Thanks for the input and i welcome more. But for now im staying raid assassination.

7 mar 1820 so cant wait to hear about your thoughts after patch

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Gosh, I hate it when I delete the tab I was on Posted Image

Oh, Hi Salemm18! I believe that you will find that (at the risk of being yelled out by theory crafters - yes, ya know who ya are, don't ya, lol Posted Image ) that there is really no such thing as a "best spec" for any class anymore. Everything is within 1% to 5% for leveling (and I hope I understood your question correctly). Where it seems to matter is end content - raiding or pvp, which is why we have folks who are theory crafters and can get that last .005% out of a specc. Thank, whichever deity you like, for them! And from reading and reading and reading, it looks to be "assassination" by the narrowest margin.

So, if you don't mind, look at this leveling up guide by Icy-Veins - http://www.icy-veins...-leveling-guide

it is being kept up by players and Damien & Vlad. I like combat, myself, and now we can use 2.6 weapons in either hand, I think I will enjoy it even more (lots more of them than daggers, which seem to have spell power on them too much). And if you prefer being Assassination or Subtlety, the same guide covers that too. Posted Image

I hope this helps you out. Just try it, see what you think. I know tonight, I will be trying it out. Time to get me out of the city and back into the wilderness!

au revoir


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Salemm, as a rogue myself, it really boils down to whatever spec you prefer to play. I personally have been Assassination since day one back in TBC, and I still refuse to switch specs. I have tried the others, but assn just clicks with me. Play around with the specs and find one that you understand and can master, and the dps will come! Just reference the guides on here for the proper rotations!

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Is it possible to make an overview which spec is best for which boss. Stoneguardians are obvious, but i m always in doubt when large aoe packs appear. FoK or BF. I really could use some other rogue opinion on this subject. Thanks in advange

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I have been searching for days, as I do every time stuff changes, for the best spec for a rogue and I can’t find a definite answer. With that said can someone plz tell me. Open discussion.

4 feb 2357 zulu Thanks for the input and i welcome more. But for now im staying raid assassination.

I think the choice comes down to Assassination or Combat. Subtlety just does not seem on par these days, but we can always hope for a buff in the next patch.

Also, it is important to take into consideration that, if you want to raid, some fights are better for Assassination and others are better for Combat. See the DPS rankings at:

If you intend to simply do quests and dungeons, then you may want to favor Combat (because of Blade Flurry).

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As Damien said, there is only two specs worth playing at the moment in Assassination or Combat, I wouldn't really suggest a spec for you as it comes down to personal preferance and there is only a tiny % between each one in terms of physical DPS output during raiding progression.

As for WezelDarkspear's question, I can give you an overview below but having progressed/killed 16/16HC with Combat only (The lower spec out of the two), I can pretty much tell you that whatever you prefer to play, you should play. You shouldn't feel the need to change for any boss unless your guild is hitting enrages for bosses and you need to squeeze the extra 1%~.

The overview below will be backed up by worldoflogs from a normal perspective only and I don't recommend taking this in any form of "guide", I also don't recommend jumping from spec to spec for each boss as you require different gems/reforges and having Combat gems/reforges while playing Assassination will probably grant you lower DPS than if you played Combat.

Mogu'shan Vaults:-

The Stone Guard: Combat

Feng the Accursed: Assassination

Gara'jal the Spiritbinder: Assassination

The Spirit Kings: Assassination

Elegon: Assassination

Will of the Emperor: Assassination

Heart of Fear:-

Imperial Vizier Zor'lok: Assassination

Blade Lord Ta'yak: Assassination

Garalon: Combat

Wind Lord Mel'jarak: Assassination

Amber-Shaper Un'sok: Combat

Grand Empress Shek'zeer: Combat

Terrace of Endless Spring:-

Protectors of the Endless: Assassination

Tsulong: Assassination

Lei Shi: Assassination

Sha of Fear: Assasination

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Tiitch thank you very much for this it will help me a lot, since ICC i always try to have an offspec well geared too. My heart lies with assassination thought. I really like that spec. Edited by WezelDarkspear

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