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Outlaw Rogue Leveling

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I have a few questions for the rotation on a lvl 31 rogue. 

  • Roll the Bones at this lvl have a 45sec CD and the buffs are only 30sec, it's also not a finisher.
    is this because it will become a finisher in the future or an oversight?
  • The guide also advice you to use Marked for Death in stealth, but would that not waste the 2 combo points from ambush?


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Hey beringtom,

Roll the Bones is not a finisher, no. At level 31 you will not have it permanently active yet. However once you hit level 41, you will gain access to the Restless Blades Restless Blades passive, which will reduce its cooldown, among a variety of other abilities, every time you spend Combo Points on finishers. It is therefore recommended to already get used to using it on cooldown, even if there is some downtime at lower levels.

Regarding Marked for Death: You can generally use it either before opening on an enemy and then use Slice and Dice from stealth, or use it after your first finisher to immediately gain full Combo Points again. I will change the wording to reflect the different conditions on how to use Marked for Death :) You are indeed correct however, that wasting Combo Points is not something you should ever do unless it is absolutely unavoidable.

I hope you enjoy leveling your rogue, feel free to ask any more questions if things are unclear ❤️

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