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Pve Stat Caps

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    • By donaging
      Hi guys,
      I'm trying to use an uncommon build: Crit - mastery - versatility - haste - because I thought to max my dps without lose too much survivality.
      These are my stats atm, with 2 different trinket.
      What do you think? am I doing a huge mistake?
      I'm 4/7 HC without problem, but i can't find a good trinket so i'm thinking that maybe i'm going to a wrong direction.

    • By bobekzea
      Hello, recently I've checked dps with exsa/agonising, and agonising seems better. Now I'm curious  if stat weight has changed by a big amount, since now mastery does more than it did before, and I'm still using 0.69 vers and 0.29 mast, while thinking that maybe they are more equal  now? Also, is there any counted point in which master poisoner > elaborate planning? Cause now it gives me 6% more dmg on 5 stacks which is surely less than EP.
    • By Vaellian
      Ok. so. on both Icy-veins and Simulationcraft the stat priority is both listed as Mastery>Strength>Vers... and on the BiS page it even states 1.33>1.0>.89  respectively for weights

      i'm okay with this. i've actually been using this weight since 105 when gearing up. but i'm missing something and i can't figure it out. When i run simcraft on my 840 ilvl warrior, i'm getting 300k dps, which i'm fine with. however it's telling me that my stat priority is Haste>Mastery>Str.

      I even replaced my trinkets with the BiS damage Proc trinkets thinking maybe they get effected by colossus smash and thus would increase it's effectiveness. no such luck, vers  is as low as .79 and haste and mastery are both above 1.0 i'm basically going through simcraft replacing all my Gear with the gear on simulation crafts official numbers and i'm still getting haste>mastery. so far there's nothing that's coming forward that makes haste worse than versatility even

      i'd like to know what i'm missing if anything, or if you guys would mind fact-checking the stat priorities page. but considering both Simcraft and you guys have one answer and i'm the odd one out. i'm sure it's me thats missing something
    • By Starrk
      I have two Empowered pieces of gear with multistrike at 695 (which I stack as a paladin - the guides I've read and Icy Veins tell me that as a Pally, I should pick either crit or multistrike and most the gear I got was multistrike). However I just got two pieces of Demonbreaker gear BOTH with crit for the same respective slots (one 691 warforged, one 685) that gives me a 4 piece bonus that gives me a chance to increase my attack speed by 50% for 5 seconds and every second it diminishes.
      I'm just wondering what would be the best choice?
      The two pieces of 695 gear gives:
      +4 armor
      +11 strength
      +16 stam
      +254 multistrike
      +217 multistrike
      -238 crit
      -159 crit
      -212 mastery
      -No four piece bonus 
      vs the two Demonbreaker set pieces
      -4 armor
      -11 strength
      -16 stam
      -254 multistrike
      -217 multistrike
      +238 crit
      +159 crit
      +212 mastery
      +Four piece bonus 
    • By chopknees
      Heya there, guys! :D

      Just wanted to know if anyone could tell me how much mastery (as %) would be nice for discipline priest. I got 20.39% with no buffs. :)