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DPS Warrior boot enchant

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So for both Arms and Fury you state unequivocally that the boot enchant is Lavawalker. While I understand the value of the added movespeed (I have this enchant on my Disc Priest), I don't really see why it's needed for Warriors. First of all, Mastery isn't that great of a stat for either spec (Crit is better for both, according to you, which I agree with) and Warriors have so many ways to move around on the battlefield that it seems redundant to waste an enchant slot on more movespeed (Charge, Intercept, Intervene and Heroic Leap).

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There was a similar question somewhere in one of the Warrior guide comments a while back.

The reason why you want Lavawalker is not for the Mastery (although it's a nice bonus, even it is is not a high priority stat), it is for the movement speed increase. Despite what you might think, a passive boost to your movement is an invaluable advantage. It adds up to a lot of extra movement speed and a lot of extra uptime on targets during an encounter. Moreover, it helps you avoid things a lot easier (things like void zones that you need to move out of).

The abilities you mentioned are all great and very useful, but they all have cooldowns and they cannot be used to move out of bad spells. Also, they have a minimum (and maximum) range, which further limits their usage. Finally, Intervene requires you switching to Defensive Stance, which is a loss in DPS.

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Alright, I get your point. I don't know if this applies to every fight (for instance, you could probably optimise your gearing specifically for Ultraxion, getting a different enchant and so on since you don't need to move), but I guess it works as a general principle.

Is this staying the same in Mists of Pandaria, do you know?

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The professions are far from finalized in the Mists of Pandaria Beta, so it's hard to say the what the optimal enchants will be. It is, however, safe to say that the movement speed increasing enchant will still be the top choice for Warriors (as well as any other specs that don't have a movement speed increase from their talents).

And yes, you are right that the movement speed is effectively wasted on Ultraxion. If you wanted to min-max your character completely, then you could change it to something else (+50 hit, perhaps, and reforge out of hit somewhere else?), but it's a solid enchant for every other fight in Dragon Soul.

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I'm just bumping this so that my sticky doesn't appear as the "last post" in this section on the board index :P

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