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Looking for a panic macro

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So I'm not even sure if this can be done, but I'm looking for a macro I can one-click when I'm in panic mode, that casts Lay on Hands on whoever my Beacon of Light is cast on (nominally the tank) for when there are those spikes in damage that I struggle to keep up with.

Any thoughts?

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Hmm... Personally, I don't even use Lay on Hands on the tank (who your beacon should be on). If you are having trouble keeping up with damage spikes, I think we need to discuss your way of handling the damage. Could you link your character, and tell me exactly what you do in the spiked damage situations? Thanks so much. I look forward to helping a fellow Healadin.

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It's not so much an issue with the healing, I can keep up with that fine, I was just wondering whether it's possible to do, because it might be useful to have.

But okay, here's my character:

And normally I'd use Eternal Flame (assuming I have holy power charges up, which I normally do because of the Holy Radiance > Holy Shock proc rotation) and then Holy Shock. By this point if he's still not in the clear I'll throw a Flash of Light on him, but again it's not really a problem, and when it is, it's because it's LFR and people are clueless. Doesn't really happen in guild runs.

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You can make two macros I suppose to do this


/focus [@mouseover]

/use [@mouseover] Beacon of Light


/use [@focus] Lay on Hands

The beacon of light macro will focus your mouse over target and use beacon on him. The LoH macro will LoH your focus.

If you do not like the mouse over part, another alternative is this:



/use Beacon of Light


On another note, IMO a mouse over macro is better for LoH over all. It will allow you to quickly use it on anyone in the raid.


/use [@mouseover] Lay on Hands

But that is just personal preference.

Edit: looking at your armory. DO NOT USE a nightmare tear in your helmet... Switch that to a +320 spirit gem or a +80 int/+160 spirit... Much more useful.

For you legs you should switch that to

inv_bracer_69.jpgPearlescent Spellthread


inv_belt_42c.jpgGreater Pearlescent Spellthread

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