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hearthstone Hearthstone: Blue Tweets Round-Up

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We have rounded up some interesting tweets posted by the Hearthstone devs in the past few days.


The most recent tweet is the most interesting one, as well. Lead designer Ben Brode confirmed that decks are ordered and that the entire deck is re-shuffled when you play cards like Forgotten Torch, Entomb and Elise Starseeker.



Game designer August Dean Ayala aka Iksar stated that the team is paying close attention to Paladins and Mages in Arena and that we should be expecting changes in the near future.




A Twitter user was so eager to learn if there would be a way to get card backs from previous seasons, that he tweeted both Ben Brode and senior producer Yong Woo. They both answered that the team is seriously considering this.



Ben Brode also took the time to answer two questions: one regarding Charged Hammer and the other regarding the Warrior spell Charge.



For the last part of this article, a Reddit post managed to sneak in! It involves Ben Brode again, who posted on Reddit that Animated Armor used to be a neutral card. However, it synergised too well with Master of Disguise and that's why it was made into a Mage class card.


Blizzard Icon Ben Brode

Animated Armor used to be neutral, but it is NO FUN with Master of Disguise. If you only knew how many cards get killed because of that one card...


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