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hearthstone Hearthstone: Winning Decks and Round Up From ASUS ROG Tournament at Dreamhack

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The ASUS Republic of Gamers 10th Anniversary Tournament took place at Dreamhack Leipzig this weekend. Orange, of Team Archon, battled through 13 other invited players and two qualifiers to emerge as the winner. The format was best of five last hero standing with a ban.

The Group stages produced very few surprises, with Thijs, RDU and Purple being the only three name players to fail to progress. All three of them had difficult groups. The results of the group stages are below:

Group A: Ek0p (2-0), Ostkaka (2-1), Johannes Steindl (1-2), Gaara (0-2)
Group B: Orange (2-0), Lifecoach (2-1), Braiky (1-2), Georg Danzer (0-2)
Group C: MrYagut (2-0), Xixo (2-1), ElkY (1-2), Thijs (0-2)
Group D: SuperJJ (2-0), AKAWonder (2-1), Purple (1-2), RDU (0-2)

Note: AKA Wonder and Braiky won online qualifers to enter the event.

In the knockout stages, Orange swept Xixo 3-0 with Hybrid Hunter, and then beat Mr.Yagut 3-2 in the semi final. SuperJJ swept Ostkaka 3-0 with Rogue, and then beat Ek0p 3-1 in the semi final, again using Rogue for the three wins. The final was anticlimactic as Orange produced another sweep, this time with him being the one to use Rogue. Orange's win will put him in the top 20 all time prize money winners for Hearthstone.

After his win, he published his decks on Twitter. Hunter has been seen very little in recent tournaments, and it was interesting to see it being instrumental in Orange's victory.


Sottle has guides to Hybrid Hunter, Secret Midrange Paladin, Oil Rogue, and Midrange Patron Warrior, which will apply to the decks listed above.
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